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Top Five Strangest Comic Books!

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the top five strangest comic books!



Strange Suspense Stories – This was a fun series from Charlton.

Adam Strange

This one would be higher, but Strange has only had two series, and this is the only good one – and even this one was sorta ruined by the ending, which forced it to tie into Infinite Crisis. Blech.

The Strangers – This superhero comic was all right. I love how silly the topical stuff seems now.

5. Strange Adventures

One of the top sci-fi comics of its day!

4. Strangers in Paradise

Terry Moore did a wonderful job with the deep characterizations he introduced in this excellent series.

3. The Phantom Stranger

Some top notch metaphysical stories from DC.

2. Strange Tales

The debut of both Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD AND Doctor Strange? This has got to be up there!

1. Doctor Strange

The coolest, strangest Strange you will ever meet!


Is that John Lennon on the right on that Strange Adventures cover?

And Paul Simon on the left?

Dan K – It appears to be a John Lennon / Paul Simon team-up.

In space!

ah, layne beat me to it… by a nose!


July 6, 2008 at 9:35 am



I’ve always seen this the STRANGEST comic cover I’ve ever looked at:


Though the medicine one is pretty strange…

So here’s me enjoying my weekend following the Doctor Who season finale, and you go and remind me how much fun Malibu’s Ultraverse was until Marvel went and ass-***ed it…

How about Strange Sports Stories? That was a really weird one from DC. I remember the super heroes vs. super villains one, because Plastic Man tricked the bad guys into losing by turning his foot into a base.

Why the Hell I can remember that, I have no idea.

That first one looks like it’s trying to sell insurance to old people.

Erm… this is a list of comics with “strange” in the title, but there’s nothing particularly strange about the ones of these that I know.

I was expecting to see things like Rogan Josh, Doom Patrol and Brother Power the Geek

Is the leader of the Strangers Captain Marvel (Marvel)? The costumes appear nearly identical.

Atom Bob (The blonde guy in red and blue) isn’t the leader. The leader is (ugh) Lady-Killer, the woman in the dreadful veil & lace fetish outfit.

Atom Bob was the “shocking twist” member. He’s nigh omnipotent and a bit of a flake, but it still took every member of the team totally by surprise when he suddenly turned 100% evil and corrupt.

(Most readers saw it coming a mile away.)

Man, are you ever right about that Adam Strange series, Brian. Its shoehorning into IC left gave a great series such an unrewarding finish. The Adam Strange showcase collection (and/or the archives) are worth noting though, if you like that kind of thing.

I’ll agree — I loved that Adam Strange mini, which I bought primarily for the rockin’ art by Pascal Ferry, though Diggle’s twisty plot kept me around. But BOOO! on the editorially mandated non-ending.

I love that Strangers cover. There’s a rip off of Captain Marvel, a rip off of Storm, a rip off of Jean Grey, a rip off of the Human Torch, AND a rip off of Raven from the Titans. That’s some vigorous ripping,


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