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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #28

Here’s #28! Click here for the master list!


The Brave and the Bold #28

The no-brainer train is coming around the bend again!

That said, let me note that I am quite disappointed that I could not find room for the first appearance of one of my favorite comic book characters, Sean Cassidy, the Banshee, who made his bow in X-Men #28.

However, while the poor Molten Man made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #28, Batman made his second appearance in Detective Comics #28, Marvel Premiere #28 first introduced us to the Legion of Monsters, the X-Men had a notable team-up with the FF in Fantastic Four #28, Saga of the Swamp Thing #28 was the last issue that they intentionally had the Comics Code on it, Doom Patrol #28 had an awesome fight with the Brotherhood of the Dada and Sandman and Cerebus both had good #28s.

That all said, this number obviously belongs to The Brave and the Bold, which is the introduction of the Justice League of America by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky.

This is also, memorably, the first time Aquaman ever appeared on a comic book cover!!!!!

So, yeah, this is definitely the pick, but you folks can name some other notable #28s! Quasar #28 had Her search for a mate with a pretty uneven cover by Greg Capullo!


Prodigy Brian wouldn’t have let Banshee down in so blatant away.

Also, I love the preemptive Quasar mention.

Uh, DC Presents 28 has Jim Starlin drawing Mongul and Warworld. That’s always sort of neat.

I’ve got nothing.

Darkhawk #28 was part 3 of the shattered fates story, which had Darkhawk and the New Warriors trapped in time by Zarkko, a time-travelling villain way too classy to have Darkhawk as a foe. In a development I’d love to see covered in Comci Book Urban Legends, it was goign on at the same time as an identical story about Darkhawk and the New Warriors being scattered through time (but the Sphinx) was going on in New Warriors. Was this going to be a crossover that fell through? A game of chicken where neither creative team blinked? Horrendous lack of comparing notes?

Hey, if I don’t post Quasar info, I’ll go lower. Sleepwalker #28? Deathlok #28? Night Thrasher? SuperPro? Force Works? 2099? Fantastic Force? Don’t make me break out the Marvel UK issues…

That really is an awesome cover! Sekowsky drew it, right? Easily one of his best. Compositionally, it’s practically perfect. It’s dynamic and the eye just flows around the page. (Although visually poor J’onn gets the short end of it here, too — Flash pulls your eye right back up to GL and then you go clockwise around again. You don’t really see J’onn till the second or third time you take it all in.)

Seriously, Doom Patrol wasn’t that good.

Don’t forget that Brave and the Bold 28 is also the first appearance of Starro.

Seriously. Bah on the Justice League. Pay attention to Starro the Conqueror! He’s fascinating.

New Teen Titans (v1) #28 is the first appearnce of Terra.

Zot! #28 was the first of the acclaimed (and until very recently uncollected) “Earth Stories” arc.

Oh, and DCCP #28 was the middle part of the Mongul/Warworld introducing three-parter.

And one more: The New Adventures of Superboy #28 saw the move of ‘Dial H for Hero’ from Adventure Comics (which was to become a digest book thenceforth IIRC). This was the version with the two kids and the reader-submitted heroic identities and villains, not the Robby Reed original. I suspect there may be some currently well-known creators and bloggers who made their creative debuts in that series, but the internet has mercifully declined to produce an index of ‘winners’ from that feature. The backup would last until near the end of that book’s 54-issue run, after which they would only be seen in misguided 80s-nostalgia revivals…

Random Stranger

July 30, 2008 at 1:26 pm

Wasn’t Amazing Spider-Man #28 when Peter Parker graduated from High School as well? I recall that corresponded with the Moltan Man issue.

Re: Random Stranger – – Yup. That was Peter Parker’s graduation from High School. There were some nice bits in that issue, as I recall, like Liz Allen revealing her feelings for Peter. Still not as notable as the first Justice League, but pretty notable all the same.

Have a good day.
John Cage

No. Seriously. Stan Lee said that he created the FF (and eventually The Avengers) as an answer to the Justice League. This is a tap in.

Classic. Kick-ass. And I don’t care, Starro is still a great villain.

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