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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Super(Ladies)Man

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

Here are ten cool comic covers featuring Superman kissing someone other than Lois Lane!


And, just for good measure, Lois showing Superman that two can play at that game…

A cool point to the first person to name all ten women Superman is kissing on the above covers! One of them is extremely creepy!

Did I miss any covers? Is there a cover out there with Superman kissing Lori Lemaris?

What theme should I feature next?


Wait, isn’t one of them his cousin? Oh, those wacky Kryptonians!

Hmm, someone should tell Lois that dating a guy who juggles women but doesn’t want any of them to be jealous maybe isn’t much of a keeper, lol.

Action Comics #600 shows him kissing Wonder Woman. It’s not the whole cover, so maybe it doesn’t count?

That first one, besides being a really poorly posed Adams cover (she looks like she’s slipping out of his arms!) could be Lois!

I find it highly amusing that Luthor’s bride-to-be is bald, too, and Jimmy Olsen’s partner in that “matchmaker” cover is redheaded as well…apparently it was DC mandate that all characters should mate up only with characters who shared hair color and style! Well, except Supes, of course, because he’s Superman!

Actually, the creepy one is the Action #512 cover. I’m doing this from my hotel at Super-Con, so I obviously don’t have the issue in front of me, but…

SPOILER (for a 20+ year-old comic)

Luthor’s bride, if I remember correctly, was engineered by Luthor as a trap for Superman. Luthor created her, brainwashed himself so he wouldn’t remember it was a trap, reformed & fell in love with her, then when Superman kissed her (as the best man for Luthor’s wedding, naturally), the trap was activated & she disintegrated. Or something like that. I do very clearly remember Superman’s last words to a sobbing, heartbroken Luthor, “So you see, Lex, you’ve done this to yourself.”

I remember enjoying this very much at the time. Maybe I’ll try & find it at the Con and reread it…

Action Comics 568 –ACTION, indeed: “It’s romance for Superman, Jimmy & Lois…”

Mighty Maid, if I’m not mistaken, is Supergirl, making # 260 the creepy one.

How about ten covers of superheroes fighting dinosaurs?

Here’s a challenge… 10 covers featuring Lois kissing someone other than Superman… when she *isn’t* trying to make him jealous!

How about ten covers of superheroes kissing dinosaurs!


clark kent is a bad ass P.I.M.P.

Action Comics #593 is pretty creepy, too … Superman and Big Barda get mind-controlled into becoming porn stars. For real.

Its Romance for Superman, Jimmy & Lois when Jimmy becomes CONAN O’ BRIEN

Bernard the Poet

May 18, 2008 at 12:41 am

Yes, I’m with CBrown. The really creepy one is when Superman and Big Barda become porn stars.

What were DC thinking?

Byrne tried to sweeten to pill, by making Superman a very bad porn star (supposedly, his innate moral code conflicted with his brain-washing), but we don’t hear any similar complaints from the porn director about Big Barda. Presumeably she doesn’t possess the moral fibre of Superman – or perhaps after years of being married to scrawny Scott Free, she enjoyed the opprtunity for a bit of super-rumpy-pumpy.

>> Mighty Maid, if I’m not mistaken, is Supergirl, making # 260 the creepy one.

“Creepy”? Or “hot”?

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Superman! You big Hussey!
Lois! The whole Justice League! What a Tart!

That island romance looks more like a Robert Crumb drawing.

Between kissing his cousin and playing the field, he could almost be on Jerry Springer…hell, you could almost photoshop him onto the cover of Superman kissing Lex’s bald bride ;)

Hey, these are great! Bully does these all the time.

Yeah, I actually felt a bid odd when people began asking for themed galleries (as opposed to specific artists), BECAUSE Bully does such a great job with the concept.

Perhaps I should go back to just artist galleries…

There’s tend kinds of offensive things going on in that “Blackout” cover.

And who was the Super-Woman in the Super thong costume?

Daniel O' Dreams

May 19, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Lois: “Sob…. It’s the unhappiest story of my life.”
Perry: “FINALLY He’s found a woman WORTHY of him…”
Great consoling job chief.
Jeez what a dick. :D

Hey the new solits have catwoman kissing Superman!
What happened to judging comics by their covers?

I think that the really shocking one is the third scan…. they actually had an Air Wave comic?!

Actually, I think the posing on the Adams cover is fantastic. It looks (appropriately) like she’s melting in his arms.

I believe the official term would be “swooning”.

The scary thing is that I think I own copies of most of those, if we include at least one being reprinted in black & white in a Showcase TPB.

The ones that I don’t recognize at all are #’s 1, 8, and 11. (By the way, I thought it said at the start that you were offering us ten covers?)

In #2 on this list, “Adventures of Superman #574,” I think it’s painfully obvious that this kiss is being forcibly inflicted upon him by the “Superwoman” (Dana Dearden) on the cover. I would argue there’s nothing romantic about it from his point of view, and it certainly doesn’t prove much about his abilities as a ladies’ man. :)

Yeah, ten covers of Superman kissing other women.

The eleventh is Lois Lane evening the score. ;)

Surprised no one mentioned that cover with Maxima. He’s grabbing her ass & she’s got her legs wrapped around him, while sitting on Lois’ tombstone!

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(Years after you asked): Superman does kiss Lori Lemaris on the cover of 80-Page Giant #14: http://www.comics.org/issue/19420/cover/4/ . Too bad it’s not the main image on that cover, though. Surprisingly, that was all I could find on a cover, both pre-Crisis and post-Crisis.

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