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Top Five Archie Characters Who Deserve Their Own Title

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the top five Archie characters without their own title who I think could carry one.


5. Cheryl Blossom

On the one hand, it was cool to see a female character so independent, but on the other hand, Cheryl was not all THAT interesting. I mean, was there an adventure you could do with Cheryl Blossom that you COULDN’T do with Veronica?

I say thee NAY!

4. Chuck Clayton

Chuck is an underrated character, but I am afraid that his hook (“comic artist”) just is not strong enough to support his own series. I like that he HAS a hook, though.

And also, among the choice on this list, he’s the only one who has never had a solo series, so while all the others have had series that failed in the past, Chuck has never gotten the CHANCE to fail!

3. Dilton Doiley

Dilton’s weird science stuff is enough of a gimmick for a series (and HAS been in the past), but I do not know if it could sustain itself. A bit of a one-trick pony.

2. Reggie Mantle

Reggie, on the other hand, is a much more well-rounded character. He isn’t just about mean pranks. He is also about girls, sports, etc. There is a reason why he is in the Archies. He is popular enough to merit an inclusion. Plus, he has the whole Moose nemesis thing going on. I think a Reggie series would also be a nice challenge for the writers to make him appealing. It has worked in the past (his series ran for a decent run, if I remember correctly).

1. Josie and the Pussycats

This is just silly.

They should have their own series right now.

I don’t know why Archie doesn’t think they would sell as much as Jughead.

And manga, I think, is the way to go.

All you Archie fans out there, agree or disagree?


Josie, yes.

That horrific manga art you show there, no.

cheryl blossom: town bike – I’d buy the crap out of that.

Random Stranger

July 11, 2008 at 6:28 am

Oh dear god I think that Josie image has made me go blind.

Well…Reggie IS my favorite Archie character. He deserves his own book.

You’re right about Reggie/Moose– it’s a nice dynamic, and Reggie is fairly well-rounded. I could see him supporting his own title.

Dilton, on the other hand, really only works best as a way to get other stories started. Just as I think Gyro Gearloose worked best when he was supporting/prompting the antics of others, I think Dilton works best as a supporting cast character.

Personally? Though I know it will never happen– I’d love to see Ethel in her own title. She’s got two great things going for her– two sources of humour that will never run dry. One, she’s completely and totally obsessed with Jughead and will go to any lengths to try and snag that man. Obsession, especially one that drives a character to ridiculous behaviours, is a comedy gold-mine.

Secondly– and this is the thing I love about Ethel– she is completely and totally herself. I still have (and cherish) a photocopy of an old pin-up image from the sixties or seventies, which shows Ethel in an overalls bathing suit. “I don’t know why the boys are always after Veronica– she has an old-fashioned bathing suit!” she decries.

That’s Ethel. A complete and total original. She’s not concerned with fitting in– she’s concerned with being herself. In many ways, she’s very similar to Jughead– which is probably why there are so many sparks.

It’d be possible, I think, to maintain Ethel’s weirdness, individuality, and obsession– qualities which, in the recent Archie comics I’ve read, have been seriously dilluted– but to be laughing with her, instead of– as was often the case in the past– making the joke at her expense.

Wouldn’t the point of a solo series be to better round out a character? I for one would love a Dilton solo ( I don’t buy Archies so I’m not the target market anyhow). I always loved his relationship with Moose that made for some good stories.

That Cherry Poptart who lives in their neighborhood seems like a nice girl.

Dilton needs a crossover with Franklin Richards. Make the badguy Jack B. Quick.

Eh, all Dilton and Franklin would need to crack the case is Genius Jones and one thin dime.

Would it be too much to ask to have a Chuck solo that fleshes him out as more than the token black character who just happens to be good at sports? Something like he goes to school on a basketball scholarship but majors in art, and struggles with stereotyping on campus as well as the pressures of his family and peers to perform at a higher standard, all the while knowing he may be good at sports, but he’s certainly not the best? Yes, I’m proposing a sincere “Archie and Pals” series. What?

