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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Identities…REVEALED!

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

In honor of the recent revelation of who Spoiler was in the pages of Robin, here are ten cool comic covers featuring revelations of people (secret identities, etc.)


A cool point to the first person to name all ten identities that are being revealed on these covers!

Name some other cool comic covers featuring the revelation of hidden identities!

Also, what theme should I feature next?


I think it’s :

1. Jason Todd (The Red Hood)
2. Princess Projectra (Sensor Girl)
3. Ned Leeds (Hobgoblin)
4. Dallas Riordan (?) (the girlfriend of Atlas) (Citizen V)
5. Nomad II / Bucky IV / jack Monroe (The Scourge)
6. I don’t know
7. The Swordsman from the parallel earth of Proctor
8. Quicksilver
9. She-Hulk (just after Secret Wars)

found it !
the 6th is Sting from the Harbingers (a future Peter Stanchek / Sting)

Are the characters on the West Coast Avengers shocked at the identity, or because they have a naked man flashing them? It kind of puts the “he stands revealed” into perspective.

The Mad Monkey

June 15, 2008 at 5:29 am

Missed the first one, Sprout :-(

1) Stephanie Brown
2) Jason Todd
3) Princess Projectra
4) Ned Leeds
5) Dallas Riordan
6) Jack Monroe
7) Sting
8) Swordsman (Proctor-verse)
9) Quicksilver
10) She-Hulk

didn’t want to spoil the Spoiler ;-)

You didn’t include 52 week 37?

There are so many good ones that picking just 10 would be hard for anyone.

But if I might humbly suggest a few honorable mentions….

Flash v.2 #154

Justice League of America v.1 #77

Detective Comics #168

Flash v.1 #287

Amazing Spider-Man #180

New X-Men v.1 #146

And perhaps the greatest villain reveal of all time, though it didn’t involve a mask:

Animal Man #26

You didn’t include 52 week 37?

Good eye!

Hm — I was trying to post a very link-heavy response, but I think it got swallowed. Any suggestions?

Name some other cool comic covers featuring the revelation of hidden identities!

“Cool” is kinda subjective, but I liked Supergirl 25.

Spider Man #12! That’s one of the best… Dr. Octopus unmasking Spidey.

Next theme: Best Comic Book Deaths with the character returning? You have to identify who died and when they returned…or would that be a bit too much?

So who did Spidey turn out to be? It seems like we knew his identity at one point but somehow just . . . forgot.

^ If I could award cool points buttler’s comment would get one!

A good choice would have been Justice League of America #172


Especially considering that DC put the “villain” on the cover right there in plain sight.

There was a George Perez Legion of Super Heroes cover where they unmasked Reflecto. I remember that one as being pretty cool.

Legion of Super-Heroes #279. Can’t find a good scan of it online, though.

Watchmen could have used the idea to reveal Ozymandais, although I suppose there were clues throughout the series so it might have been anticlimactic.

Mr. Trumbull: how about this?

Omar beat me to posting Flash v.2 #154, but there’s also Flash v.2 #144, with Cobalt Blue. Flash v.1 #318 fits the pattern as well, just without the “It’s you!” word balloon.

And then there’s Flash v.1 #345, in which the Flash’s lawyer prepares to unmask him in court.

My favorite was always Detective 422.
It’s a nice switch as Barbara Gordon reveals she is Batgirl to an unseen, seated observer.


given how many covers could make the list can see it hard to narrow it down to ten and nice to see the issue where hobogoblin was unmasked even though marvel made it known that ned was never the goblin in the end

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