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Posing Questions to Comic Book Fans on the Internet – A Demonstration

“What color do you like better, red or yellow?”

“I hate red! So I pick blue.”

“Name three colors, with one of them being orange.”

“Purple, Red and Green.”

“What is two plus one”

“I hate math! I refuse to answer, but I think it is important to let you know that I am not just refusing to answer, I am answering to point out that I am refusing to answer!”

“What does that sign over there say?”

“I don’t want to look at that sign. I am enjoying the sign on the other side of the street, though, so I can tell you what that sign says.”

“Who is your favorite X-Men?”

“Dan Didio/Joe Quesada sucks!”


What do you think of Howard the Duck?

“I think it was one of the most important comics of it’s time!”

What did you think of Howard the Duck before Steve Gerber died?

“I thought it was one of the most important comics of it’s time!”

What did you REALLY think of Howard the Duck before Steve Gerber died?


Brian, are you trolling? Awesome!

“Who is your favorite X-Men?” is the favorite question of nerds’ grandmothers across the world.

My favorite X-Man is Red Tornado, of course…

Stop it..your raping my childhood

White or whole wheat?

That’s six bucks a week you’re not getting from me anymore, corporate wankers, sucks to be you!

Random Stranger

June 19, 2008 at 3:10 pm

I don’t read these corporate questions; I only read independent ones.

Y’know, this is the problem with today’s blogs. The 1980’s were really the Golden Age of Blogs.

“So, what’s your favorite color?”

“Pink sucks. Thank goodness we’re finally getting Red back after 23 years. This Pink who’s been running around for the last two decades is only a pale imitation of Red!”

That question discriminates against women.

Somehow, I find these questions personally insulting.

This is why you’ll never get your own memorial case in the Batcave, Brian.

You dislike something? Elitist snob!

I’m not quite sure what prompted this. Well, specifically; in general, I know damn well what prompted this.

But yes, under the most carefully controlled laboratory conditions possible, the organism *will* do whatever it damn well pleases.

These questions are totally inconsistent with some questions I answered 20 years ago. This Cro-Nan guy sucks. But then, CoShoBeGoo has been teh suxx0r ever since Joe Rice left and Burgnin took over.


June 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm


What did you REALLY think of Howard the Duck before Steve Gerber died?

That it was pretty funny stuff, although it did lack direction as you could tell it was being made up on the fly – lacking direction even for a book that wasn’t about anything – and it lost steam towards the end.
That said, still funny stuff, and I’d recommend reading it to all, if only for the issue where he runs for president.

I know what Brian is talking about generally but like the other commenter don’t know what SPECIFICALLY brought on this post either. Most recent question posted on this board was the Brand New Day one and for the most part the commenters seemed to stick to the question. Unless Brian deleted some comments that I missed?

Also: “What’s your favorite holiday?”

“Any holiday which isn’t written by Loeb/Johns/Bendis/Millar because he is a hack.”

Ugh. It took him FIVE questions/answers just to prove a point about comic book fans on the internet? I hate decompression.

Don’t let Judd WInick see these questions or he’ll turn them gay.

Also, keep Dan DiDio away from this blog or he’ll kill Nightwing.

But since it’s DC, they’d probably make us all forget it with a Superboy punch. But at least it’s not Marvel–then we’d all have twenty years of our continuity wiped out by magic.

Shaun: That continuity wasn’t real. It was a Skrull.

If only those questions had been written by Grant Morrison. He’s the only one that writes any mainstream questions worth reading.

Brian, are you still upset about trying to explain Icicle’s power’s with “science”?


June 19, 2008 at 9:30 pm

Welcome to life Brian!

If you think we’re bad, check out Politicians at question and answer time!

Hell, I once saw an interview with a deputy leader of a party, who when asked a question did the usual talk until they moved it to their talking points, and when reminded by the interviewer of the initial question, responded with ‘Well, that was YOUR question, what I’m talking about is…’.

OR, try and beat the game!
Ask questions like ‘Who is a better EIC, Mark Waid, or Diamond Distribution’ , Or ‘Who is it better to have never written the X-Men – Jamie Delano or JM DeMatties’, Or, If ‘Steve Gerber was a character in the New Universe, would he have been more like Dazzler or more Like Christopher Priest?’
Stoners would get a kick out of it!

then we’d all have twenty years of our continuity wiped out by magic.

At least they wouldn’t have to explain it.

All of those questions are subjective anyways. My opinion can’t be wrong!

If you think we’re bad, check out Politicians at question and answer time!

“What color do you like better, red or yellow?”

Though divisive as this issue may seem I believe it is more important to unite red and yellow and try to understand both hues without trying to change them into orange. With respect for both sides and a genuine discussion in which we are prepared to face the important questions head-on we will come to a concensus on how to finally give this country the change it not only deserves but genuinely needs.

Okay, okay, who argued with Brian yesterday?

Al from Italy

June 20, 2008 at 2:30 am

“The comic books of the past were better and the comic books of the future will be better. Now they suck.”

Brian: Sorry I went off-topic in the Brand New Day thread. I usually stay on-topic, but I slipped. At least it wasn’t a rant or anything.

Mike Loughlin

June 20, 2008 at 6:04 am

Why is everyone so negative? The questions of today are the best they’ve ever been. In fact, I’d say we’re in a new Golden Age of questions.

Except for Brian’s. He copies all his questions from movie posters and swimsuit catalogues. I only like questions asked by the Gregs, or, as I call them, “Burgatcher.”

And another thing, how come I can’t get no Tang ’round here?

Who the heck are you to ask these questions? You hardly have any posts on this board. Mods, please ban this guy!

Best. Topic (and replies). Ever.

When did this turn into Pitchfork?

And another thing, how come I can’t get no Tang ’round here?

Shut up!

Damn you for posing this questions! Now i´m going to drop every issue of DC/Marvel from my pull up list.

That´s why i buy only Green Lantern/Captain America.

Shut up!

I figured if anyone knew where to get some Tang, it’d be you.




I miss Tang.

You nerds are all nerds that should get girlfriends except ha ha you can’t because you are nerds. Your questions are extremely gay (although I prefer Yellow because Red gives me funny feelings down there) and they are nerdy and stupid and I ostentatiously dismiss them with what I think is impeccable logic while I go back to escaping Bloefeld’s Garden of Death and being a super-sexy guy with a cool car who all the ladies like, unlike you nerds, whom on one of your nerdish websites I would not be caught dead so I am not actually here. And if you give me your address I will come to your house and fight you because I am just that offended by your remarks that I care nothing about, and I am nine feet tall and a ninja and also I know kung fu, and you are dumb ha! and will never get many hot girlfriends like me, some of them are famous too goodbye nerds I have beaten you now cry.



Dick Hyacinth”!

Man, trust me to blow a punchline…nertz.

This death doesn’t matter. You know they’re just going to bring these questions back in six months anyway.



When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Many thanks!

It’s actually worse in real life, and less amusing.

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