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Comic Book Alphabet of Vampires – X

First Second Books’ Vampire Month is over, but we are still going!

We’re reaching the end, and here is one of the odder ones on the list!



What If…? #24, written by Roy Thomas and the Lofficiers (Jean-Marc and Randy), featured a story about what happened if Storm was fully transformed into a vampire and then transformed Wolverine into a vampire!

In the story, Wolverine became the Lord of the Vampires, killing Dracula in combat. He then turned the entire X-Men franchise into vampires, and conquered Manhattan (he used the precog, Destiny, to help him figure out what he needed to do to win, and her main advice was to kill Doctor Strange, which he did).

Manhattan then became an isolated island of mutant vampires. However, Doctor Strange’s spirit took over Frank Castle’s body, and he led Castle on an assault of Wolverine, decked out with garlic grenades, silver bullets, etc.

You have to admit, it’s a pretty darn cool visual by Tom Morgan, no?

Castle kills vampire Kitty, and her death is enough of a shock to Wolverine for Doctor Strange to convince Wolverine to kill all the vampires.

The story was popular enough that it was one of the very rare What If…?s to get a SEQUEL!!

This one was also written by Thomas and the Lofficiers, and this time Castle was killed before he could kill Wolverine, and Wolverine and his X-Vampires get caught up in the Inferno storyline, being reluctant good guys against the demons of Inferno.

With the popularity of Marvel Zombies, I am surprised this universe has not been revisited!


Actually Punisher was killed before he could kill Wolverine in the “original” What If? story. Killing vampire Kitty Pryde was an accident (she phased in as he was attempting to kill Wolverine with a silver knife) and the shock gave Wolverine time to stab him.
I really liked this issue back when it came out.
Never read the second one, but I believe what happened is that the Punisher was killed before he was possessed by Doctor Strange.
Also, vampire Wolverine was featured in the Timequake story arc: http://www.lofficier.com/whatif.htm

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 12, 2008 at 5:10 am

Star Alphabet

“To seek out new civilzations and go boldly where no letter has gone before.”

– Star Trek tagline

Mike Loughlin

June 12, 2008 at 5:40 am

I loved this issue! What If…? was my introduction to a good number of storylines not available to me in the pre-trades days, not to mention my first exposure to Kurt Busiek’s writing. No matter how cheesy or badly drawn, I’ll buy any cheap What If…? back issue I don’t have.

As evidenced by the cover of the second one, that is the Timequake story arc…

With the popularity of Marvel Zombies, I am surprised this universe has not been revisited!

Dude!!! Great idea… Marvel Zombies vs. X-Vampires. I’d enjoy seeing that.

I remember so being in love with this comic when I was younger. Frank Castle: Vampire Hunter was possibly my favorite character…and I dig him with the Doctor Strange cloak.

The first one bummed me out as a kid, but the second one is one of those comics I read so much that it practically fell apart. It is pretty much Marvel Zombies too early, now that I think of it. And Frank Castle with cloak of levitation is pretty damn rad.

There were a couple of stories that used the “kill Kitty to shock Wolverine back to his senses” plot point.

It’s the first I ever hear about Dr. Strange/Punisher, but two months ago I created this image in Marvel’s Hero Machine:

Marvel Hero Machine:

“There were a couple of stories that used the “kill Kitty to shock Wolverine back to his senses” plot point.”

Ironically, that was used in a “What if the X-men (non-Vampire versions) lost Inferno?” story…

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