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Top Five Tiger Themed Characters!

Top Five Month continues (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) with a look at the top five tiger-themed characters in comic books!



Tiger Shark is a cool villain.

He is one of those perfect villains where he makes a great villain team member, because he is strong enough to be a threat, but not SO strong that he’d make the other members useless. I am shocked that he has not been killed off yet by a short-sighted writer.

The Tiger People are possibly the coolest of the animal-men of Kamandi’s world!

5. Sons of the Tiger

Remember that Brady Bunch episode where they tried to come up with a spin-off, and it was about the neighbors of the Bradys who adopted three orphans who were best friends, and the boys were each of different ethnic backgrounds (if I recall correctly, it was Asian, White and Black)?

Well, The Sons of the Tiger were like that episode – only they were kung-fu fighters, aided by their mystical amulets that they each wore!

Pretty cool.

Even cooler, though, was…

4. White Tiger

Hector Ayala gained the amulets of the Sons of the Tiger and used them to become the superhero, White Tiger.

Marvel really pushed him for a little while, sort of as a Puerto Rican Peter Parker, then backed off, and after spending a good deal of time in limbo, he was brought back by Brian Michael Bendis in a cool story that was made less cool when he was killed off in the comic.

His niece now has the amulets and is the new White Tiger.

3. Tigra

I’d like to see a writer try to do something with Greer.

No one seems to want to write her well. You’d think Bendis would have, but alas, alack, Alaska.

Even Monica Rambeau at least had Nextwave.

Tigra’s had…what?

2. Tawky Tawny

I overlooked the Tawky at first, but yeah, he’s definitely one of the most unique comic book characters of all-time. SO unique that modern writers often don’t know what to do with him!

1. Bronze Tiger

Just go out and read Suicide Squad #1-66, okay?

Bronze Tiger is so awesome.

That’s the list!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know! Unless you wish to suggest Tyger Tiger for the list, in which case, please do not let me know!


I’m sorry.

But the correct answer was Mister Tawky Tawny.

But thanks for playing……

I was sad to see one of the Tiger People lying with his head dissected in Final Crisis #2.

I thought Hobbes would at least be mentioned.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 23, 2008 at 5:32 am

What about Tony the Tiger?


No Spider-Man? He was famously called Tiger, after all.

Gail Simone on Tigra could be cool.

I’ve always been partial to Tyger Tiger

Matthew Johnson

July 23, 2008 at 6:40 am

“Just go out and read Suicide Squad #1-66, okay?”

Truer words were never said.

“Just go out and read Suicide Squad #1-66, okay?”

Hey, DC, where’s our collected Suicide Squad, huh???
Come on, I’m not a patient man…….

Doesn’t Tiger-Man, from the mid-70s Atlas Comics, get at least an honorable mention? http://www.comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=28702&zoom=4

Atlas was trying to position Tiger-Man as the tentpole of their line (assuming Atlast had lasted more than six months), more or less their answer to Spider-Man. They even had Ditko draw two issues.


July 23, 2008 at 7:23 am

What about DC’s Wolverine wannabe; TIGORR?

He used to be kinda good cheesy fun in the original series (before they amped him up to Lobo-proportions).


Fables had Shere Khan. Baloo did a week long song and dance review on his grave.

Tiger Shark is notable to me mostly because I keep thinking that both he and the Green Lantern villain the Shark are called “Killer Shark,” even though they aren’t.

I have to say, I like the Sons of the Tiger and all, but the Armless Tiger Man who fought the Angel back in the 1940s is wayyyy cooler. He fought by biting, kicking and head-butting! That guy was insane.

I’m surprised Judomaster’s sidekick Tiger doesn’t warrant a mention. Not a spot on the list necessarily, but a mention.

I’d suggest Tiger Man from the Buck Rogers TV series, because he must have showed up in the Dell comic at some point, but honestly that guy was a schmuck. Tiger Man, Tiger Man, does whatever he’s told to do.

Mr. Tawky Tawny, though — face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

Where’s the love for Flying Tiger?!

“I am shocked that he has not been killed off yet by a short-sighted writer.”

Bendis will get right on it.

On a similar note, Sobek in 52 makes me think that Mr. Tawky Tawny may want to keep a low profile for a while until DC’s wave of gore has subsided. Not knowing what to do with him is just fine as long as you don’t do something terrible with him because of it.

Nothing from “Tellos” here?

Bronze Tiger is an interesting character and worthy of the top spot. But the entire casts of that run of SS were all so well developed it truly was and still is an amazing run!

The Atlas Tiger-Man comics were so awful, though. His personality would completely change from issue to issue.

Heck, tigers aren’t even native to Africa!

An aside could have been mentioned about Casper Cole, the White Tiger.

Everyone knows that the New Warriors villian smiling Tiger was the best…cant believe he gets no respect

How can you have missed off Hobbes?!


July 23, 2008 at 11:51 am

You know, Tiger Shark is a good example of a Tiger Shark-themed character, not so much of a Tiger-themed character. They’re not at all the same species.

