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Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! – #48

Here’s #48! Click here for the master list!


There actually are some fairly reasonable alternatives to this issue, but not really, as this issue features the introduction of Galactus and the Silver Surfer and is the first part of one of the most famous comic book stories ever (you know a story is big when it is adapted into a movie).

So it is definitely the top pick, as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought their game to a whole new level with this epic storyline (the issue itself is an odd one, as it first finishes the Inhuman storyline and THEN goes on to the Galactus story).

Remember the Justice League America story where they fight Despero? The first part of the story was also a split issue, with one half of the book being a wacky Spy Magazine parody and the other half being Despero killing people.

Power Man #48 was the first issue featuring Iron Fist, leading to the book changing its name with Power Man and Irom Fist #50.

Green Lantern (Vol. 2) #48 was the first part of Emerald Twilight and featured the debut of Kyle Rayner. I seriously contemplated using that instead of FF for a little bit, under the whole “not wanting to use the same comic for so many spots” theory, but I then discounted that theory as dumb, so Fantastic Four #48 had to be the pick.

Amazing Spider-Man #48 was a cheezy story with Vulture II.

The Sandman, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol all had strong 48th issues.

Name me some other good #48s!!


Star Wars #48 (Marvel run) was the rather brilliant “The Third Law”, featuring Leia vs. Darth Vader (Who’s the Daddy?)

Cerebus #48 was the fourth of the “Six Crises”… “Upstairs Downstairs” where the Hsiffies are invading, and the treasury is empty!

Y: the Last man #48 is “Gehenna” – the back story of Alter – the Israeli psycho hunting Yorick for her own reasons


August 6, 2008 at 4:21 am

Doctor Strange v2 # 48 was the first issue pencilled by Marshall Rogers, and also introduced long-running love-interest Morganna Blessing.

Yeah, the Morganna part is pretty weak (as far as memorable bits go) but Marshall brought a whole new dynamic to the world of Strange.

After many years of Gene Colan’s beautiful, soft, surreal artwork, Marshall introduced realism and geometric design into Doc’s magic, all the while maintaining (or even stepping UP) the altered landscapes and panel design for other worlds and alien dimensions.

PLUS… the issue has BROTHER VOODOO!
Now, HOW you gonna pass THAT up?



Adventure Comics #48 was the introduction of the Hour-Man.

The cover-story, though only the second tale in the book, in Batman #48 was the classic ‘The 1,000 Secrets of the Batcave’.

Dane Whitman took over as the Black Knight, after the death of his villainous uncle, in Avengers #48.

And on a minor note, Foggy was elected to the DA’s office in Daredevil #48.

Pedro Bouça

August 6, 2008 at 5:38 am

48 is a difficult one. Neither Tintin or Asterix made it to those numbers, but we do have a cool Spirou book on 48.

(Spirou is a belgian comic series very famous in Europe – and mostly unknown outside it.)

The 48th Spirou and Fantasio book, L’homme qui ne voulait pas mourir (The Man Who Didn’t Want To Die) was the second book by the creative team of writer Jean-David Morvan and artist José-Luis Munuera. After a weak first album, they hit the stride on this one.

The books marks the first appearance of Fantasio’s uncle Tanzafio, who had been thought dead on the überclassic fourth Spirou book Spirou et les héritiers (Spirou and the Heirs). In truth, he had found the Fountain of Youth and now needs to get back to it, before his old age catches up with him. But Fantasio’s evil cousin Zantafio (yup, the whole family is named that way…) discovers it and starts searching for the place himself, hoping to get rich exploring it. Lots of chases (done with the always energic Munuera artwork) on this modern-style globetrotting adventure, first serialized on the Spirou magazine on 2005 and published in album form later that year.

Having said that, FF #48 STILL tops it, though. It is a real, bonafide classic!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Quasar #48 weaves in a tale of the Elders of the Universe — the MU’s answer to the Endless — fighting each other via Earthlings. In rival corners: Possessor and Obliterator. in a stunning shocking twist, Quasar and Thunderstrike get possessed and try to obliterate each other. You’d think that being Elders and all, they’d be better role models.

Starman #48 is the first real part of “Stars My Destination” (after a couple issues of prologue-related things) and also the first “regular” issue without Tony Harris as artist.

Secret Origins #48 has the Ambush Bug origin, entitled “WE THOUGHT HIM UP!,” which was the first new Ambush Bug story in four years at that point.

Hmm, surely even Galactus must fear the Porcupine, who showed up in Tales to Astonish #48. Right? Maybe? He’s got quills! Those things, they smart if they get in ya.

When I saw #48, my first thought was “FF-the beginning of the Galactus story.”

So, agreed.

Everything good’s been mentioned, so here are a couple of dishonorable mentions; stories notable for reasons of infamy:

Legion of Super-Heroes (v3) #48 was infamous for the ‘high’ point of modern era Bad Comic Book Science for all time, as the issue in which Mon-El carries a White Dwarf Star into Legion Headquarters.

And Green Lantern #48 was the beginning of “Emerald Twilight”

Just a teensy correction: Emerald Twilight was actually in Green Lantern volume 3. It was the second Hal Jordan series, but Alan Scott had one of the same name too.

I guess its what all in what you like and know. When 48 came up I thought of Hourman in Adventure Comics and only thought of FF when I saw the cover shot.

SUICIDE SQUAD #48 featured what I believe was Barbara Gordon’s first encounter with the Joker since KILLING JOKE.

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