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Top Five Black Goliath Cover Appearances

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at the characters that appeared on the most Black Goliath covers!


2 (tie). Mortag

Mortag was the last remnant of a once great alien civilization. He was built as a robotic safeguard to keep people from stealing from his master. Of course, his master was long dead by the time Black Goliath and his friends (an alien, Goliath’s love interest and a little kid) were stranded on the abandoned planet looking for a way to get home.

Mortag killed an alien friend of Goliath (while Goliath was off getting some action with his friend Celia – not good, Goliath, not good!) and then Goliath had to fight him.

Goliath and Mortag tangled, and Goliath’s friend Celia distracted Mortag long enough for Goliath to take him out (aided by a handy nearby circuitboard).

Luckily, before dying, Goliath’s alien friend had found a way for Goliath and the other to return home.

2 (tie). Vulcan

Vulcan is quite simply just a superstrong hunchback who robbed some stuff from Bill Foster (Black Goliath)’s job once and got away.

That’s about as far as he got.

He probably should be behind Mortag, but then again, Mortag is just a robot.

2 (tie). Atom-Smasher

Atom-Smasher actually lasted PAST Black Goliath, as he showed up in Marvel Two-in-One, although his brother ended up taking over the name (odd, no?).

Atom-Smasher was the closest Bill Foster had to an arch-nemesis. And it was after a battle with Atom-Smasher that Bill first met Celia!

So why isn’t Atom-Smasher #2?

2 (tie). Stilt Man

Because Stilt Man is awesome, that’s why!

You know a book is in trouble when it brings in star-studded guest stars like Stilt Man!

Man, Stilt Man was so awesome. Why did they kill him off again?

1. Black Goliath

Black Goliath appeared in 100% of all the Black Goliath covers! Shocking, no?


Bill Foster was awesome. pity he had a WTF death.

What’s up with Black Goliath’s shirt? Did he shop at the same place as Power Girl?

You should’ve seen the costume he turned down. The shirt was intact but there was a hole in the crotch.

Insert “Black Goliath” penis joke here…

AICN Comics has a hilarious parody of BLACK GOLIATH #1 here. And yes, there is a genitalia joke.

while Goliath was off getting some action with his friend Goliath

Ok, I’m thinking either Goliath went off to beat his meat in a quiet corner, or this is a typo.

I’m curious to see a top five superhero cars, mostly because i can’t think of any besides the Batmobile, Spidermobile and Punisher weapon-van. Does anybody know of any more?

Shelper, if you count Transformers as superheores, I can think of about 400 of them…

Brian, I think you’re running low on ideas considering that Black Goliath only ran 5 issues.

And that Kirby cover is just gawd-offal!


July 30, 2008 at 7:01 am


Actually, number two should be Hat Guy. He’s behind the car on #1, by Bill and Stilt-Man’s knees on #4 (don’t be fooled by the other guy with a hat, who’s just a poseur), and on #3 he’s running away with his hat falling off! Will he retrieve it before it’s crushed by a hunchback or a giant foot? Will he have to get a new hat before the next issue? Does this cover count as an Action Comics #1 homage? Stay tuned!

You’d have to have the Supermobile in there, Shelper, because that one was freaking hilarious.

There’s the Fantasti-Car, though it’s not actually a car.

Oh. I see that choirsoftheeye beat me to it. Green Arrow had an Arrowmobile.

Ha ha ha! Brilliant, Brian!

Black Goliath sure looks a lot taller than fifteen feet, there. I mean, he’s standing eye-to-eye with buildings.

Is that a Kirby Stilt-man?

That cover is awesome. I want one.


July 30, 2008 at 12:44 pm

I’m working on getting every appearance of Stilt-Man and wasn’t even aware of this one. Awesome, now I have one to add to my list.

Don’t forget that Atom-Smasher also came closest to killing Black Goliath, as his radiation gave him the cancer of which BG was “dying” for quite some time (before, of course, getting “cured” comic book style and eventually killed pointlessly). So I guess that adds extra points in the “arch-nemesis” score.

Aww, I had no idea he had been killed. I just looked it up and saw how it happened. I’m actually a little sad… he was a good, dependable character who was always there, and would occasionally pop up in a welcome appearance.

That said, this sentence from the Wiki page made me laugh: “For unexplained reasons, it isn’t possible to reduce his body to normal size, so he is buried as a giant, with Tony Stark (Iron Man) paying for the thirty-eight burial plots required to accommodate him.”

No. 4 is indeed a Kirby cover (sez Overstreet). Great image.

Random and fabulous choice, Brian. Can Top 5 month come back for a few curtail calls in August?

Black Goliath’s costume looks like he put on the old Nomad duds but they were several sizes too small…for obvious reasons.

…insert penis joke here.

Hey, they both had kind of ignominious deaths, huh?

“Hey, they both had kind of ignominious deaths, huh?”

Maybe, but at least “Nomad’s”* death made sense, had a degree of pathos and took place within a well-written, well-conceived story. Black Goliath’s, not.

*To me, the “real” Nomad will always be a disillusioned Cap.

That is the baddest Stilt-Man I’ve ever seen.

Doug Atkinson

July 31, 2008 at 3:32 pm

That Stilt-Man issue is wonderfully surreal. For some reason Stilt-Man has acquired a megalomaniacal god complex, and goes around giving speeches of the sort you’d expect from Dr. Doom hopped up on the Power Cosmic.

Tracer Bullet

July 31, 2008 at 4:29 pm

I can accept that writers struggle to write dialog for black characters (especially in the 70s when everybody apparently read the same book on jive) but there is no excuse for some of the hideous costumes these characters were forced to wear. Why doesn’t Black Vulcan wear pants? The Falcon looks like an over-accessorized disco dancer. Luke Cage?! There aren’t that many high-profile black characters; at minimum they could dress well.

avengers63 said:
“Brian, I think you’re running low on ideas considering that Black Goliath only ran 5 issues.”

My Butt-insky reply, since Brian hasn’t replied…

avengers63, I think that was the whole idea. This piece is humor.

To take Tracer Bullet’s point one step further, shouldn’t the stereotypical black super-hero be BETTER dressed than your average white super-hero? With a variety of stylish outfits?

Of course, this makes you run into the same trouble with fashion as we already have with current events: by the time the book hits the store, it’s already an out-of-date reference.

In that costume, he’s not going to suffer injuries because his abdomen is exposed, he’s going to suffer injuries because he can’t see to his left or right wearing that ludicrously tall collar. No matter how tall he grows he won’t be able to see over THAT.

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