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Test Your Comic Book Knowledge for 8/25

Here’s a twenty-question comic book trivia quiz!

Have fun!

Special Enhanced Quiz

The following are comic book issues that had “special” covers. For each issue, describe for me what the special cover was. If it was a foil cover, tell me if it was anything but a standard silver-colored foil cover (a la Silver Surfer #50).

1. Spectre #8
2. Uncanny X-Men #304
3. Green Lantern #50
4. Avengers #366
5. Superman: Man of Steel #30
6. Superman #82
7. Silver Surfer #100
8. Bloodstrike #1
9. Uncanny X-Men #316
10. Avengers West Coast #100
11. Action Comics #695
12. Avengers #360
13. Wolverine #50
14. Flash #100
15. Uncanny X-Men #350
16. Shadowhawk II #3
17. Superman: Man of Steel #22
18. Silver Surfer #75
19. Flash #80
20. Uncanny X-Men #300

Good luck, and have fun!


The only ones I can remember without looking anything up are Wolverine #50 (cover made to resemble a file folder, with three die-cut “claw slashes”), Uncanny X-Men #300 (prismatic foil cover drawn by John Romita, Jr.), and Uncanny X-Men #316 (foil-enhanced cover with Joe Madureira art). I think Bloodstrike #1 might have had a red foil cover. Everything else on the list just resolves into a vague, foil-wrapped and hologram-encrusted memory.

Oh, and Uncanny X-Men #304 had an actual hologram embedded in the cover with art by JRjr… can’t remember who was in the hologram but Marvel printed a whole bunch of hologram covers for the “Fatal Attractions” cross-over titles.

The hologram was of Magneto…and I think it was done by Greg Capullo (sp?), even though JRjr did the rest of the cover.

Spectre #8 had a glow-in-the-dark cover, but that’s the only one I know.

Superman #82 was the final issue of the “Reign of Superman” story, with a chromium cover, I think.

Shadowhawk II #3 had…crap, that whole series had a special cover, and now I’m confused as to which one issue 3 had lol

I believe that Man of Steel 30 was the one with the stickers (Superman & Lobo IIRC) that you could position freely.

I had most of those comics but I can’t remember them… amazingly :)

1. Spectre 8: Glow-in-the-dark Spectre and “damned”
2. Uncanny X-Men 304: Wrap-around cover with hologram inset (Magneto, I believe)
3. Green Lantern 50: Glow-in-the-dark green logo cover
4. Avengers 366: Embossed gold foil cover
5. Superman: The Man Of Steel 30: The (strangely) well-received Colorforms cover
6. Superman 82: Chromium cover
7. Silver Surfer 100: Power Cosmic hologram cover (???)
8. Bloodstrike 1: GITD red blood splatter
9. Uncanny X-Men 316: Foil-enhanced wrap-around
10. Avengers West Coast 100: Embossed red foil
11. Action Comics 695: Cauldron embossed (???)
12. Avengers 360: Embossed copper foil cover
13. Wolverine 50: Die-cut claw slashes
14. Flash 100: Holografix title cover
15. Uncanny X-Men 350: Wraparound prismatic & Marvel Universe guide (whatever that means) covers
16. Shadowhawk II 3: Fold-out cover
17. Superman: The Man Of Steel 22: That was the die-cut Steel S-shield logo
18: Silver Surfer 75: Embossed holo-foil cover
19. Flash 80: Foil Flash cover
20. Uncanny X-Men 300: Holographic X-logo background

I found it hard to explain a few of these, but most of them are (I believe to be) accurate.
I need a nap now….

the Phantom-Longbox

August 25, 2008 at 4:32 am

Dang. I actually own 98% of these (no Bloodstrike or Shadowhawk).
But even though I can remember many, I’ll have to guess at the rest.

