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SDCC Thoughts on Kevin Smith’s Batman Mini-Series

Sounds like fun (I like that he’s already done most of the mini-series), but can’t say that I am a fan of Onomatopoeia.

Then again, it could be Batman fighting Constantine Drakon, so I should just count my blessings, eh?


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 28, 2008 at 3:25 am

let’s hope for a monthly series with no years of delays in-between.

I’d be more amped up if he was completing the Daredevil: The Target mini.

Smith’s Green Arrow run wasn’t horrible or anything but I remember, at the time, my least favorite part in the entire run was how he wrote Batman. Too many wise-cracks or something. I forget. I probably won’t be reading this.

I remember Marvel announcing on a con that Daredevil: The Target mini was officilally dropped.

Well, I loved Smith’s version of Batman, and I thought Onomatopoeia was really cool, so I’m quite happy to hear this!

Not getting this. I understand that Daredevil: Target’s time has passed, but why should I support something from him again. I spent money on something and he never followed through on his part.

@Eric: You lucked out that he didn’t finish the series. Have you read the 3-years-in-the-making second half of Spider-Man / Black Cat? God almighty was that awful.

i liked Onomatopoeia but i could see it getting old pretty fast. it’s only 3 issues so i’ll probably buy it. unless the 1st iss is absolute mallrats type crap.

had to get a mallrats jab in there =)

I really can’t stand Kevin Smith’s writing. When he gets to write comic books, he just eats up the pages, and any writing talent he has gets overridden but fanboy cruft and references to his movies and Ben Affleck. There’s just way too much winking on his part in his comics.

I’m not a WInick fan generally, but I actually didn’t mind Constantine Drakon. I thought he was kind of cool, especially because he stabbed and abused Connor Hawke. Then again, any character that mutilates or abuses Connor Hawke are automatic favorites of mine, so Onomatapeia and that cloud thing are among my top 10 characters too.

I like Onomatapeia, and I think he works well as a Batman villian. He’s a creepy cape-killer who only talks in sounds, considering Batman keeps an extended family of all-too-mortal types around him and almost all of his main villians have their mental quirks or out-right insanity, there’s potential there.

I will agree though that I wasn’t horribly fond of Smith’s Batman voice during his Green Arrow run. He was a just a bit too talky from what I recall. But then he wasn’t the star of the book so maybe Smith will do better this time around.

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