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Top Five Superhero Pet Names

By “Pet names,” I mean nicknames the love interest of superheroes give the superheroes. Kirayoshi suggested this top five on the Comics Should Be Good forum‘s “Top Five Suggestion Thread“! Check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far.


I’m going to use Kirayoshi’s five, although I’m mixing up the order a bit.

5. “Katya”

Colossus’ nickname for Kitty.

I bumped this one down on the list (Kirayoshi had it #2) because, well, it’s not much of a pet name, is it? It’s basically just Kitty’s name in Russian!

4. “Short Pants”

I don’t even recall this one offhand, but I’m sure it happened, and if so, it’s a cute pet name! And people DO love Dick and Babs together. I know my girlfriend is a huge fan of them as a pair.

3. “Beloved”

This is a bit of a dreary pet name, but Talia does like to use it a lot, so it’s pretty darn famous.

2. “Smallville”

Kirayoshi had this fifth – I think this one is way cooler than that. It’s just the right amount of playfulness between Clark and Lois. I dig it.

1. “Tiger”

Nice bit by Adam Hughes, no?

In any event, there, for you “Tiger” fans out there, here you go! :)

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Batman should start using “Chum” for Robin again.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 24, 2008 at 3:26 am

What ’bout ‘bub’?!?

“Batman should start using “Chum” for Robin again.”

But only sarcastically, like when kicking Robin out of the cave.

I’m not sure I’d be wanting my lover to be calling me ‘Smallville’….

I really hate the Smallville nickname. Maybe that’s just because I associate with Erica Durance in Smallville too much.

Is it possible to be have a “crush” on a fictional character (or just sad??)

Ive had a crush on MJ for the longest time, closely followed lately by the Ultimate Sue Storm!! (cmon, an assertive, intelligent strong woman with superpowers!!!!)

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 24, 2008 at 5:35 am

Erica Durance can call ME whatever she wants.
-sigh- ;-)

Terra would call Starfire “Balloon Bod” which was funny. I think Changeling was responsible for short-pants.

No mention of Oliver Queen’s “Pretty Bird” for Black Canary? That’s the first one I thought of.

Okay, was I the only one who thought that the top answer was going to be Krypto?

It took a second when I opened the page to realize “Oh . . . not names of pets.”

The first thing I thought of when I saw the heading was “Prettyy Bird” as well. Consider 2 votes to that one!

Not at all, Rob. I was also ranking Krypto over Gleek, with Ace the Bat-Hound ranking higher than both of them.
Krypto may have been the superior superhero pet, but when it comes to cool superhero pet names, nothing tops Ace the Bat-Hound.

Don’t forget about womanizers like Arsenal and Hawkeye and their unmentioned favorite pet name: “Hey, you with the face!”

Men with bows and arrows are kinda himbos, aren’t they?

Bats should only call Robin “chum” when they’re fighting the Shark.

I thought this would be about names of the pets of superheroes…

I miss my 70s Marvel nicknames – Shell-Head, Goldilocks. I’m also partial to “Wall-Crawling Menace…”

When I saw that Batman cover, I thought the pet name was going to be “chum.”

What, no “Detective” for Batman?

Granted, I don’t know if Ra’s uses it as a term of endearment, but that’s something.

(And I think Barbara used some variant on “(Boy / Man) Wonder” more often than Short Pants. That’s more a Titans thing.

i have to 3rd the pretty bird recommendation perhaps it’s just because i’m a big green arrow fan. i don’t disagree with the placement on the list of smallville but i find it annoying.

also i don’t think bub counts because wolverine calls everyone that.

What about “Elf” for Nightcrawler ?
Or is Man-love not counted?

Oooh, yeah, “Pretty Bird” should definitely be on there.

Didn’t Aquaman used to call Aqualad “Minnow”?

Another vote for pretty bird.

I’m a big Green Arrow fan, and I think “pretty bird” sounds kind of stupid.

In the “Smallville” vein, Shayera called Katar “peacock” in Hawkworld.

Pretty Bird needs to be added.

Hey what about Captain Marvel..you know the Big Red Cheese


I’ve always wondered about “Big Red Cheese.” (And by “always,” I mean for the past week or two.) Big and Red I understand, but where’d the “Cheese” come from?

Sivana is lactose-intolerant.

Yes to “Pretty Bird”!

Time to revise the list, Brian.

Truth be known, I don’t recall where ‘Short Pants’ came from, but I had read it a couple of times in BoP or Nightwing, Babs using it as an endearment towards Dick(although Boy/Man-wonder works just as well). I could be mistaken.

Pretty Bird bugged the hell out of me for some reason. I always thought Diana should have cold-cocked Oliver for using that name.

Katya is notable because Peter stopped calling her that after Secret Wars(she even asked about that). Later, when he slipped once and said ‘Katya’, she shouted, “Don’t call me that!” It was a symbol of their relationship when they were together. When they split, the name hurt her.

“Smallville” I remember more from the Lois and Clark series, which was actually fun, before the inevitable jumping of the shark midway through season 3.

Time to revise the list, Brian.

This list is not my picks, it’s Kirayoshi’s, so it stays as it is.

Oh, Brian, I read this in a book about the origins of names. Katrina or Ekatrina is the proper Russian equivalent for Katherine(Kitty’s birth name). In the Russian language, the suffixes ‘-ya’ or ‘-ushka’ are used in diminutive names or nicknames to indicate affection. So ‘Katya’ is more than just a Russian version of ‘Kitty’, it’s an affectionate diminutive.

Hey, he could have started calling her ‘Katushka’ which doesn’t work at all, really.

“Short Pants” was Cyborg’s name for Robin. Isn’t it ironic, doncha think?

We recently learned “Smallville” was from Byrne, right? I always remember it as being from “Lois and Clark”. Forget the lovers angle – it started as Lois insulting Clark for being a small-town boy in the big city. She usually called him that when she was on the way to beat him to a story. Remember that they were rivals for a LONG time before they were lovers.

When my kids were little, I taught them that their Mom’s name was “Pretty Lady”, so I kinda take it personally when people think Ollie’s being rude. ;-)

Well, honestly, “Peegee” is kind of dumb, but it’s gotta be up there.

Wow, how did we forget that great Hal Jordan creation, “Pieface”? You just don’t get pet names like that anymore…

the only time batman should call robin “chum” is if he adds a “p” to the end, cuz thats what the kid is nowadays.

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