1. Spectre #8 – glow in the dark

2. Uncanny X-Men #304 – hologram?

3. Green Lantern #50 – glow in the dark with diecut (and a flip image?)

4. Avengers #366 – embossed metallic (was it the bronze, silver or gold cover)

5. Superman: Man of Steel #30 – No idea. Was that the one with the colorforms?

6. Superman #82 – Bagged?

7. Silver Surfer #100 – hologram (and a bad one at that)

8. Bloodstrike #1 – don’t recall.

9. Uncanny X-Men #316 – hologram?

10. Avengers West Coast #100 – metallic embossed (red, if I recall)

11. Action Comics #695 – hurm.

12. Avengers #360 – metallic embossed (bronze, silver or gold? I can’t recall, but I DO remember which color went with which character, just not the issue NUMBER)

13. Wolverine #50 – die-cut

14. Flash #100 – holographix foil effect

15. Uncanny X-Men #350 – holographix foil effect?

16. Shadowhawk II #3 – no idea (die cut?)

17. Superman: Man of Steel #22 – damn. I know I have these.

18. Silver Surfer #75 – embossed

19. Flash #80 – no idea

20. Uncanny X-Men #300 – chromium?


Where is Bulletman #1?

Since I think everyone has already gotten these. How about a little discussion as well on enhanced covers. What happened to those covers? I know they are reviled by many fans as part of the excess of the 90’s, but they did sell books (and still help sell books, just look at any paperback book section at your local grocery or discount department store). I guess comic fans just got burned on paying extra for them and being sold on the faux collectibility.
When I sell comics at the local flea market, the kids love the “shiny covers” and will pick them up out of my quarter boxes before most “regular” comics. I could see metallic and embossed covers working well on a childrens line of comics these days.

Bloodstrike #1 was the “Rub the Blood!” cover. The red blood splatters would change color when you rubbed them. (A really lame gimmick, but given the lameness of the book itself…) (I think all the others I knew were already answered.)

Flash #80 is a personal favourite gimmick cover, since it was nice to see that DC giving a push to a book that deserved it (post-Return of Barry Allen) but had been ignored for a while.

Ahhhhh…. All those bad incentive covers of the 90’s. Good times.

I only had 11 of them: X-Men, Surfer, G.L., and Avengers.

That’s right!
The blood splatters on Bloodstrike #1 (as I now recall) disappeared when you rubbed them.
I was managing a comic shop at the time when Image came onto the scene and I recall getting that book in and (after checking the cover) thinking to myself just how dumb gimmick covers have gotten…lol.

Silver Surfer 75 was another Embossed foil cover Part 6 of the Herald saga – Wierdly enough I just filed this issue – I won it on ebay and I was re-bagging it with some thin foam to keep the embossed cover in better shape…
Spectre #8 was the gorgeous Glow-in-the dark boneyard dance cover – but I think there is another more subltey Glow-in-the-dark-inked Spectre cover out there…
Flash #80 was the Alan Davis cover with the Gold foil logo and the gold parts of his costume in foil
I’m afraid the rest passed me by a bit.. I was cutting back heavily on titles…
Was Superman #82 the one that came with a Black Armband? My mate Sean was heavily into the Big Blue Boyscout, and I remember him wearing one…
I also thought of Batman #500 with the Die-cut cardboard cover of Batman swinging by…
Is Bloodstrike #1 the one with the hole all the way through??

Okay, enough torture, I’m off to hunt them down online…
Thanks, Brian!

Blackjak, the “one with the hole all the way through” was Protectors #5 from Malibu Comics. (And what a stupid gimmick that one was…)

OTL: Thanks!

Ronan the Acuser

August 25, 2008 at 8:41 am

Imma call shenanigans on Mad Monkey–some of those were clearly googled, and not even he knew what he meant with them :P For shame sir!

should be mentioned that the sample Silver Surfer 50 wasn’t just foil, but foil embossed…I seem to recall reprints of gold foil and silver foil with black outlines.

Shadowhawk #3 had a glow-in-the-dark cover. (The fold-out cover was for volume two of Shadowhawk).

