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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #10

Here’s #10! Click here for the master list!


Tomb of Dracula #10

I have no problem considering the first appearance of Blade as a very notable issue, but what strikes me as rather odd is how slim the pickings were at this number.

Besides the first appearance of Rogue in Avengers Annual #10 (which was a great issue that reader Ajit reminded me of! Claremont writing and Michael Golden drawing), does Blade have any real competitors? And should Rogue’s first appearance outweigh Blade’s?

I mean, you have the first part of the Doll’s House in Sandman #10.

You have the first appearance Fancy Dan and the Enforcers in Amazing Spider-Man.

You have a classic Doom/Reed fight in Fantastic Four #10 (guest-starring Stan and Jack!).

You have the first appearance of Felix Faust in Justice League of America #10.

And then you have…I dunno…what else?

You’d think #10 would be early enough in a series for some notable stuff, right?

Anyhow, the first appearance of Blade in Tomb of Dracula #10 is not only notable for the first appearance of Blade, but for being a good comic by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, early in their tenure on the book!

Some other notable #10s readers have mentioned (and one I thought of)…

Sam reminded me that Promethea #10 was the famous “sex issue.”

Wolverine #10 was a big deal for a few years, as it was an untold tale of Sabretooth and Wolverine’s perhaps first meeting. Back in the “everything was hot” days of the early 90s, this was a pricey comic.

Ajit also noted that Defenders #10 was a notable part of the Avengers/Defenders War and that Ka-Zar made his Silver Age debut in X-Men #10.


PROMETHEA #10 is the sex issue. Desereves an honorable mention, right?

Avengers Annual #10 was the first appearance of Rogue and, possibly, of Madelyne Pryor, as well as the reentry of Carol Danvers.

Defenders #10 was the Hulk vs. Thor battle during the Avengers-Defenders War, but, frankly, the cover was the best part of that issue.

One more: Ka-Zar was introduced in X-Men #10. (Although I’m not sure if this one counts because there was a Ka-Zar back in the Golden Age too.)

I would’ve picked Promethea #10 myself, but I would’ve picked Promethea for #12 too, so for posterity’s sake, maybe not.

Patrick Joseph

July 27, 2008 at 7:43 am

Love & Rockets # 10 featured Dan Clowes first published work in a Lloyd Llewellyn preview. Fans were outraged at the intrusion of a non-Hernandez Brother into the book.

Aztek #10 was the last issue, where the character joined the JLA in a mysterious ceremony.

From Hell #10 wrapped up the series. Some would say it was Alan Moore’s best work.

Captain America #10 was the end of the Kirby/Simon run, as Kirby went off to war.

Patrick Joseph

July 27, 2008 at 7:49 am

Three more:

V For Vendetta #10 was the very long awaited conclusion to Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s epic.

The Invisibles #10 introduced the fascinating Jim Crow character in a sinister story drawn by Chris Weston.

KA-Zar #10 was the first direct market issue, launching an experiment by Marvel that also included Moon Knight and Micronauts become direct-only series.

Also, if there were a Devil Dinosaur #10 it would have been amazing.

Good call. Nice to see this awesome series make its way onto the list.

Some other notable Tens: Vandal Savage hit the scene in Green Lantern #10 (Alan Scott’s ’40s series, that is), Fighting Yank showed up in Startling Comics, and JLA #10 not only introduced Felix Faust, but also Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast and the Lord of Time.

Yeah, buttler, I honestly just didn’t feel like spelling their names, so I didn’t mention them! :)

All-Star Superman #10 was probably the best single issue of Superman ever.

Spawn #10 was the issue written by Dave Sim and was at least mildly controversial for its time.

How about, oh I don’t know, ALL-Star Western #10, featuring the First appearance of Jonah Hex!!

I agree with buttler that Vandal Savage probably trumps Blade. Heck, Jonah Hex would even give Blade a run for his money.

As for Rogue in Avengers Annual #10? While I’d say she’d normally overturn both Blade and Savage easily in importance, there’s something about crediting an Annual issue that just doesn’t seem right for this kind of countdown.

Top Ten #10, massive brawl at the precinct. Comissioner Ultima (described by Hyperdog as “God’s snotty older sister”) is revealed to be the killer from earlier in the series. She goes batshit, ends up killing Girl One, and things just degenerate from there. Best part: Smax asking Captain Traynor what to do. Traynor: “Break her f—–g neck, son.” Smax: “Yessir.” That’s gotta trump Blade and his big ‘fro.

Crisis On Infinite Earth #10 featured the end/collapse/death of the entire silver age! That’s a big deal!

(and, for the that matter, the “bronze age”, if you use that terminology).

The Thing #10 featured Ben breaking up with Alicia (an event which her character has never managed to recover from, even if it was revealed she was a Skrull at the time), then he, Johnny, and Reed get sucked into the Secret Wars.

I’m gonna place a vote for Avengers Annual #10 . Rogue’s all over Blade. (Ironicly, Anna Paquin will soon be playing a vampire lover in the upcoming HBO series True Blood).

I am really sad that the Savage Land Skrulls don’t include Goggles Blade.

Y the Last Man 10, was the last amazing issue of the series and it had the best final page. It had the final battle with the Amazons, it had Hero starting her road to redemption, and it introduced the last boy. If I were to pick an issue from that run I would pick that issue.

Ten years ago, it would have easily been Avengers Annual 10. Since then, Rogue’s stock has diminished greatly (thanks to plenty of bad story ideas, the least of which was her near-death and miraculous resurrection in X-Treme X-Men), while Blade’s has gone through the roof. A movie trilogy, short-lived cable TV show, and the buzz associated with those items has caused a shift here. Tomb of Dracula 10 it is.

Suicide Squad #10 was Amanda Waller’s first cover appearance.

The Mask (at the time, The Masque) made his debut in Dark Horse Presents #10.

i think not only is rogue a more popular and memorable character than blade, but avengers annual 10 is also a fantastic issue, one that was a crime not to include in the essential x-men trades. it gets my vote

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Solar #10 was the famous black cover issue that concluded Barry Windsor-Smith’s origin story and introduced the Eternal Warrior, and it was one of the most sought after back issues of the early ’90s.

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