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Help Gene Colan Out!!

Comic legend Gene Colan has been having some health issues, and he is without health insurance, so Clifford Meth is helping out in the following way:

Aardwolf Publishing will be publishing Meth, Colan & Other Theologians, the proceeds of which will go directly and immediately to Gene and Adrienne Colan. The new book will include everything that was in Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians (the short-fiction collection that Gene and I did together for Aardwolf in 1997) plus two never-before-published stories illustrated by Gene. This will be a limited edition (aprox. 100 pages) of only 500 copies, all signed and numbered. You can order it NOW by sending (via PayPal) $20 plus $3 shipping to: sales@aardwolfpublishing.com

Meanwhile, Daniel at 20th Century Danny Boy suggests sending postcards and Get Well cards to Gene at the following address:

Gene Colan
2 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

He’s also collecting a great deal of Colan tributes at his blog here.


And after you help Gene, send a letter to your Senator and Representative and tell them that civilized nations have national health care.

Consider the Mutt’s sentiments heartily seconded.

No sh*t. It’s ridiculous that someone like Gene Colan has to have a limited edition run of a book so he can pay medical costs. Or anyone, for that matter. What century are we in?

In the future the U.S. will have government health care . Then we can all sit back and listen to all the people who wanted government health care complain about how much their government health care sucks.

>>Then we can all sit back and listen to all the people who wanted government health care complain about how much their government health care sucks.

As opposed, to, oh, the really *wonderful* health care they can’t afford now!

[…] Cronin at CBR points out some ways to help longtime Marvel and DC artist Gene Colan, who is hospitalized without […]

I have a feeling that the complaints about socialized medicine would pale in comparison to the current problems of, say, ambulance costs bankrupting families and people dying because they can’t afford expensive procedures.

These are all things that have happened to people I know, by the way. Not hyperbole.

Mike Loughlin

May 15, 2008 at 12:29 pm

I can’t place the statistic (and I’m too lazy to research it :), but I do remember that the number one cause of people going into bankrupcy was medical costs. Government health care might “suck,” but no health care sucks a wee bit worse.

Gene Colan is one of the best artists to grace the medium. Meeting him 10 years ago was a wonderful experience, and he was genuinely nice. We chatted for a few minutes (only some of which was fan gushing), and I still regret not being able to stay longer to get a sketch.

Is Clifford Meth the same writer who did the Cockrum tribute a few years ago? I’m glad someone out there is willing to go to bat for artists who need help. I own the original P,P, & OT book, so I’ll find another way to contribute, but I hope it sells out.

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