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Comics Are Awesome: Part 8 of ∞

Batman’s dialogue here feels like a tongue-in-cheek summarization of this entire Bat-era.


If the entire silver age were a cover.
All it needs is a monkey, a robot and an alien.

Heh, I’m guessing the writer pretty much phoned this one in.

angry chicken man, another idea they should bring back.

Batman’s dialogue could also have been advertising for the issue or a cover blurb, and also what the creators behind the scene when they created these villains…

Maybe it’s the wide eyes, but the Raven looks as though he just saw himself in the mirror.

How soon until Morrison brings the Raven and the Wasp back?

You know, you would think Batman would have stopped getting surprised at seeing garish dressed villains, especially in that era. It’s like being in a early 90’s book and saying “what a shock! That man is big, in armor and carries a really large gun!”

Again, Batman, that’s what she said.

Actually, the color of his cape makes the Raven look more like a red-winged blackbird. And, the Wasp could be Ambush Bug’s grandfather!


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