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Name That Cap Artist!

For this game, I will show you ten panels from various Captain America issues. You then name the artist (each panel is drawn by a different artist) who drew each panel!

Have fun!












Brian, the images aren’t visible, just the URLs. Can you please fix that? Thanks!

Those are tough! I consider myself a good recognizer of artists, but the only one I know for sure is #7. His initials are FR. I guess I should have bought more Captain America comics!

I think #1 is Steranko. #8 looks like Kirby.

#6 looks like Mike Zeck, while #8 should be Gene Colan. #9 I think it’s Paul Neary.

Since MJ started using initials (but MJ, are you sure you don’t mean #4? I think #4 is FR. Although #5 looks like FR too).

These I’m pretty sure of:
3. GT
8. GC

These I’m less sure about:
1. AK?
2. RL?
4. FR
6. MZ?
9. KD?
10. KM?

Oh, and #7, I don’t know who the penciller is, but the inker is almost certainly Pablo Marcos.

1. I’m getting an itch, but nothing more.
2. Roger Cruz? Ian Churchill?
3. These are tough! All I can guess is maybe Giacoa or Adlkins inking.
4. Almost looks like Ditko. Inked by Byrne?
5. No idea.
6. Looks like Zeck/ Beatty to me.
7. Sal Buscema?
8. Beautiful panel. By… Gene Colan?
9. Byrne?
10. Capullo?

Jesus Cronin! I go to school for this crap and I’m STILL lost!

So much for my self confidence today…

The only three I knew for sure were the same three Pyccio knew (#6 is from the great #258, Zeck’s first issue). This may sound crazy but I think #7 may be early Barry Windsor-Smith. He drew mouths like that. Is #1 Alan Kupperberg?

"O" the Humanatee!

June 24, 2008 at 8:13 am

1. Cap’s face looks a little like Frank Robbins’s style, heavily worked over, but Robbins is later on, so I’m guessing: Bob Hall?

2. While clearly of the Liefeld “school,” I don’t think it’s Liefeld himself. No idea.

3. George Tuska – no doubt.

4. Looks terribly familiar, but I can’t place it. Perhaps a young Frank Miller? Bob Wiacek inks, maybe?

5. Frank Robbins inked by Vince Coletta.

6. I was all set to say John Byrne, but others have said Mike Zeck, and now that I look more closely (especially at the legs) I think they’re right.

7. Looks very familiar, almost like John Buscema on a very bad day – but I don’t know.

8. Gene Colan.

9. Paul Neary.

10. No idea – looks like it’s a bland artist from the Gruenwald era, when I was not reading Cap. Bulanadi inks?

1. No clue
2. Tom Morgan?
3. Don Heck?
4. No clue
5. Frank Robbins
6. Mike Zeck
7. Sal Buscema
8. Gene Colan
9. Paul Neary
10. Looks bad, but kind of like Brandon Peterson, so I’ll say him

Arh too temping for a muggy afternoon at work. Ok my guesses – it was a lot hard than I was expecting as my answers will reveal.
1. No idea I’ll guess at David Hoover
2. Nope
3. Sal Buscema – just cos I figure one of um will be and he’s drawn everyone at one time or another so there’s a chance its right at least!
4. I think it might be inked by Janson and I’ll guess at Byrne cos there is defo some Byrne in there (put then saw some said inked by Byrne and I began to think they were right)
5. Paul Kupper…whatever it was
6. Mike Zeck
7. I think thats Neil Adams – its the ‘lenght’ in the face but the not convinced now no one else has spotted that!
8. Colan
9. Paul Neary
10. One of the Kuberts (not the good one Joe one of his kids?)

This time with full names instead of initials:

1. One of the Kupperburgs — I think Alan, but maybe Paul.
2. It could be Ron Lim. He had a run on Cap’s book in the early 90s
3. George Tuska. Bet the mortgage. Look at the profile of the civilian on the right — classic Tuska facial features.
4. From the position of the legs, I was thinking Frank Robbins, but I’m not so sure. But I don’t see any Byrne or Ditko.
5. Now I think this one is the more likely Frank Robbins choice, based on Cap’s face.
6. Mike Zeck.
7. Way out on a limb — John Buscema inked by Pablo Marcos in Cap #217.
8. Gene Colan
9. The color separations really muddy it up too much to tell, but the thought balloon makes it look like Flag-Smasher’s first appearance, which was drawn by Paul Neary, so I’ll follow the consensus.
10. Cap’s face, especially the eyes and nose, look like Kevin Maguire. He did a 4-part squarebound format Cap miniseries in the early 90s, so I’m going with that.

