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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Boxing for Dollars!

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

Here are ten cool comic covers involving superheroes and boxing!!


Speaking of Earth-B (which we just were, promise!)…

Perhaps the most famous superhero boxing comic book…

ANOTHER comic that I talked about recently, the first appearance of the split Spider-Man face on a cover!

The last Justice League America issue before Breakdowns began…

The SECOND most famous superhero boxing comic!

In the past, boxing and stuff like that appearing on a comic book cover would not be all that out of place, so here are five older comics with boxing themes…

Any other cool boxing covers that I missed?

Let me know!


Daredevil #164 was a classic boxing cover with battlin’ Jack in Matt’s arms.

Just goes to show that there was a bit of life in the old devil, even before Frank Miller took over the writing chores!

Also Daredevil #43 and #289. The series had a cornucopia of boxing covers!

A couple of Weisinger era covers in which the Boyscout of Steel got his comeuppance:



OK, these were more bare-knuckle bouts than Marquis of Queensbury fights!

JSA Classified has three or four boxing covers (all featuring Wildcat, natch). And there’s a boxing-poster-style cover for Justice Society of America #9.

Nextwave #2 has a boxing poster-themed cover, though there’s no boxing/boxing gloves actually present.

Good cover, though.

The “star warriors” line on the Superman vs Ali comic cracks me up.

Hmmm… I wonder what movie was #1 at the box office the year before?


Not quite a boxing cover, but another “big event” poster, this time for professional wrestling (on a comic written by Scott “Raven” Levy of WWF/E, ECW, and TNA fame!).

Silver Surfer #33 has a sort-of boxing themed cover:

I don’t think I would call it a “cool” cover, since it’s a pretty bad comic, but Captain America Annual #12 not only has boxing on the cover, it introduces a boxing-themed character– Bantam!

I actually never read this one, but it seems to fit the theme:

Boxing and superheroes! The two most awesome things in the world(at least that I can think of right now)! Why aren’t there more covers like this? Now that I think about it, why isn’t there more boxing in superhero comics. Why isn’t there more Wildcat!!

Now, I never read the Blue Beatle – Guy Gardner comic, but who won? I would say that BB could dominate GG with superiour footwork and long jabs and crosses, if he could only avoid getting into brawls. I imagine Ted Cord was a pretty good out fighter, but let Guy get in close and personal and he would dominate. Did Cord have the patience to stay out of reach and beat Gardner on points? Now I’m dying to find out!

Unfortunately, this was when Ted was going through his chubby phase, so he wasn’t at the top of his game. Plus, Guy fought dirty. It didn’t come anywhere close to the glory of “one punch”, unfortunately..

It may be “The SECOND most famous superhero boxing comic!”, but that was a pretty bad story…

can’t look at those wf pics without hearing thin lizzy’s ‘boys are back’ in my noggin.

I don’t box or anything, but I’m pretty sure the guy on the cover of Adventure Comics #83 is cheating.

Have to admit, the Silver Surfer cover that Rene listed was the first to pop into my head…

Punisher (1st Series) #21 has Frank coming out of the corner at you.
I think it was an Eric Larsen cover.

[…] Cool Comic Cover Gallery – Boxing for Dollars! […]

Huge fan of both Boxing and Comics here;

I figured a good place to post my idea of a boxing related superhero storyline, bit of a
mix of the two. Looking for feedback on the premis of 3 guys given abilities all different style
fighters (boxer, kickboxer, mixed mma) and they fight crime and other “boxing” type adversaries.

Looking for feedback, questions etc. Figure comic book fans would be the best place to start asking



I know for sure there is a Fantastic Four cover that has the Thing punching the Hulk in a boxing ring. Johnny is cheering wildly in the foreground while Reed is reaching out to restrain Ben from behind. I don’ t have this issue myself, but I distinctly remember seeing it as an ad when I was a child. At the time, I don’t think I even knew who the characters were, but it just looked cool!

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