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SDCC Thoughts on the Superman Titles

I know I recently gave Supergirl a hard time for having ANOTHER new creative team, but I have to say, the idea of getting a Geoff Johns protege to write the book and then have the book basically tie directly with Superman?

That’s a smart idea.

Has Supergirl’s title EVER been this tied to the main Superman titles? Ever?


Tied or not, let them just pick a direction for the title and character and stick with it for, lets say, 12 issues at least.

For a while during the triangle period, Supergirl, Superboy, and even Steel would all show up for long multi-issue segements. During the triial of Superman they all even went into space for an absurd number of issues, 11 or 12. But it never carried over to their respective titles.

But Supergirl didn’t then have a solo book. I think the answer has to be ‘no.’ During the SIlver Age Supergirl was in hiding, and so only interacted with Superman when he remembered where he left her and decided to take her out for pizza or something. During the Bronze Age the Superman titles could go months at a time without remembering that there was another Kryptonian wandering around. And during the PAD era, continuity was maintained but Angel-girl was off doing her thing and mostly not interacting with Metropolis.

Integrating the Supergirl title into the Superman family of books is one of those simple ideas that seems horribly obvious in retrospect. Honestly, why haven’t they been doing this for the last decade? They might not have had to revamp her six ways to Sunday.

Smart idea? Sounds pretty awful to me…

I hate the idea that all three books are now going to be required reading to get the story. I was not impressed with Sterling’s GLC story, so I don’t like the idea of having to read his book to understand Action Comics. Similarly, Robinson’s first Superman was bad, and I haven’t even bothered reading his second issue. Johns is telling iconic Superman stories, probably the best in the regular series that I’ve ever read. Think I might stop reading now that it’s basically one book coming out thrice monthly.
I think Supergirl could be a great gateway character for teen girls, but not if you have to read two books a month about Superman to get the full story.

Smart idea? Sounds pretty awful to me…

Smart idea from a sales perspective.

Hopefully it’ll be good.

Supergirl has had some fun issues and some truly dismal ones since her title launched.

Robinson’s first two Superman issues have been poor though – not encouraging.

You know I’m not a big fans but Johns Superman stuff has been pretty entertaining lately (even though the continuity fixes are still annoying). It’s no All Star but I’ve enjoyed it. Little underwhelmed with Robinson so far but I’ll stick with it for a few issues. I don’t like having a big crossover so soon after his storyline.

Kind of interesting they have Johns working with one of his mentors (Robinson) and one of his proteges. I guess that’s good way to bring about cohesiveness.

Any more Con thoughts, Brian? Scott Pilgrim 5 coming out in February 2009 is a bit of a bummer.

I’m currently cringing at some typos.

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