And I’ve hit my nit-picking quotient for the day.

Are you sure the tiger shark isn’t a, you know, sharky species of tiger? Or maybe what happens when a tiger and a shark love each other very much?

Man, you guys pimp SS so hard (it’s like the new Grant Morrison around here) that it better live up to the hype if I ever get to read it. I wish I knew it was so good back in the 80’s :(

The art ranges from fair to marginal. But it is supremely well plotted with consistent, spot-on characterization of a huge cast.

(And I found 2/3rds of a full run in the three for a buck boxes. So that’s nice.)

Also, Grant Morrison was killed in Suicide Squad — or at least the version of himself that showed up in Animal Man was.

Looney Leo from Astro City didn’t even get a sniff!

What could be cooler than a fictional character becoming real [in comic book land anyway] and then opening a swanky restaurant and dressing like Bogart from ‘Casablanca’. He even has Bogey’s droopy eyes going for him, and wears a white tuxedo.

Also, Hobbes is one of the greatest characters in all sequential literature. He should get honorable mention as well.

Interestingly, danjack, lions are not actually tigers. The Cheetah and the Black Panther aren’t on the list for similar reasons.

I’ve gotta agree: Hobbes totally belongs on this list, and TIGORR was great in Robinson’s Starman.

Tawky would’ve been #1 for me, but, sure. This seems like a solid list.

I thought that Hellcat was the one who was sent to Alaska, rather than Tigra.

The top three, for me at least, were left off of the list: Hobbes, Koj from Tellos, and Peter Parker.

However, I’ll cut Brian some slack, since he dropped what I seem to recall is a Groucho Marx quote in this post. That makes up for the problems with the content.

Koj is a good argument!

But Hobbes is not a comic book character!

And Peter is a cute idea.

I’d like to post the link, but these days every time I do that my comment gets eaten, so I’ll just give directions. Go to Amazon’s homepage. Type “Calvin and Hobbes” in the search box and press Go. You’ll see several pages of books, that contain comics, that feature Hobbes. Not all “comic book characters” wear tights! (Sheesh, Brian, you probably know that better than anyone!)

As far as disqualifying them because the contents of those books were first written as strips, that is also true of Action Comics #1(at least the Superman story in it), if I recall correctly. Does that mean that Superman didn’t qualify as a comic book character until later? If so, Action Comics #1 should probably be removed from the current Top 50 countdown.

I’m usually fairly quiet on these boards, and then, for no particularly valid reason, every few months I rear up on my hind legs and hassle Brian over some minor point on some list he posted. So, sorry, I’m done now, carry on.

“I am shocked that [Tiger Shark] has not been killed off yet by a short-sighted writer.”

“[White Tiger] was brought back by Brian Michael Bendis in a cool story that was made less cool when he was killed off in the comic.”

There’s your solution right there ;)

Didn’t Tigra receive a humiliating ass-kicking by Mary-Sue Hood recently?

I haven’t read SS squad, but given the Bronze Tiger’s rep as martial artist (isn’t he considered by many to be in the top 5 of DC’s martial artists?), that Raven guy must be one heck of a fighter…

And yeah, I thought it was Hellcat who was sent to Alaska…

Loony Leo was a lion, not a tiger. Or a bear. Oh my…

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

If Calvin and Hobbes ever appeared in a comic book, MAYBE.

Like Pogo, Snoopy, etc., lots of comic strip characters appeared in comic books.

Watterson made a point of NOT ever letting Calvin and Hobbes appear in comic books (well, it was more “not let anyone but me do the characters” than “I hate comic books” or anything like that, but the end result was the same).

Also, he hated comic books.


How could you miss Armless Tiger Man?

Greatest villain EVER!

That’s what I’m saying! Armless freakin’ Tiger Man!

“that Raven guy must be one heck of a fighter…”

Ravan was a fairly cool character, a thugee terrorist and killer. He served in the Squad for a time.

Bronze Tiger broke Ravan’s back the first time they fought and refused to kill him. This ticked Ravan off and he swore revenge. With an exoskeleton to help him walk again, Ravan lures Tiger into a rematch which is depicted in SS#18.

Bronze Tiger would have also been my choice for the top spot. However I always thought he looked cooler with his original tiger head mask.

Buttler is correct.
Armless Tiger Man is the best Tiger character ever.

I figured for sure that Peter Parker would be on the list when I clicked through.

Morgan Butler

July 30, 2009 at 1:14 pm

I have always loved Hector Ayala “The White Tiger” ever since i saw him in a 2 issue strory arc in Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider Man. I found the White Tiger to be cool and mysterious. I was alway sorry that they didnt develop him to a fuller extant. The new incarnation with his neice wasnt very interesting in my opinion. I mean who really needs another super here that is a Fed. Maybe Hector will come back one day. I mean it IS a comic character. Viva Hector, EL TIGRE BLANCO.

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