1. Frank Springer (from the famous Punisher issue, if I’m correct)
2. Dave Hoover
3. A super-redrawn-by-the-inker George Tuska?
4. Could Frank Robbins be on here twice? Romita’s Raiders got a hold of that figure, though.
5. Frank Robbins for sure. BOINNNNG! Rubber limbs!
6. Mike Zeck
7. Bob Hall
8. Gene Colan
9. Paul Neary
10. Rik Levins

Sorry I meant two is Dave Hoover not 1 – 1 is a nope

7 is driving me nuts. I’m beginning to lean towards J Buscema BUT then I started thinking no it might just be inked by Tom Palmer?

I meant #5 to be Frank Robbins. Sorry for the confusion.

The last one’s Herb Trimpe?

I’m just loving Cap’s sly smile in panel 3.

1) pass
2) Dave hoover
3) George Tuska
5) Sal Buscema
6) pass
7)John Buscema
10) Rik Levins

Oddly, the only thing I’m sure about is that 2 and 9 are lettered by Joe Rosen.

1. Not sure
2. Tom Morgan?
3. Sal Buscema
4. Looks like Frank Robbins, but it’s not because…
5. …is Frank RObbins
6. Mike Zeck
7. Neal Adams
8. Not sure
9. Paul Neary, although at first I was thinking Sam Glanzman for some reason.
10. Early Bryan Hitch. I’m just pulling that one out of my ass.

Upon further review, is 4 by Carmine Infantino? I knew it reminded me of someone and I finally placed it.

Johnny Kwango

June 24, 2008 at 1:51 pm

Pretty sure number 2 is Ron Lim…..

I’d agree on 2 being Ron Lim – I remember that run.

1-Dave Simons?
2-Rob Liefeld
3-Got nothin’
5-Frank Robbins/Vince Colletta
6-Mike Zeck
7-Don’t think it’s Neal but one of those Adams school guys inked by Pablo Marcos
8-Gene Colan/Joe Sinnott
9-Paul Neary
10-Latter-day Herb Trimpe?

Jack Kirby. Dick Ayers. Don Heck. Sal Buscema. All possibilities not getting much mention.

"O" the Humanatee!

June 24, 2008 at 6:27 pm

“Jack Kirby. Dick Ayers. Don Heck. Sal Buscema. All possibilities not getting much mention.”

They’re not possibilities because none of the drawings are in their styles (with the barely possible exception of Ayers – and I say that only because he has a rather plain style that I’d find hard to recognize). So what’s your point?

After reading everyone else’s comments and studying the art some more I’m going to make my final guesses:

1. Don Perlin (maybe Frank Springer?).
2. No clue. If it is after 1989 I’m probably not familiar with the artist.
3. George Tuska. That’s who I thought it was originally from the profile of the guy on the right, but for some reason Cap’s face threw me.
4. Carmine Infantino.
5. Frank Robbins.
6. I’m going with Mike Zeck because that seems to be the consensus.
7. I’ll guess John Buscema with definitely Tom Palmer on inks.
8. Gene Colan.
9. Paul Neary.
10. Probably post-1989, but it might be Trimpe after he changed his style.

Yeah, I left Kirby, Sal Buscema, Byrne and a couple of other artists off who I felt were far too distinctive to be much of a challenge.

"O" the Humanatee!

June 24, 2008 at 8:32 pm

For some reason I’m feeling irrationally combative about all this. So let me apologize in advance for saying: If the inks on #7 are by Tom Palmer, I’ll eat my pseudonymous shoe (even though as a humanatee I have only flippers). Pablo Marcos may well be correct, though I’m not certain.

1. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon from the 1940’s

3. George Tuska

5. Sal Buscema

7. John Buscema

8. Gene Colan (the classic Gene Colan shading)

10. Gil Kane (a classic Gil Kane pose)

Is this gonna be one of those things that Brian asks and never answers if nobody gets it exactly right? ‘Cause those things chap my hide, they do.

The Mad Monkey

June 25, 2008 at 12:32 am

I’m basing this off of my own knowledge (although I’m Canadian, I followed Cap quite closely for a long time) and of the guesses of everyone here before me. Here goes…

1. Don Perlin (thank you, MJ)
2. Dave Hoover (thank you, Rob)
3. George Tuska (personal guess…agree with with the face profile comment)
4. Carmine Infantino (thank you again, MJ…you’re right and it’s the face again)
5. Frank Robbins (personal guess…face again)
6. Mike Zeck (personal guess…and…a “gimme”)
7. John Buscema (personal guess…Cap’s serious overbite is making me question, however)
8. Gene Colan (personal guess…again, a “gimme”)
9. Paul Neary (personal guess…he was the artist when Marvel was experimenting with their coloring process)
10. Herb Trimpe (personal guess…I’d recognize that awful “updated” style anywhere)

The general style for number 1 looks very old school, but the text looks a little more up to date. I’d go with Kirby from the 40’s or Romita Sr from the 50’s (Commie Smashing Cap Revival)

The only thing I would say I’m sure of is that #10 is Rik Levins.

