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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #26

Here’s #26! Click here for the master list!


Animal Man #26

This was a real tough choice, as the pick boiled down to either Grant Morrison’s final issue of Animal Man and the first appearance of the New Teen Titans in DC Comics Presents #26.

The real problem is that both books pass the “do people remember this issue number years later?” test, which a lot of other notable first appearances fail (like Mary Marvel’s first appearance, for instance). People DO remember that DC Comics Presents was the first New Teen Titans and people DO remember that Animal Man #26 was the last issue of Grant Morrison’s run where Morrison, himself, interacts with Animal Man.

Ultimately, I am going with Morrison’s issue because I think the remembrance of the Animal Man issue is a bit “purer,” as a real key to people remembering DC Comics Presents #26 (which was only a 16-page preview of the book) was the fact that it was WORTH something during the 1980s and early 1990s. People remember Animal Man #26, however, because it was an issue that jumps out when people think of the number #26, so while it certainly is not much of an edge, I think it IS a real edge.

And besides, it’s nice to have an issue of Morrison’s great Animal Man run on the list, anyways!

Other notable #26s…hmmm…Bendis’ Daredevil run began with #26, Moore had a good one on Saga of the Swamp Thing, same with Gaiman on Sandman, but nothing all that standout. Same with Kirby/Lee on FF and Ditko/Lee on Amazing Spider-Man – just good, solid issues.


Ooo, nice one. Definitely one of the more memorable issues of a memorable run.

On general principle, I have to stick up for Sargon the Sorcerer (All-American Comics #26) and Mr. Mind (Captain Marvel Adventures #26), because turbans and evil caterpillars are cool. Raven, schmaven.

I’m surprised the kick-off of Bendis’s DD run didn’t get at least a mention, as that seems to be when his popularity exploded and he became the Marvel go-to guy (for better or worse).

But I wanted Animal Man to get the nod, and I’m glad he did.

Good choices. I would have gone with DC Comics Presents simply because I still remember that issue number in particular after all these years. I certainly enjoyed Animal Man, but couldn’t have told you what issue #26 in particular was.

If you had asked me personally before this post, I would have said Morrison’s last issue was around the mid-twenties and I wouldn’t have had a clue when the Titans first appeared. But I am probably not the best barometer of comic book geekery.

Cerebus #26 is the start of that books first long-form story, “High Society”, which ought to be worth a mention; it’s where the title changed from Conan parody to something epic…

Quasar #26 mixed in the funeral for Quaze’s mentor Eon with a crossover from Infinity Gaunlet’s baddie Thanos, who explodes Eon’s body out of the Fantastic Four’s building like Man-Thing’s projectile vomit. Quasar was the rare comic that didn’t put its stories on hold when joining a crossover — even though it maybe was in one crossover too many towards the end there.

I agree totally about Cerebus 26. In fact it’s the only 26 I could name if I was ever asked– and I love this issue of Animal Man!

After 23 years of fandom, my favorite single issue of any comic book ever.

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