Scavenger: Silver Surfer #50 and #75 were exceedingly similar… Though I think #75 has the Holofoil the Mad Monkey googled… – it has a sort of rainbow look to the foil…

The Hologram covers I always thought looked cr@p honestly… I had one for (I *think*) Web of SpiderMan #50… looked awful…

Some gimmicks were just pointless…

Though I did like the really subtle Glow-in-the-dark inking on Wraithspawn #1(?) recently (last year?)

I don’t mind gimmicks if they are original or well-done…

It’s the unoriginal and/or badly-done ones that suck…

I remember one letters column for a really unnecessary special cover (it wasn’t a 50th issue or the end of a storyline), and the editors’ note said how they hated special covers and it took extra time and energy, and made them raise the cost of the book a dollar and change. But they were determined to do it, becuase it was what we the fans wanted.

Sales probably increased for the special-cover issues, so in a way I guess we did want it. But a regular-length Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t worth $3.50.

Reading this list makes me so happy I went cold turkey off comics in 1992. SS #50 was the only one I bought.

From what I can remember about any of those, Silver Surfer was probably the best read, cover aside. Thanos’ resurrection had a point, there was some great exploration of Surfer’s character, and I enjoyed Lim’s art. In fact I think I liked Surfer’s arcs with Thanos better than the actual Infinity Gauntlet series it became.

Damn but I was such a dumb ass in the 90’s. Fortunately, the quality began to suffer across the board so badly that even I noticed (cough– clones–cough), and quickly terminated subscriptions to everything save for Doom 2099- and they even had to fuck that up eventually as well with the final issues and story arc being nigh unintelligible, and certainly not enjoyable either in art or writing- not even John Francis Moore’s return to write the final issue amounted to anything more than an obligatory closing of the circle to one of Marvel’s most imaginative, addictive titles to come from that period.

Marc, hate to break it to you… SS#50 (the one with Thanos) isn’t actually included in the list… It’s used as an example…

I do agree with you though.. I think the gimmicks were used to cover up bad storylines… I too cut back heavily in the early 90s… Think I stuck to Hellblazer, Sandman and Cerebus with the occasional Flash…

Spider-Man got put down after I actually got so used to the Recycled-Villian-of-the-Month pattern that I predicted the next two villians correctly… I thought that Spectacular Spider-man was telling a much better story that was seemingly being ignored… So anyway – I quit before the Scarlet Spider thing…

weird though… Most early-mid 90s comics (particularly Marvel) are almost screaming “PLEASE!! PICK ME OFF THE SHELF!! TAKE ME HOME!” In a very pathetic way… THe art all looks samey, adn crass… Almost desperate.. Was that the same sort of time as the Chapter 11 filing?? Did they really need the cash that badly??

Well, whether its included or not, out of all the comics listed there, I still recall that particular issue being to my tastes, the best read out of all the above comics, and sad to say, I read quite a few on that list.

In fact, the Wolverine one just flat out annoyed me, not merely because of the cost breaking lame holo-cover, but because according to the nature of adamantium (when Magneto has left the room and as there’s no mention of a molecular re-arranger in the X-comics), ol’ Logan should still be in a tank somewhere, with spools of unbreakable, unmalleable material jutting out of random points in his body. I dunno, I bring this up every now and then, and it still bothers me- one second Logan has tendrils of the stuff exploding out of him (which if you look, is how Magneto left him) and then next, Logan is in bad shape, but all the adamantium is separate from him, and not only that, its conveniently collected, in liquid form no less, in glass cylanders in the X-jet.

Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, the covers, irritating and wallet-raping though they were, were not even the most objectionable problems of the content.

Ah, Forget it Jake, its 1990’s 616. I mean, this is the era that gave us Capwolf. And a Logan-wolf whose unbreakable adamantium actually morphed with the rest of his body into a wolfen skeleton. And I actually know this information. Ok, I’m offically a sad panda now.