2 – has to be rob Liefeld.. ridiculously large shoulder muscles, and ankles the size of a small marble attached to slim diagonal feet (where they aren’t opportunistically hidden!)
3 – have to agree with Tuska…
10 – Churchill before he started to improve??

Getting the feeling some of these are going to be shockers…

"O" the Humanatee!

June 25, 2008 at 7:54 am

Just thought of another possibility for no. 1: Lee Elias?

ANother guess on #2, CHris Merrinan?

1 Looks like Coletta inks. Paul Kuperberg?
2. No idea. Liefeld -ish but too well drawn to be him. The head is attached correctly.
3. George Tuska no doubt!
4. A small panel from Byrne Rubenstien?
5. Frank Robbins
6. Mike Zeck. That skinny little back foot was a Zeck trademark.
7. Neal Adams inked by Sinnott?
8 Gene Colan all the way.
9 Ron Lim?
10. Ron Wilson way over inked?

I’m sad there isn’t one by Ron Lim :(

#2 is driving me nuts. I know who draws gloves and boots that look like they are made out of hard plastic like that but I can’t think of it!!

1. Could be a Kupperberg. You know, mediocre/generic with a mediocre/generic inker.
2. I agree, too well drawn for Leifeld but that miserable style. Valentino?
3. Definitely Tuska
4. ?
5. Definitely Robbins
6. Zeck maybe inked by Kupperberg or Bulanadi
7. Don Heck perhaps.
8. Definitely Colan
9. Since I recently looked at that Hawkeye mini series, maybe Mark Gruenwald
10. maybe Ron Lim

1. Don Perlin #244
2. Dave Hoover #428
3. George Tuska #215
4. Lee Elias #257
5. Frank Robbins #190
6. Mike Zeck #258
7. John Buscema #217
8. Gene Colan #256
9. Paul Neary #312
10. Rik Levins #420

Wow, Soya. That’s pretty damn impressive. Have you been lurking all this time, quietly chuckling to yourself, waiting to lay down the law, or did you just find the contest? Or… have you been spent this time painstakingly rereading every issue of Captain America to get the answers?

I started reading Captain America around issue 230 until the second time Mark Waid left the series. I bought backissues and reprints, so I’ve read everything from the beginning until the year 2000. I got seven artists on the spot and a general idea of the time period of the rest. The Git DVD has been very helpful to quickly browse the issues without having to dirty my fingers, and in less than an hour I had the answers. I don’t think I can do it this fast with many other characters. Great game!

“O” was right. Pablo Marcos did the inks over the elder Buscema on CA 217.

"O" the Humanatee!

June 25, 2008 at 3:39 pm

‘ “O” was right. Pablo Marcos did the inks over the elder Buscema on CA 217.’

To be fair, I was only echoing (uncertainly) Rob M and booksteve. I can’t believe that I thought of Lee Elias, but for the wrong panel (#1 instead of #4)! Do I get half a point?

Soya, can you supply the inkers’ names for these panels too?

1. Perlin/Tom Sutton
2. Hoover/Dan Bulanadi
3. Tuska/Pablo Marcos
4. Elias/M. Hands
5. Robbins/Colletta
6. Zeck/Zeck
7. J. Buscema/Marcos
8. Colan/Al Milgrom and Frank Giacoia (I’m guessing Giacoia for that panel)
9. Neary/Dennis Janke
10. Levins/Bulanadi

I got this information from googling. Don’t blame me if it is inaccurate.

Damn, I should have recognized M. Hands! Whatever happened to him anyway? I’ll bet that goddam DiDio refuses to give him any work.

But seriously, I was all upset with myself for not recognizing Perlin, but Sutton as inker explains that.

Perlin’s character work had an intensity that I really responded to as a kid. It’s weird stuff, and it’s no surprise that he was never a fan favorite, but his work is really underrated.

By the way, panel 10 is actually two panels.

How freaking weird is THAT?

Is it really two panels, or a coloring error?

Oh, good call!

You’re right, it’s probably just a coloring mistake!

Man, I was so sure that 3 was Sal Buscema. And I’m shocked that 7 was John Buscema. And what the hell was wrong with Marvel’s coloring during the Paul Neary era? And why is Soya so much better at this than me, even though I own most of the issues? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

I stopped reading some Marvel comics during that coloring experiment time. I remember dropping Thor and maybe a few others because of the garishness. And I’m color-blind!

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