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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – R

Here’s an interesting supporting character who ultimately suffered from a bit of Women in Refrigerators syndrome.


Randy Cartier

Randy Cartier was a former agent of the Canadian Secret Service who was part of a group designed to hunt down this really bad dude named Kyle Wolfbridge. In the ensuing fight, Wolfbridge killed her Cartier’s husband and wounded one of her best friends. She responded by (she thought) killing Wolfbridge. Her refusal to play by the rules got her fired from her job.

So she ended up as security chief of Aric’s Orb Industries where she joined the greedy/weak Ken Clarkson as forming an interesting pair of supporting cast members for Aric at Orb Industries. Ken would be the slimy, Cousin Larry, of the group, while Randy was the tough as nails Bethany Cabe type.

She assisted Aric on a number of missions…

And for a time, she was even given the X-O Manowar armor by Aric to use while he was away.

When he returned, the pair became lovers.

It did not last, which was highlighted during an incident involving the (still alive) Wolfbridge.

They clearly still had feelings for each other, but before they had a chance to get back together, Randy was tortured and killed by a villain trying to hurt Aric (the villain also killed Ken).

And get this, I kid you not, I promise that I did not know this until I checked the credits (Bob Layton wrote Cartier’s early appearances and Jorge Gonzalez wrote the bulk of her issues, including when she got the armor), but guess who wrote the story where the female love interest of a superhero was tortured and killed to screw with a superhero?

Ron Marz.

You can’t make that stuff up.

Layton ultimately returned at the end of the series to sorta make up for it all, but I’ll likely get to that when reach an upcoming letter (I wonder which one? :)).


I liked her character. She was a bit annoying at first, but she grew on me, and it’s sad what happened to her.

And while I know it’s hip to praise Gail Simone…I still refer to incidents like these as ‘The Gwen Stacy Syndrome’.

Roquefort Raider

May 9, 2008 at 5:34 am

X-O Manowar is a perfect example of how to ruin a series by killing off the hero’s supporting cast. Randy was a really cool character, as important to this book as Carmen was in The Second Life of Doctor Mirage.

I agree with the comment of Ranndy being as important to the title as Carmen Mirage was to TSoDM. The interesting difference is that Randy was introduced 20 issues into the series rather than an original cast member.

As far as the killing of Ken Clarkson, seriously, WTF? He was such a great, unusual character for the time (and even now). Such a silly short term thinking decision. Remember how Aric replaced Ken’s missing hand with a new synthetic one generated from the XO armor and it would keep him loyal and track all he did? Great stuff!

“He’s one of those ‘soft’ men. I’ve heard they make great wizards.”

Ah, Aric, how I loved your series…

I thought she was a good character in a great universe of stuff that just popped. I’m so looking forward to more Valiant.

“He is one of those men who loves men! I do not understand them but they can be good wizards!”


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