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A Month of Art Stars – Jim Mahfood

Every day this month I’m going to feature a current comic book art “star,” someone whose work I absolutely love.

I’m mostly going to try to keep from the biggest names as much as possible, because, really, do I need to talk more about the awesomeness of JH Williams, Frank Quitely and Darwyn Cooke? Here‘s the archive of the artists mentioned so far!

Here’s one of the most electric artist in the industry (not to mention eclectic!).


Unlike a lot of other independent artists, while Jim Mahfood has done superhero work (heck, he has had a couple of projects at Marvel specifically made with him in mind), he has never allowed the mainstream to define him – he has made the mainstream find ways to adapt itself to fit HIS style, and I admire the heck out of him for it.

Mahfood’s style is a manic one, filled with bustling lines that give his work a dramatic electric feel.

Here are some sketches by Mahfood…

The mainstream media realizes what Mahfood has to offer, as seen by his work for a variety of major companies, most recently a major ad campaign for Colt 45 – here are some samples…

Just last week, Mahfood released a new comic book project, his first in a couple of years – Kick Drum Comix, at Image Comics.

It is breathtaking (especially in full color – Justin Stewart and Anne Masse do an amazing job on the colors).

Wow, what an awesome looking comic.

Mahfood also is a muralist as well as a musician.

Read more about him (and see more of his work) at his site, 40ozcomics.com, here – the above images came from his site.


Love his stuff. I first became a fan through his GENERATION X: UNDERGROUND SPECIAL.

Yeah, that Generation X thing was pretty cool, Bishop as a 70s pimp, ha! I got to know him through the original Clerks comic but his first Grrl Scouts series with Oni Press was what got me really excited about his stuff, been following him ever since.

The biggest problem I have with Mahfood is that he’s not a very good writer. His art is amazing, though.

I’m a big fan of Mahfood. I’ve had the chance to meet him on several occassions and he’s one of the nicest, humblest artists out there. A great draftsman and a hell of a drinker too!
His art shows are some of the best I’ve been to.

And lest we forget that Jim’s art is currently gracing cans of Colt .45 brand malt liquor at least on the west coast, I’m not sure if it’s US-wide. I did a double-take when I first saw it at the grocery store while my friend was on a beer run. Happy to see him get recognition as he has always been most gracious and affable every time I’ve run into him and his sense of humor really comes through in his art. I especially loved his “Wha…Huh?”

Man I love his stuff. My first Mahfood art was in the out of continuity FF/Spider-Man crossover in Ultimate Team-Up.

I plead the fifth regarding Mahfood’s writing.

I think he spots blacks better than, well, any comic artist. Ever-ish.

I agree he’s a much better writer when somebody else is doing the writing.

Another great choice. I love the fact that the indie hip-hop vibe (and music in general) informs his work (I’ve been introduced to some awesome music due to his comics work).

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