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Fatal Attractions in Six Panels!

Sandy Bilus is at it again, now with an attempt to make heads or tails out of Fatal Attractions in six panels!

For what it’s worth, I think I would have gone with the panel of Xavier mind-wiping Magneto then a panel with Wolverine’s bone claws (yes, it is a full page, but it’s still a panel, right?), or SOMEthing making clear what happened to Wolverine, as the two most notable events of Fatal Attractions – Xavier mind-wiping Magneto and Magneto tearing the metal out of Wolverine – were not really in Sandy’s panels (although with the latter, he did try).


You might be right, Brian. I guess I tried to do more of a teaser trailer-type thing for this one, instead of a regular summary. I did think about including both of the incidents that you mention, though. But hey – that’s one of the reasons I’m doing this series – to see if other people have different ideas about which panels merit inclusion. And thanks for the link!

Fatal Attractions really was terrible!

I would have maybe switched the panel from X-factor with the first appearence of Exodus. But other than that, good choices…

And yeah, storywise it was terrible. But X-factor, Wolverine, and X-force all looked good, at least, and Uncanny had some good art by JRjr and Chris Sprouse (Paul Smith’s pages were disappointing, to be honest).

Who was doing the art on X-Force then?

Hey, how about Maximum Carnage in only 12 panels? if I recall correctly, though, you’d really only need one or two.

SPIDER-MAN: Hey, there’s Carnage and an improbably large group of supervillains killing hundreds of people! Me and my improbably large group of superhero friends will try to stop them, fail, then try again next issue!

Greg Capullo was near wrapping up his X-Force run at that point. It was good stuff, especially coming after Liefeld.

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