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Top Five Comic Book Non-Moms Who Deserve a Card Today

Today is Mother’s Day, but I thought it’d be nice to take a look at the comic book non-mothers out there who probably deserve a card today as much as some mothers out there!


5. Emma Frost

Perhaps not the greatest role model, but Emma certainly does take a maternal approach to a good number of young mutants, such as her Hellions (who were murdered), her students at Generation X (two of them were murdered, as well), her students in Genosha (all murdered) and her new charges at Xavier (about sixty of them were murdered, too).

Still, Frost loves those students!!

4. Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon is definitely a maternal sort, and currently she is serving as a mother figure to Misfit, a young hero whose mother and sister died in a fire that Misfit survived (via her teleportation abilities).

3. Storm

Storm’s relationship with Kitty Pryde was one of the more significant mother/daughter situations you’ll see in comics.

2. Leslie Thompkins

Leslie Thompkins would be here if all she did was serve as a mother figure to Batman, but she also served as a mother figure to basically every other Gotham character – Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman, Spoiler – I bet she could give Joker some kindly advice, even!

Yes, she let Spoiler die to prove a point to Batman, but hey, mothers aren’t always perfect!

1. Aunt May

I think this is pretty self-explanatory, no?

It’s Aunt May!!!!

That’s the top five! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


would have to disagree with you about Emma for given her track record with every one in her care dieing should say she is not mother of the year more like mommy dearest. for you forgot her offspring the stepford cuckoos as for the rest of the list. i would agree with though i would put sue and Catwoman on the list if you expanded it

I would add Death to the list, for her relationship with Morpheus and Deliruim in particular and every other living entity in general.

What about Amanda Waller? She reminded me a lot of my Mom.

“Kids, it’s time to go to school. Now, some of you may not be coming back…”

I clicked on this thinking, “There’s no way Aunt May isn’t #1 unless Cronin’s finally lost it.”

Brian Cronin wrote…

“Yes, she let Spoiler die to prove a point to Batman…”

Don’t be too sure of that. The guy who wrote the scene you’re thinking of doesn’t seem to agree quite so much of late…

Aunt May is old enough to be Galactus’s mother…

Barbara Gordon is definitely a maternal sort, and currently she is serving as a mother figure to Misfit, a young hero whose mother and sister died in a fire that Misfit survived (via her teleportation abilities).

Does that mean Dick Grayson has weird mother issues???

Dick was raised by Bruce Wayne. He doesn’t have issues, he has longboxes.

Katana had a nice relationship with Halo, too, back in the original Batman and the Outsiders days. (It got especially interesting when Looker showed up and Tatsu got jealous.) Meanwhile, what about the original Green Lantern’s wife? (I forget her name.) Didn’t she end up playing adopted mother to Jade?

Aunt May and Galactus go together well, as the Assistant Editors’ month issue of Marvel Team-Up proved!

So many treasures of the past, all but forgotten today…

That’s Marvel Team-Up #137, for the record :D

I’m surprised Jean Grey doesn’t get a mention. I mean, the woman devoted her entire honeymoon (all 13 years of it) to looking after her husband’s child by another woman.

Chad – Ain’t it thw whole point, “non-mothers”? Sue and Catwoman are actual moms, so they don’t qualify.

I always liked Storm and Kitty’s relationship. Too bad they let it wither away.

Black Canary. She took in Sin to save the girl. They were to have a normal life together, but again Dinah put Sin’s safety and happines above her own wishes and gave the girl up so she would be safe.

If any male belongs on this list, it is surely one Alfred Pennyworth. He raised Bruce Wayne and after all of these years, he still tends to his wounds and brings him food. I would put him right below Aunt May.

I bought Marvel Team-Up #137 at a grocery store back in the day. A true classic.

What about Moira Mactaggart? Yeah, her own relationship with her son didn’t end all that well, to put it mildly. But she was there for Wolfsbane, and didn’t she love her enough to adopt her?

Yeah, a few of the folks mentioned actually were mothers, hence they wouldn’t be on the list (Sue, Moira, Waller, Catwoman)

Jean Grey was on the outside looking in, and Katana is a great pick for the list that I missed!

Danielle Leigh

May 12, 2008 at 7:29 am

I’m late chiming in but I’m going to pick a significant manga non-mother who actually becomes a mother figure to a fairly large extended family — Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket. My god, what a nurturer….

What? Granny Goodness doesn’t get a look in after all her hard work raising them ungrateful kids?

Er, Apollo & Midnighter then?

Alfred Pennyworth (‘mom’ to Dick et al.) and Race Bannon (‘mom’ to Johnny, Haji, maybe Bandit?).

I just remembered another one, the pre-COIE Nocturna. She had a nice relationship with the pre-COIE Jason Todd.

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