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I Can’t Cover What I Am – Superman Lifts Weird Stuff

In this feature, I spotlight comic book covers that follow a specific theme. Here is an archive of all the cover themes we’ve spotlighted so far.

You’d think with a superhero who has, as one of his biggest powers, super-strength, that he’d be lifting stuff all the time on covers, right?

Not really so, oddly enough, so it was actually difficult to put together this list of ten covers featuring Superman lifting weird stuff.


A lion….

A whale….

A Christmas…globe, I guess?…

A statue of Namrepus…

The key to the Fortress of Solitude…

The Superman logo….

A flying saucer…

Joseph Goebbels and the Liberty Bell?!?

The Daily Planet globe (happened a few times – this is probably the coolest looking one)…

And, finally, last but not least, Batman…

Did I miss any notable ones that you can think of?


This was the first one that came to mind…
And, really, it should have been obvious…lol…


I’m totally the one that dared them to print that imaginary epic of Superman’s Perfect Crime.

Poor Myx. Unaware that his NAME isn’t “Superman”!

The scariest thing he’s lifting on any of these? That big head of “80’s hair” on Man of Steel #28 (which is REALLY weird since I think its ACTUALLY from the mid 90s).

“Fort Superman”? Snicker.

I love how it’s Superman’s “first crime,” and he jumps right to throwing one of his best friends off the top of a building. You couldn’t have just tried a little shoplifting to test the waters, Kal-El? That’s how we avoided a potential Winona Ryder killing spree a few years back…

"O" the Humanatee!

September 15, 2008 at 7:47 pm

It occurs to me: If no one has ever exploited the orthography-bending potential (sorry, I mean laitnetop gnidneb-yhpargohtro) of a story pitting Zatanna against Mr. Mxyzptlk—well, someone really should.

Note to The Mad Monkey–are you calling Lois–“Weird Stuff”?

Because the list is Superman lifting Weird Stuff

I do love the whale lifting. And Superman meets Suzie in the issue! Who could ask for anything more?

I love Shuster (and his ghosts) but man, drawing animals really wasn’t his bag, huh? The size perspective on the whale alone is totally out of whack, that’s gotta be the smallest whale ever.

Note to stephen cade:
One primate’s weirdness is another’s normalcy.

That aside…

The whole concept of Superman getting married is completely bizarre. Then, in a wonderful display of “super-dickery”, he hoists his bride into the air for all to see (including his enemies). Way to keep your identity secret and protect the life of the Earth woman you are supposed to love, Supes. How is this not weird?

The logo one is horrendous, he looks like Leo Sayer or something.

I don’t understand, how is looking like Leo Sayer a bad thing?

Hang on, hang on, hang on…
Curt Swan month?
Tell me more.

Surprised no one has mentioned COIE #7.

A dead cousin is kinda weird.

What? I lift each of those things at least once a week. That’s not weird, right? Right?

that was entertaining. :)

I’m not going to look at it again b/c it hurt my eyes… but whoever drew that cover of the marriage thing… man… that’s awful.

Of course, now I want to read a comic in which Superman beats the hell out of Goebbels with the Liberty Bell.

That really doesn’t look a good way to lift a whale. Looks sort of painful (for the whale, not Superman).

You gotta love the look on the whale’s face, too.


Murdering Batman is the perfect crime? Hmm. Fun, yes. Perfect? Naw.

IIRC, the Action#68 whale cover was by Jack Burnley

Ah, yes. The perfect crime. Oh, except for the people on the ground watching as Superman hurls Batman to his death. Well thought out, Kal-El.

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