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5/18 – If Only…

Marcos Martin drew every issue of Amazing Spider-Man…

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Yes. I was thinking the same thing. (And the BND crew of artists certainly haven’t been slouches so far.) But Martin? He’s the one.

The writing was pretty good in that issue too.

I liked the writing; the art seemed like a cross between Ron Frenz and Dave Stewart (with obvious Ditko (and occasionally Romita Sr.) references); reasonably solid, but with slightly wonky anatomy and a bit stiff and empty-looking compositions.

And if only he were drawing stories I want to read.

Ian Astheimer

May 18, 2008 at 1:32 pm

What Michael said.

I was too busy enjoying the images to confirm if the story was any good. I still think BND had been better than most of the second half of JMS’s run which makes it better than most of the spidey stories since I been reading the title.

[…] Amazing Spider-Man #559- I kinda hate this cutesy interent practice of summing things up with equations (mainly ’cause I hate math in general), but I think the only way to review this one accurately is using one. Slott+Martin+Parkour-inspired villain=Awesome. Or, what Cronin said. […]

Agreed. He’s definitely suited for Spider-Man.
Also…If Only Warren Ellis could write all of Norman Osborn’s dialogue from here on in!

Holy crap. He is to Romita Sr. what Paul Peltier is to Jack Kirby. He captures the essence of one of the greats while looking completely modern.

Very impressive.

Those pages are awesome.

I still miss Breach.

Wow. I finished reading the issue and my immediate thought was “I guess they couldn’t get good artists for every issue”.

I really hated the art. I didn’t like the story much either, and that is the first time I have said that since the book relaunched as a weekly.

“Holy crap. He is to Romita Sr. what Paul Peltier is to Jack Kirby. He captures the essence of one of the greats while looking completely modern.””


Wow, just looking at those pages there’s no way I’d pay

I have no idea who Marcos Martin is or what else he’s done, but judging from these two pages alone, I’d say his work is mediocre at best.

Really bad facial expressions. The smiling faces all look like ventriloquist dummies.

And that second page, with the “action” scene on the stairs, wow, is that bad.
It doesn’t work. The white flashes, the extremely bare panels, no blacks, it has no drama or dynamics.

I hope for Spider-Man fans/readers the other pages are better than that.

If not……

Far more important is that Zeb Wells should write every issue of Amazing Spider-Man. I’d rather read a monthly by Wells than a weekly by Gale. I’d honestly rather read a monthly log of Zeb Wells’ bowel movements than a weekly by Gale.

Wait, are we talking about that guy who got all of his fingers broken by the mob?

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