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Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires – O

First Second Books’ Vampire Month is over, but we are still going!

Here is a pair of vampires – and there are some MAJOR spoilers involved here if you haven’t read/watched 30 Days of Night, so watch out!

Otherwise, enjoy!

Eben and Stella Olemaun

Eben Olemaun is the star of the original series, 30 Days of Night, which is based around the concept that a group of villainous vampires have decided to terrorize a small Alaskan town called Barrow during the point of the year where there is no sun for a month.

In the end, to save the town (and his wife, Stella), Eben infuses himself with vampire blood – turning himself into a vampire with some degree of control over himself. He then saves the town, and after doing so, lets himself be killed by the first sun in the town in a month.

In the sequel, Stella takes the lead – as the head of a group of vampire hunters.

During her hunt, she learns that there may be a way to bring Eben back from the dead.

She eventually resurrects Eben – however, there is a twist – he comes back AS a vampire! He then bites Stella, turning her, as well.

The pair continue operating as a vampire couple, only as good guys, and actually help save their former town of Barrow from a return attack.


Tom Fitzpatrick

June 3, 2008 at 4:44 am

“On Hallowe’en the old Alphabets come about us,
and they speak (spook?) to some,
to others they are dumb.”

Eleanor Farjeon

How does an undead vampire come back after being toasted to a crisp by the dawn’s early light?

Wow. So it actually got WORSE after the first mini?

Yeah, I read the first trade in anticipation of the movie and was seriously disappointed. What a waste of a great concept. Somehow it’s now been spun into a franchise of, like, 8 books and counting. I honestly don’t see how Niles has amassed such a following, but I guess tastes just vary.

I have not read the comic, only seen the movie, but who the hell moves to Barrow after vampires eat the town?

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