When I went into the shop to get Superman #83, I was actually surprised that was all the cover was. I mean, it’s the finale to one of the biggest stories in comics history, everyone else is throwing gimmick covers on anything they can find… and all it gets is a shinier cardstock cover, especially after the nice cover of Batman #500 from around that same period (the old costume die-cut to reveal the new one).

Next idea for one of those “examine a DC cover theme” pieces, Brian: the “words” covers, such as Flash #100. I know there were probably a dozen out there, but I can’t be bothered to track them down on Mile High. I know one was the Superman “The Death of Clark Kent” storyline, but I can’t find it.

What about Eclipso #1 with that horrible platic “diamond” glued to the front cover.

Ah the nineties!

Phantom Longbox is right, Man Of Steel #30 was the one with the little Superman and Lobo colorform characters that could be stuck to the cover and arranged to “make your own.” I actually thought that one was kind of fun at the time…

I don’t think “fold out cover” is an accurate enough description of Shadowhawk II #3’s cover – it was a very specific kind of fold out.

Stephen, re: Superman #82’s cover – now, yeah, it doesn’t look that different, but at the time, a “Chromium” cover was actually a big deal, so that was considered an impressive cover at the time.

The Chromium cover was on Superman #82, it was the final part of Reign of the Supermen. Pretty neat cover too but it could hurt your eyes if it caught the light in a certain way!

Action Comics 695 was foil-embossed to mark the historic first appearance of the now-classic Superman villian…the mighty Cauldron! We all remember him right? ;) It featured Lobo too IIRC which seemed like reason enough to make a cover enhancement in the 90s!

Lobo was in MOS #30 too, it was a World’s Collide crossover with Milestone and had the acetate clingy stickers so that you could make your own cover.

Flash 100 had foil-etched writing. I think Superman, Green Arrow, JLA and Wonder Woman#100 all had it too but I cant remember the story in Flash 100. I think the covers were probably better then the dreck contained within anyway, far more imaginitive!

Like Ajit, the only one I knew was Spectre.

“I think the covers were probably better then the dreck contained within anyway, far more imaginitive!”

That’s pretty harsh, especially with Flash (that was the “Waid is going to kill off Wally!” swerve that introduced the Speed Force – not exactly unimaginative, and in fact probably Waid’s biggest addition to the Flash mythos.) GA was pretty good (although the important stuff happened the NEXT issue, which always makes me think someone lost count of how many issues they needed to wrap up Ollie’s storylines before the move to Connor), and Wonder Woman was the last issue of the pre-Byrne era (although from looking it up on Mile High, I like the “regular” cover a lot more) which wrapped up a ton of storylines. Some good stuff amongst them, even if Justice League was stagnant by then and it was increasingly obvious the decks needed to be swept.

“I don’t think “fold out cover” is an accurate enough description of Shadowhawk II #3’s cover – it was a very specific kind of fold out.”

It was a fold-out unmasking, if I’m not mistaken.

Spectre #8 was a good story too!

The Shadow

The Shadowhawk II #3 cover folded out to a posterof Shadowhawk removing his helmet as his identity had only been revealed in the previous issue.

I still like chromium covers the best.

I’m surprised that Superman # 75 didn’t make the list. With it’s black armband polybagged in all it’s glory. The first ” Ghost Rider ” glow in the dark cover was awesome !!! I seem to remember this MALIBU comic that had a BULLET HOLE !i!i! WOW ! What a wierd time. ” Continuity Comics ” anyone? They ruled/sucked at the wierd cover angle. And doesn’t ” Valiant ” get props for gold logos and the first flat black cover? ( Solarman) I bought ALL that stuff. Damn Image age of comics…

I only knew X-Men #300 and #304. Which is strange, because I wasn’t buying X-Men regularly at that time. I know these fancy covers were a gimmick to boost sales, but the strategy backfired on me, because I couldn’t ever afford to buy any of them. (I acquired some dirt cheap in later years, though, which indicates how lousy the stories often were.)

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