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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #44

Here’s #44! Click here for the master list!


Tales of the New Teen Titans #44

This one is pretty tough, because what you have here is the introduction of two fairly notable characters and simply the re-naming of another hero (while also, yes, the first appearance of another character, but I’m sorry Jericho fans, he isn’t that noteworthy).

However, all said and done, I think the sidekick of Batman, Dick Grayson, becoming a new character, Nightwing, is more significant than the Wasp appearing in Tales to Astonish #44 (interesting that they’re both Tales issues!) and Gorgon appearing in Fantastic Four #44 (which is less about Gorgon appearing as it is the first appearance of the Inhumans, kinda).

But really, this issue, which was the penultimate part of the Judas Contract, is just a slightly larger piece of comic book history than those issues, as the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez was one of the highest-selling comic books of the early 80s, this was perhaps their most famous storyline, and it involved Dick Grayson, one of the most famous comic book characters in all of comics.

So I’m pretty confident in saying that this was the most notable #44 out there.

Still, Tales to Astonish #44 and Fantastic Four #44 are notable runners-up, as well as strong issues of Sandman, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and Amazing Spider-Man.

Any other good #44s?


Hmmm could it be possible for one of these to not note an issue of FF?

Yeah i need to read these new teen titans books, although so far I haven;t found a good format for getting them.

Here’s a puzzler: Who on that cover has the worst outfit?

Jericho. Worst outfit, worst hairstyle, AND worst facial hair. He’s a triple threat!

Yeah, I’d have to give it to Jericho, which is impressive given Dick’s egregious disco collar.

I’d forgotten this title even existed. Not the story, which of course I remember, but the renamed series, even though I continued reading it for a little while after the title shift (almost exactly as long as Perez stuck around).

Nightwing’s outfit wouldn’t have been THAT bad if it wasn’t for the horrible collar. I actually think it’s a better design than his second outfit (the one he was wearing around Knightfall) since the yellow’s minimalised, but of course neither can hold a candle to the current uniform that’s probably been around for longer than the other two combined at this point.

Deathstroke’s was about the most badass uniform in comics at the time (and the colours were deliberate in the sense that they were ones that printed very well). He was a better version of Snake Eyes before Snake Eyes was cool. And as history has shown, having his costume drawn in more muted colours (I think it was blue and grey for a while – at least, that’s what it was when he showed up early on in Nightwing) doesn’t really work.

Jericho… I’m still not sure what Perez was thinking with that design.

But, yeah, no quibbles with this one – probably the most famous issue of DC’s biggest book of the early 80s. And while #38’s the most famous issue of NTT (“Who is Donna Troy”), that wasn’t going to win. Other Titans issue in consideration for me would be #8 – the “day in the life” issue, and #19, the “Wally writes home” issue that a lot of creators cite as their favourite.

The Swamp Thing issue here is particularly appropriate for this list, since it features the serial killer the Bogeyman and his ‘pick a number’ schtick…

Legion of Super-Heroes (v2) 44 was the final appearance of Quislet.

Hitman #44. The first appearance of Scarback. Dinosaurs in Gotham City!

I’m gonna draw fire and say that Deathstroke’s outift is the worst. Atrocious colors, ugly buccaneer boots and gloves, and dorky choker-collar.

The only real problem with Jericho’s outfit is the purple coloring. The design isn’t THAT terrible.

I feel like I’ve had a peek into Apodaca’s closet just reading that last couple sentences.

You dont see enough mutton chops in comics. Kudos.

I nominate Jericho to head the (very short) list of Characters Most Likely to Benefit from a Rob Liefeld Redesign

Nightwing’s is the only one that doesn’t break the Ron Frenz Rule. (How you like that Cronin?) His though is horribly dated.

Can we all agree that George Perez is a horrible costume designer, over-all? If you’re on the fence, toss in the Monitor and Harbinger.


Daniel O' Dreams

July 15, 2008 at 8:02 pm

Yeah remember Donna Troys FIRST Troia costume? Or has the therapy allowed you to forget?
Great illustrator… terrible costume designer…

Gah! I knew I’d forgotten one. That one’s one of the worst. Oh, and Pariah from Crisis.

Perez is like the anti-Kirby in designing costumes. You know it’s him just by looking at it…but you’re not happy at all about it.

Just figured out the icon thing!

Really Apodaca? You think the pirate boots is worse than that awful vest and golden cuffs? At least with that mask Deathstroke looks like he’s ready to kill. Jericho looks like he’s ready to try out for a part in the Pirates of Penzance.

Was that meant to be a blank comment, Walid?

Quasar #44 had him deal with a character fromt he New universe called antibody, who became enormously powerful in the 616 dimension. (Apparently both worlds had a connection to the Darkforce world, but the 616 Earth’s is stronger.) This story is comically notable becuase it simply ends — because ANOTHER Darkforce villain, Darkling, was using all the energy over in New Warriors. A weird crossover of sorts, and one that I don’t think was even mentioned in the New Warriors comic!

FF 44 is noteworthy for a far more important reason than the introduction of Gorgon.

It’s Joe Sinnott’s first issue as the regular inker. A real turning point for the series.

Pedro Bouça

July 19, 2008 at 5:01 am

I love Perez, but a great costume designer he is not! Deathstroke wasn’t that bad, although for a merc with over-the-top weapons the original Taskmaster was better (doesn’t hold a candle to te later Taskmaster costume, though). The Nightwing uniform was bad, but the Jericho one was truly TERRIBLE!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

What is the “Ron Frenz rule”? Does that mean skin tight costumes with nothing hanging loose?

Excellent choice here. Plenty of important books, but I couldn’t tell you which issue of Tales to Astonish features the first appearance of Wasp, just that it happened in that book. Judas Contract is just that much more memorable by number alone.

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