I dunno, Ryan, while I understand the concern, I think Chuck’s interest in cartooning IS Archie Comics’ attempt to flesh the character out further than the token black character who just happens to be good at sports.

Chuck has actually had a respectable amount of stories in books like Archie and Pals where they talk about his interest in art.

The character who REALLY gets the shaft is Nancy, Chuck’s token black girlfriend.

Can someone explain to me what the appeal of Archie is to anyone over the age of nine?

Dilton was the first thing that popped into my head from the post title.

Also, I think they should give that “Punisher” guy a series. He only appeared the once, but I think they could get something out of it.

Cheryl, definitely.

She needs her own title again.


The appeal is that they’re solid comics. They’re funny, character-based, and they read quickly. The characters themselves are appealing and iconic, yet also somewhat particular and peculiar.

A key part of their appeal– and I don’t mean this as a knock in any way– is that they’re also disposable. Once you’ve read a particular Archie story, I find it doesn’t really hold up to re-reading: I already know the punchlines, the character moments, the surprises in store for me. Even coming back to a story months or years later, I find I remember the entire thing verbatim– probably a result of the tight yet casual plotting. There’s no subplots or intricate continuity here.

Since re-reading them doesn’t really hold up, the only “cure” for someone’s hankering for Archie comics is… more Archie comics. And that’s why– when I do buy comics– I tend to buy Archie. It’s like a heroin addiction. But, y’know. Funnier.

Fair enough. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read them or care about them, but at least I now understand why adults keep reading them, and I can respect it a little more.

Not a specific solo series, but what I’d like to see is a return of those silly Superhero versions (aka “The Super Teens”) of the Archie characters.

I’ve always thought they were HILARIOUS, and its not like maintaining continuity is really a concern within the Archie universe.

Actually, I like that Chuck is good at sports AND interested in art. It does allow writers to include him in lots of stories (even if he is just a ‘token’), but does leave lots of room for a potential series.

As Brian said, Nancy does get the shaft. Not only is she the token African-American female, she’s the token girlfriend to the token black male. Granted, Midge also doesn’t have much of a personality besides being Moose’s girlfriend either….

And yes, the Josie manga drawing is beyond horrible.


I would disagree regarding Midge. Granted, while not fleshed out as much as Veronica, Betty, or Big Ethel, Midge isn’t *just* Moose’s girlfriend. Note, for example, how many times she actively flirts and cozies up to Reggie Mantle. She _knows_ Moose is going to find out, and she _knows_ Reggie’s going to get a beating because of it– but she does it anyway. (I think they’ve done this less in the last few years– just as Jughead no longer “hates” women– but I remember it being especially prevalent previously.)

For me, that’s interesting. Morally reprehensible? Yes! But interesting.

More interesting than Nancy at any rate.

As an Archie collector/reader, I think that all of the characters you mention could be developed into a series (mini, maxi, or open-ended).

Cheryl is meaner than Veronica and not connected to the past relationships that the rest of the gang are. She can bring in a more independent world-view and some very funny situations.

Chuck is a struggling artist that is seeking to break into comics. It would be hard to write this series without getting too self-referential towards comics, but it would make for some great satire/homage pieces.

Dilton could become a Jonny Quest/Tom Swift type of character – using the power of intelligence and science to foil evil plots! I see it more as an educational and/or adventure series.

Reggie. He’s a no-brainer. There is so much that exists already with this character that a series just makes sense.

Josie – also a bit of a no-brainer. The adventures and misadventures of a famous band. Plus, Melody. Did I mention Melody? You could always have stories about Melody.

What appeals to anyone 9+? The stories are pure and simple. You can pick-up any Archie in any order without feeling you “missed” something or need to buy the “Encyclopedia of Archie” to understand it. They are starting to do more multi-part stories, but they are rare.

I’ve been seeing that Cherry Poptart girl on the side and you’re right; she’s VERY nice!

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