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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #29

Here’s #29! Click here for the master list!


Justice League of America #29

Admittedly, the pickings are pretty slim for #29, and I think this issue, which was the second team-up between the Justice League and the Justice Society and ALSO featured the first appearance of the Crime Syndicate qualifies as the most notable #29 out there.

But I am happy to take suggestions for possible replacements!

It is not that this issue is not a very good and memorable issue, because it is!

This issue, written by Gardner Fox and penciled by Mike Sekowsky, featured the Crime Syndicate (and the first appearance of Earth-3), who get bored with their existence on their world, so travel to the Justice League’s world, where the JLA seems to have a bit of an advantage. They then transfer over to Earth-3, where the Crime Syndicate has the advantage.

Earth-2 (and through Earth-2, the JSA) gets involved to be an equal battleground for the two groups.

Other notable #29s include the first appearance of the Liberty Legion in Marvel Premiere #29, two very good issues of Sandman and Swamp Thing, plus a very strong Fantastic Four issue by Kirby/Lee.

I’m open to suggestions for other notable #29s!


Well, Cerebus #29 introduced the Regency Elf, Fury of Firestorm #29 introduced the Mindboggler and the Breathtaker, but as a serious other contender, I’d go to DC Comics Presents #29, “Where No Superman Has Gone Before” the third part of Len Wein and Jim Starlin’s notable trilogy that introduced Mongul and the Warworld. (Both of which were taken care of in the prior part; #29 was the one where Superman (with the Spectre as the official guest star) storms the gates of Heaven to save Supergirl from the consequences of that battle…

I couldn’t find much of anything either, but man…

is the cover to Will Payton’s Starman 29 out there.

Patrick Joseph

July 8, 2008 at 10:29 am

Swamp Thing #29 was the first DC comic with no comics code that was newsstand distributed. Apparently the comics code authority frowns on incest, self mutilation, nudity and bug infestations. The next issue had the code seal again, then it was gone for issues 31- 59. Issue 60 marked a switch to Direct Only distribution for the book.

I thought about that one, Patrick (I did an Urban Legends bit on that topic!), but I dunno – I don’t think many people know what issue it was, ya know?

This issue, I think people actually do know a bit.

OK, I have to give it up to the Crime Syndicate. But Flash Comics #29 was the first appearance of the Ghost Patrol!

And, um, Micronauts#29 had an inner-space journey into Commander Rann’s brain! Guest-starring Doc Samson, who was kind of the Dr. Joyce Brothers of guest stars back then.

Patrick Joseph

July 8, 2008 at 10:45 am


This was a great choice, and I do have a fondness for Earth 3. I had a thrashed copy of part 2 for years before it finally fell apart.

And, really, Swamp Thing from 21-50 is one of those series like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Sandman, Cerebus, or Love and Rockets where you could pretty much guarantee a good comics reading experience at any issue relevant to this list. They can only win so many times, to be sure.

Quasar #29 is a great parody cover of the Demi Moore-pregnant cover of Vanity Fair, or whatever it was. John Byrne also parodied it on She-Hulk, having her carrying a beach ball. If you didn’t know about that Vanity Fair issue, it’d just look like Quasar was quite shocked by the size of his gut. (As is frequently the case…sigh.)

I would go for Judge Dredd Megazine #29 (vol 2) which was Frank Quietly’s debut on a national publication. Notible for us Brits, but I don’t know if your counting non-American stuff.

X-Factor 29 might be in the running, but the last page reveals the upcoming villain as Arcade, so maybe not.

Mike Loughlin

July 8, 2008 at 1:46 pm

Starman 29 – 1st appearance of Bobo Benetti! Okay, not a major character, but a really good comic, and the first personally significant #29 that popped into my head.

I thought of Swamp Thing for its “no code” significance as well, and Sandman has a great Johanna Constantine story, but the choice you made seems like the best pick unless…


Alpha Flight 29 kicks off the revered Bill Mantlo/Mike Mignola run!

Glad that’s settled.

JLA 29 deserves it–in JLA’s original run my favorite issues were the JLA/JSA crossovers. So I’m glad to see one on the list.

I just realized that Grant Morrison’s JLA 29 also deserves a mention as it kicks off his tribute to JLA/JSA team-ups (and I hadn’t realized the significance of the issue number until seeing this entry.

Technically Morrison’s Crisis times Five starts in ish 28, but they actually refer to having a team-up in ish 29, I believe.

Just joking about Alpha Flight, by the way.

I was about to say, “Was that the one with the Puffball Collective?” But then I didn’t.

The JLA, JSA, and Crime Syndicate in one issue? Cool.

“Alpha Flight 29 kicks off the revered Bill Mantlo/Mike Mignola run!”

I actually shuddered when I read that…well, the Mignola art was nice, anyway.


August 11, 2008 at 9:22 pm

Starman 29 – 1st appearance of Bobo Benetti! Okay, not a major character, but a really good comic, and the first personally significant #29 that popped into my head.

It was also the ‘jump on’ issue, specifically written to entice new readers, with an introduction to the series, and a re-cap (written by The Shade) of the series up to date, and ad free except for the last page.

I can’t think of many other series that were given that treatment.

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