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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – P

Today, we see an attempt to bring a style from another comic book company to Valiant, and while it was not commercially successful, I liked it!



PunX was ostensibly about the various superhero denizens of Annihilation, Oregon, who banded together to protect their island city from the invasion of an alien force called the Caul.

What the book REALLY was about was Keith Giffen taking his Ambush Bug approach to a new comic book company, and really giving the “grim and gritty/post-modern” superhero scene a nice mocking.

I thought it was quite good – Giffen’s art was moody and dense, just like his stories. Perhaps the book would have been better if he had someone else script it (okay, who am I kidding, there is a 100% guarantee the book would have been better if he had someone else script it), but it was still a nice little satire, and occasionally an outright hilarious one.

I remembered being shocked that Valiant let him do some of the mocking he did of Valiant. Giffen’s mocking of the recent Birthquake event was brutally on the money.

Anyhow, the book was a commercial flop, and cancelled after three issues, but we did get a Manga special out of it!!

Better than nothing, I guess!!


Roquefort Raider

May 7, 2008 at 5:41 am

I’m afraid I saw more of Punx in this column than anywhere else before; all I knew about the title was what was in the Valiant house ad way back when. At the time I thought “crap, another depressing grim and gritty urban comic”. Maybe the satire angle should have been made more apparent for readers to give the new book a chance.

Best damn book Valiant put out. I was always confused as to why the manga special wasn’t in a manga style, but maybe that was the point.

This was during Giffin’s Trencher period, where everyone always stood next to huge piles of rotting garbage.

Or other Valiant comics. >rimshot<

PunX was hilarious IMO. Too bad they didn’t publish the fourth issue, but at the time things weren’t going too well for comics in general, and Valiant in particular.

A small correction: The city was Acclamation, a small nod (or kick) to the new owners Acclaim.

How exactly did Giffen parody “Birthquake”?

I vaguely remember it and haven’t re-read it in years.

Anyone that knew anything about Giffen knew this was similar to his other works : Ambush Bug, Trencher, The March Hare

Looking forward to digging this back up.

PunX was fantastic. “Next issue they use their powers! HONEST!” The Birthquake fake ads, with Rai’s new artist PICASO! are still a fave.

*Sigh* I miss PunX.

Crazy off-the-wall Giffen-ness, chock-full of Ambush Bug-type humor. Totally worth a quarter-bin hunt.

(Why yes, I do like hyphens!)

I’m surprised Brian made no mention of the BEST characters who were introduced in PunX: The Beautiful Bad Girls With Butts Just to Die For!

“I saw the Butt Signal.”

I need help! I working on a giant DC vs. Valiant project on my blog (http://foxhugh.wordpress.com/category/dc-vs-valiant/) and I am pretty familiar with all the Valiant characters except PunX. Based on my research so far they seem pretty cool. Who were the team members exactly, especially the core members or does the question even apply. Any and all info is appreciated.

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