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Comics Are Awesome: Part 1 of ∞

(click for bigness)

It’s the “or the Earth is doomed!” that really sells it for me.


Please tell me Julie Schwartz ‘wrote’ that cover.

For me, It’s the harness (did the alien bring it with him?) and the seeing-eye man’s almost-highwater pants. Dude’s showing off a lot of ankle…

I want to know more. I must find that issue.

OK, those aren’t pants anymore. Once they get that high, they automatically convert into “britches”.

“It’s the “or the Earth is doomed!” that really sells it for me”

The rough draft which read “I’ve got to guide this blind alien creature to its destination–hmm, nah, I can’t be bothered” was rejected as “lacking tension”.

Ugh i can’t believe a person like you got into CSBG.

Awesome, my very own troll stalker.

I have been at CSBG for a few years now, Abe. Welcome to the party.

I dunno, while I think the attitude is quite offensive – I sorta like the implication that it is an honor to be part of Comics Should Be Good! :)

That cover is outstanding, I’ve seen some great Strange Adventures & My Greatest Adventure, but some of my favorite stuff are the DC Metal Men it’s always save Doc! or Tina you can’t love me your a robot.
Comic book, .12c, covers like this priceless

I seem to remember a story with the exact same premise won a Hugo (or was it a Nebula?) back in the late ’80s.

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