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SDCC Thoughts on Mike Grell’s Return to Warlord!

As you can tell by the exclamation mark, I am quite pumped about this one!

Chris Arrant at Newsarama has a good interview with Grell (that’s where the image comes from).

In the interview, Grell first explained that it was meant to be a mini-series to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Warlord, but soon was given the green-light as an ongoing series!

I wonder if perhaps a series of mini-series would be better here, too, but whatever, man, it’s Grell back doing Warlord! Woohoo!!


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 28, 2008 at 3:23 am

it’d be alot better news if he was drawing the interiors.

I think they really need to support it with a Showcase: Warlord.

Otherwise, I doubt sales will be any better than Ostrander’s limited series and this is one title I want very badly to stick around for years to come.

Pedro Bouça

July 28, 2008 at 5:44 am

I hope we get some reprints out of it. I would prefer color TPBs, but will settle for Showcase books if we get the backup stories also (hey, I liked Barren Earth!).

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Honestly, Grell doesn’t need to do the entire interiors, just the awesome opening spreads. Those are some of my favorite things ever.

My favorite part of the Newsarama interview is Grell’s comments on the terrible 2006 Bruce Jones reboot of the character. I mean, DC is adamant about not letting anyone touch Jack Knight except Robinson or Morpheus except Gaimen, yet they had no issue putting Jones on a Warlord. Warlord is just as much a “creator’s character” as Jack Knight or Morpheus.

Then again, I just wrote a whole blog post about how Bruce Jones has more-or-less failed at every single job he has had at DC since 2005, so I guess I’m biased.

I really hope this new Warlord series does well.

I don’t really expect this series will last substantially longer than the Jones series did.

Has major potential to be good. If we can’t have Grell interiors, I pray to God that DC is smart and gets someone like Phil Winslade to draw the book.

Andrew Collins

July 28, 2008 at 3:23 pm

This was the most exciting news of the whole convention for me. I second the suggestion for some Warlord Showcase volumes to compliment the release. Even nicer still would be if this opened the doors for Grell doing some more Green Arrow work, or even reprints of his run on the book back in the 80’s…

Warlord was one of my favorite series when Mike Grell was drawing it. My only disappointment in a new series is that it won’t be Grell art. Please give us a quality artist. I predicted the last Warlord renewal would die fast. It was horrid. Yay for Grell!

Did Mike Grell actually write all of the Warlord run where he is credited as writer? I remember a fabulous story arc, actually I don’t remember it that well, something about a double for Travis and lots of palace intrigue: but I really loved it. And it really stood out as being an atypical Warlord story. And somewhere I heard that Grell had been sick at the time and getting help writing the book — maybe from his wife or something? Sorry this is so vague.

Andrew Collins

July 29, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Jim, there was a period towards the end of Mike Grell’s original run on Warlord where he left the writing duties up to his then-wife, Sharon. She ghost wrote the scripts while he focused on the art and on getting his other projects off the ground (like Starslayer and Jon Sable). Not sure myself how many issues she wrote under his name…

Grell is back on Warlord? Cool!

Okay. I just posted the above comment to see if this would work. It seems that recently all of the old comic heroes–alllnof whom were barbarian or jungle heroes–were gone. Conan was back, but Cary Nord was nothing like Buscema or Alcala. In fact no new artist can hold a candle to the old msters.

But I guessed some time ago that if any of my favorite comic heroes were to return one day, Kubert’s Tor and Grell’s Warlord were the best bets. Why? Because they are both creator-driven characters. It seems that both these have returned, and far sooner nthan I would have guessed!

That’s right Tor is already back. It’s a mini-series, of course, but that’s becaue Kubert knows by now that he cannot make the book sell. But there are advantages to this–if Tor got an ongoing series, and it proved popular, there is a chance that a writer/artist other than Kubert would eventually take over. As it is, Tor is unspoiled. The book so far is return to the good old days of adventure comics.

I jsut recently found out about the return of Grell’s Warlord. I was blown away. There was this incredibhle painting by iron Mike himself on Grell’s website. I read the interview about nthe project, and everything seemed fine, at first. Then the bad news:

“At this point, we’re still deciding on an artist.”

It was terribly disapointing to read these above words.

Grell also DID say he planed ot eventually do an issue sometime.And that there was a story he was itching to Draw not write.

What bugs me to death about this is how come he’s done the entire works onTWO Jon Sable mini series lately, but he can never do the same for travis Morgan?

BTW, Mike Grell hit the nail on the head with THIS comment:

As point of fact to that, that series didn’t have much to do with the Warlord at all. I don’t mean to be too harsh of a critic – I have the greatest respect for Bart Sears and Bruce Jones, but I was disappointed in that series with the respect to the fact that it had no bearing on the original besides the names. They did themselves a disservice attaching the name…. a new name would have better. The audience was looking for the Warlord in that book and they couldn’t find him.

To JimZipCode:

> Did Mike Grell actually write all of the Warlord run where he is credited as writer?

From about Warlord #51 onward, Grell plotted the book, and his then wife Sharon ghost wrote the scripts. That was during the whole “Man In The Iron Mask / Oliver Twist / Fagan” story.

This arrangement gave Mike the free time to start up Starslayer and/or Jon Sable.

The guy doing the artwork is Joe Prado. He’s a young guy and I’ve seen his work in the new REd Sonja comic. It’s just the same as any other comic artist today, which means it can’t compare to ANY of the old masters. Buscema, Chan, ALchala, Anderson…only Joe Kubert and Mike Grell remain. Grell recently voiced the excuse that he’s “too old” to do the art. Well, Kubert is friggn’ eighty-something, and his latest Tor series was incredible! I will not buy the new warlord. We’ve been cheated by this “good art on the cover only “for decades now. The so-called Frazetta comics are the worst insult yet. You want a Frazetta comic? Track down the original Thun’da.

Tony Phillips

April 2, 2009 at 1:34 am

I came off as a bit of a jerk in the above post. I’ll buy it-eventually anyway. Joe Prado ain’t bad. But Grell’s latest covers are really sweet. So sweet, it’s still such a shame that’s all we’ll get…for a while at least.

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