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SDCC Thoughts on Diggle Named New Thunderbolts Writer

If it weren’t for that pesky Neil guy, Andy Diggle becoming the new Thunderbolts writer would be the coolest news of the Comic Con for me, personally, as Ellis’ Thunderbolts was a really great book, so I was fearing the worst with his departure, and Andy Diggle is one of the few writers out there that is not much of a step down from Warren Ellis (whose Thunderbolts run was great).

At the same time, I remember a few years ago, when the signs all seemed to be pointing to Diggle being the next DC writer to make the move to Marvel, but then he stayed at DC, instead – and promptly did basically nothing of note (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed his Hellblazer work and I absolutely adored his Green Arrow: Year One mini-series, but he did not exactly have a ton of major projects that would make you say, “Ah, so THAT’S why he stayed!”)!!

So while it’s a few years later then one would think, he’s at Marvel now, and I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves for the Thunderbolts. I just hope Songbird isn’t screwed!!


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 28, 2008 at 3:22 am

but he’s leaving HELLBLAZER.

Yeah– best Hellblazer’s been in many years.

It’s good news and all but I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have rather just kept Gage on the book. His first issue was very good and I think he’s generally better at handling things that are in canon than Diggle who doesn’t seem to want to deal with the headache, from interviews I’ve read.

This seems like another case of DC discovering a talented writer and then doing nothing with him. His Green Arrow was great, but that and his Batman Confidential story were about the only things he did in the DCU. With all the dull and generic stuff DC is pumping out, they couldn’t find a spot for him – like a regular Batman gig, or maybe Green Lantern?

In contrast, Marvel gives him a mid-tier title, and I’ll bet if that goes well he’ll be working on some higher-profile stuff in no time. (See also: Jason Aaron.)

In complete agreement with Ryan. DC dropped the ball (again) and let one of their unsung talents go away. This, along with the Cooke news from IDW, was probably one of the better news stories from the Con. I’m really looking forward to see what Diggle can do on the Bolts.

He seems like a good choice.

Too bad he’s not bringing Jock with him.

Maybe they can get Jock on covers? He’s not DC exclusive, is he?

Speaking of covers, anyone know who did the image above (which I’m guessing is the cover to Diggle’s first ish)? Looks like maybe Scott Hampton.

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