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Comics Are Awesome: Part 11 of ∞

Were this made today, the invaders would be defeated by global warming.


couldn’t you just kill them with a snow shovel.

Good choice. Might I suggest Strange Adventures #52, “Planet of the Parekeets,” for a future entry.

They appear to have HEAT VISION. You want to approach them with a shovel?

I saw this on one of the sites with stupid comic covers–and it is my favorite.
I’m sure the story isn’t all that good, but I would love to read it anyways–I’m sure there’s some redeeming feature to the story.

Holy crap, I love how totally calm they are — they’re taking over the world but they’re smoking a pipe like this is nothin’.

Their back-up (in the form of that cannon on the nose of their Kal-el style spacecraft) is pretty intimidating too!

If you take off their hats they turn into regular snowmen…

A corn-cob pipe? REALLY?

Again, the heat vision is going to prevent me from trying to knock any of their hats off. With what, anyway? A snowball?

Snowmen with heat-vision . . . WHAT THE !!!

Hmmm… After careful research, they would appear to be “Deranged Killer Mutant Monster Snow Goons”… At least as far as Encyclopedia Watterson describes them…

The only way to defeat them is to spray them with a garden hose (from under cover) , covering them in water which will then freeze and trap them! Then you can take them down with your shovel!

Jesus H. Christ, those are Snowmen with laser-beam-shooting eyes.

Comics are, indeed, awesome.

At least they’re not the yellow snow variety.

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