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Top Five X-Men Cover Appearances!

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a slightly different list. This time, I’m just counting which X-Men have appeared on the most covers of the X-Men titles (Uncanny X-Men #1-66,94-499, X-Men #1-207, X-Treme X-Men #1-46, Astonishing X-Men #1-25 and all the Annuals of those books).

Would the huge lead the original five have be enough to overcome the popularity of the All-New, All-Different X-Men?

Find out!


11. Gambit

Just had to note that he appeared a lot higher than I would have thought – above Professor X and Kitty Pryde!

10. Angel

9. Iceman

8. Nightcrawler

7. Rogue

6. Beast

Now, the Top Five!!

5. Jean Grey

And yes, I counted the Phoenix appearances as her. Even if you took those out, I think she might have more cover appearances than Beast.

4. Colossus

3. Cyclops

2. Storm

Storm and Cyclops were so close that I think you can basically call it a tie, but my count had her ahead – the modern trend of each character getting a solo cover really helped Storm – she had a ton of solo covers.

1. Wolverine


Fascinating. And a thankless job, Brian, I do hope you have interns.

Looks like the original team did benefit from the ’60s–just barely.

We all knew who would be #1, but Storm at #2? Just goes to show, no one can predict the weather.

OMG Wolverine had the most? I am shocked, nay, astonished! Wolverine is in so few books each month, and is the least popular X-Man! My powers of sarcasm know no bounds!

Oh I love X-Men 176. First X-Men issue I ever owned !

Given that Jean has spent long stretches of time dead, her fifth place showing is fairly impressive.

Any chance we can get the number of covers each character appeared on?

Cyclops would obviously leapfrog Storm if X-Factor counted, I imagine. If you’re going to count X-Treme X-Men, it’s only fair to point out that, at one point, X-Factor was the #2 X-Book, the second-tier comic after Uncanny. Since the original five were banished there, I’d bet that’s why they’re surprisingly low on this list.

Storm on so many covers… hm, I wonder if she was any creator’s favorite character or anything like that….?

(RUN! Disturbing rumor territory potential ahead….)

That BWS Storm cover is beautiful.

Are you counting the first incarnation of the Phoenix as being Jean Grey for the purposes of this count? *runs for cover*

I’d prefer not to give exact numbers, but here are some rough estimates:

Wolverine was roughly on 250 covers, Storm and Cyclops on 200 covers, Colossus on 150 covers, Jean Grey on 140 covers, Beast on 130 covers, Rogue and Nightcrawler on 120 covers, Iceman and Angel on 110 covers and Gambit on 80 covers.

How do you count again, for those covers with a “cast of hundreds” on them?

Sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass (especially on issues with some kind of gatefold cover) to see individual characters!

Huh. I would’ve guessed that Nightcrawler would be higher. Just goes to show, no one can predict the … um … brimstone.

How do you count again, for those covers with a “cast of hundreds” on them?

Carefully. ;)

I’m a little surprised that Bobby beat out Warren, and more surprised that Piotr showed up more than Kitty — but Gambit more than Professor X?! That just makes me want to set fire to something.

“That BWS Storm cover is beautiful.”

So is the issue itself. one of the best Storm stories ever.

I’m guessing Nightcrawler (and Kitty Pride for that matter) would be somewhat higher had Excalibur been included.

Aw, I really, really miss demonic Beast. Cat Beast needs to die and die horribly.

And nice to put Storm under her “Life-Death” story cover. As I recall, “Life-Death” and “Life-Death II” were treacly, soggy pieces of excrement.

Ape/demon Beast was boring and looked like too many other characters in superhero comics. Cat Beast is more distinct, and the change fits in well with the character.

Times change, move on.

Did you remember to count the cover with the original Eric the Red as a Cyclops cover?

I’m assuming that Hank McCoy’s appearances on Avengers covers aren’t being counted, right?

I’m kind of surprised Magneto didn’t make the top 11. I’d have thought he was on more covers than Gambit.

I don’t think Brian counted him…I think this list is actual X-men, not X-men characters. And Chunk_McFat needs to refresh his memory…

Magneto was a full-fledged member of the X-Men for a while in the 80s. He took Professor X’s place as headmaster of the school when Xavier was off planet with Lilandra, if memory serves.

I’m kind of surprised Magneto didn’t make the top 11. I’d have thought he was on more covers than Gambit.


He was behind Kitty and Professor X, too.

In fact, he was closer to Psylocke and Bishop (Bishop was on a lot more covers than one would think) than Kitty and Professor X.

Crap, can’t believe I forgot about Magneto during that era! I’m getting old….

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