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Manga Before Flowers — Back to School Blues Day 2

Okay so the first day of school wasn’t soooo bad…however, I’m still suffering a rather bad case of the “anywhere but here”s. How about you all?

Today’s question — what manga school setting would you like to attend?

I think I would enjoy attending Ouran High School since I have short brown hair, wear glasses, and was once called “sir” by a customer at my comic book shop (yeah, don’t ask, I was even wearing a skirt that day), I could be Haruhi and stumble across my own harem of cute boys! This certainly is more appealing than joining the art school gang at Honey & Clover because eventually H&C will get you with some kind of nostalgia-oriented melancholy or something…and who feels nostalgic while they are actually slogging through school? Bah, on you Honey & Clover. Just be happy, you crazy young people!

So join in on the fun — which school would you want (or wouldn’t want) to attend?


Maybe Cromartie high can kick me into shape. Guys would fear me since I’m the most unassuming guy around…and unassuming guys = badasses in their book.

I wouldn’t want to be in the school with Yukino and Suichiro in Kare Kano…lot’s of freaky stuff happen there that my mind might explode from everything that’s happening!

The school in azumanga daoih i think would be fun, but as a male I would relegated to the super background. School rumble school would be interesting unless you wanted to accomplish something or were in love with someone, because then it would be the most frustrating place to be ever.

Eitoku Academy, ‘cos then Tsukushi could be my awesome buddy and I could squee about the F4 (discreetly in her presence, of course).

hey jun, I don’t know about that — you’d either be a rich bitch or completely abused by groups like the F4…either way, that school environment doesn’t seem particularly attractive….

Grico — ha! that’s right, men only exist as background voices most of the time in the animated version of Azumanga Daioh!

Hi George, I don’t know the school seems pretty tame, it is really just a few students who are crazy in Kare Kano (i.e. the main characters).

Oh, I’d totally be another pauper, but the F4 would have to tolerate me because Tsukushi would beat them up otherwise. :)

the genshiken school. ohno and i could not admit to playing yaoi games together.

The Academy in Negima. It’s filled with magic and cute girls. I don’t see a downside to having an abundance of either one… :)

that’s right, Andrew, do male students even go to that university? Sheesh….you lucky, bastard! ;-)


Yeah, I guess it’s pretty tame. But maybe I feel that way coz I want to be in the spotlight too, hence guilty by association to the main cast. :)

Oh, and a hearty second for the Mahora Academy in Negima. Totally forgot about that one. Although that’s an all-girls school right? Not that I’m partial to short skirts or anything…

Probably the school in Fruits Basket because – amazingly – they all seem to like each other! Looking back on years of hormonal feuding, rage-fuelled chair throwing, and violently high-stakes tractor-drawing competitions, I’d be fine with the relative facelessness in exchange for avoiding all that.

I was going to say, “Gokusen’s might be fun!”, but giving it a bit more consideration I’d probably end the first day beaten to a pulp by either the students or visiting yakuza. Er, and male.

rage-fuelled chair throwingActually, I think Hatsuharu might’ve provided some of this at one point.

I know what school I *wouldn’t* go to: the high school that Suzumiya Haruhi goes to.

Liz….hmmmmmmm….I wonder. Nothing really bad happens ….just the possibility one could be thrown into nothingness if Haruhi gets annoyed one day. But you wouldn’t even know about it!

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