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Comics Are Awesome: Part 4 of ∞

I’m pretty sure there’s a Far Side strip exactly like this.


This series has really increased my appreciation for Silver Age Marvel Comics! ;)

Sir, u rock!


At least the Guilty verdict covers his shameful-yet-mighty gorilla junk.

So WAS the talking gorilla innocent?

You cannot trust a gorilla, he’s guilty. Unless he is a man stuck in a gorilla’s body, then all bets are off.

Awww… But gorillas are gentle, peace-loving animals! I know this ’cause a gorilla told me, and he said he’d bite my $%^7ing fingers off if I disagreed.

This was a DC comic. The only good talking gorillas at DC stay in their hidden African city. Only a bad talking gorilla would be in a position to be put on trial.

Ah, gorillas passionately protesting their innocence. Comics. Is there anything they can’t do?

Well PETA can take a vacation now. The animals have started to stand up for themselves.

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