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SDCC Thoughts on the Idea of Stan Lee Doing Ultimate Spider-Man

That’s how IDW described the concept of Larry Hama being behind the G.I.Joe reboot for the new IDW ongoing series.

Well, would anyone actually want that?

Remember Just Imagine Stan Lee?

I’d have stressed instead the fact that Hama’s recent G.I.Joe work has been just as good, if not better, than his old work, so you have a guy whose famous for creating a title AND has been doing good recent work on the title (G.I.Joe: Declassified was really quite good).

I wasn’t much a fan of Hama’s Spooks, but his recent G.I. Joe work still has me looking forward to this series.


His Storm Shadow solo book was also quite good.

While I am sad for yet another Hasbro property reboot, I will give this a chance.

Devil’s Due did a very good job with World War III of clearing the slate (also known as taking off the board any DDP created characters)for future stories in that continuity.

Well personally I would have thought a re-boot to tie in with the movie continuity in like 6-8 months would make the MOST sense but the comic companies seem to ignore the movie releases as times to make their related books accessible to new readers. I still have my whole original GI Joe run but haven’t ever got into the new stuff.

Being a huge fan of the original Marvel run, (started off by the UK version, “Action Force”) I was really pleasantly surprised by the Image/Devil’s Due version… Particularly the re-imagining of the Red Shadows… though I was disappointed that we didn’t have The Black Major or Baron Ironblood…

I don’t know what to think of the IDW re-boot…

I am really glad that Larry Hama’s been taken on board though… He is G.I. Joe…

Isn’t he also acting as consultant on the movie?

Stan Lee on USM?? PLEASE GOD, NO!!!!!!!

I have all the Just Imagine… comics. They are heading for eBay in my latest clearout I’m afraid…

They did “What If Stan Lee wrote Ultimate Spider-Man?” in the “Wha… Huh?” one-shot. (It was actually written by Stan Lee.)

it’s not exactly that it was written by Stan Lee, but that they reprinted the original Amazing Fantasy #15 story.

I’m looking forward to this reboot, but I hope it doesn’t suffer from the condition I refer to as “Legion-itis” – specifically, where new stories become condensed versions or nods and winks to the old stories. I don’t think Hama would go that direction with it, but I can still worry…

Definitely a fair concern, yo.

I certainly would be a lot more concerned about this had it not been for Hama’s recent GI Joe work.

Well, I liked “Spooks” pretty well, too – well enough to read all of it via someone else’s copies, at least. So I have no doubt Hama’s a good writer. I even recognize that my worry is pretty outlandish. I mean, come on, in GI Joe Declassified, he took a one-panel art joke and spun it into a wholly new character that you actually cared about by the end…

Yeah, it was amazing how much characterization and empathy he put into the characters in that series (it didn’t hurt that each issue was extra-sized, but still!).

Hama’s one of those writers I’ll pretty much trust sight unseen (Brubaker has recently displaced Johns on the list, while Waid and Dixon remain), especially when it comes to GI Joe. It’s a different situation than most licensed properties, where even the most famous writers have little to do with the base property (I’m thinking Furman on Transformers specifically). Hama, though, IS GI Joe – pretty much every character filecard came from his imagination, and those shaped the characters in both the comics and animated series.

(Speaking of which, I’m expecting this to be along the lines of the Dixon Joe reboot from a couple of years ago – can’t recall the name, but I have good memories of it.)

Although I always find it amusing how little he uses Tunnel Rat, since that’s, well… Larry Hama in GI Joe form. Although I guess that could be kinda creepy.

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