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Snark Blocker – Michael Golden Draws the Marvel Universe

Here are two excellent classic drawings by Michael Golden of a whole pile of Marvel superheroes from the early 1980s!


Thanks to Googum for this scan…

I wish I could get a bigger scan of this classic poster…


Click on each images to enlarge!!


By clicking the images I only get to a blank CSBG page.

I can’t remember who offered that second poster, but I remember sending off for it and waiting something crazy, like 14 months, before it showed up in the mail. It made for a pretty pleasant surprise when it did, though!

Thanks, Spidey_82, it was a slight html code snafu.

It’s fixed now!

These are cool images but my eye keeps being drawn to the end of Black Bolt’s and Ghost Rider’s fists in that second one. Was this a fold out or something because it looks like there’s a crease right at that point and maybe another one near the end of Spider-Woman’s fingers? It would also be cool to see the next poster where the Hulk splats Subby on top of a pile of superheroes :)

I’m not all that familiar with Mr. Golden’s work, and I had no idea he did such great work with facial expressions. Cap and Beast in that first picture, especially, are terrific.

geez, I’ve seen that second one a million times but I can’t figure out where

He’s one of only a handful of artists who can draw a really good Nightcrawler.

The 2nd picture was a poster that was sent out by Marvel to people who ordered for it. I remember sending for it and being a happy ass kid when I finally received it. And yeah, it did take a long time, although I’m not sure I waited 14 months like that last guy. I remember checking the mail for it every day, and it finally came months after I had forgotten I ever ordered it.

I remember even as a kid looking at that poster and wondering where the hell the Hulk was going to land and why no one underneath him seemed the least bit concerned about it.

The second one reminds me of the totally awesome Marvel jigsaw puzzle I had as a kid. They had *everybody* in that puzzle, from Galactus to Howard the Duck:


I haven’t seen the first one before. It’s cool.

The second one I love. Golden is a great artist. Is Art Adams the inker on the second poster? There’s a bit of his look to the art.

Looking closer at the first one, it appears that Golden drew Wolverine’s original costume, but the colorist colored it as his brown and yellow costume.

Six bucks for 16 comics? I wish I read comics in the 1980s.

No you don’t. A lot of it was unreadable pish.

And Michael Golden rocks. Hardcore.

I ordered the second one too. I don’t think I waited more than a month for it, tho. Maybe I was lucky. It adorned my room’s wall for years, until I moved- then I carefully stored it somewhere. I’m pretty sure I still have it, I just have to unearth it from amid all my old stuff. Maybe when I move back home.

Dammit, where’s Nick Fury?

“Is Art Adams the inker on the second poster? There’s a bit of his look to the art.”

I’m thinking Joe Rubinstein as the inker, or maybe Terry Austin.


September 17, 2008 at 7:54 pm

No you don’t. A lot of it was unreadable pish.

Yeah, but it was cheap unreadable pish, so it’s a step up from today!

Yeah, Terry Austin would be a good call. He did ink some of Adams work on various X-title annuals, so that could be why I was thinking Adams.

I loved his work on the early issues of Marvel Fanfare.

That Man-Spider cover still gives me nightmares!

Golden is a MAN-GOD!!

When, oh when, will he do some more interiors?

He keeps teasing on the subject but still, nada!

Brian, Can’t find a scan anywhere and it’s a little bit later than the pieces that you’ve scanned, but there’s that great piece that Golden did for the Marvel Universe book than came out in the mid-90’s. It was all 80’s characters (or 80’s versions of characters) and it rocked!

Didn’t Art Adams do a contemporary version of the Golden poster? I could swear I saw an updated one a few years ago.

Alonso, the one released in the 90s, I believe, was just a re-mixed version of the second one (you know, better coloring – a different background, etc.)

Brian, I know which one you’re talking about, but the one I’m talking about is a different poster. A bunch of the 80’s Marvel characters jumping off a roof or around it or causing trouble. Definitely an original poster.

The book also had a 60’s image by Mike Allred, the 70’s heroes by Sal Buscema and the 90’s by Dave Johnson.

Now I want the world to see the damn thing. I’ll take it in Monday and scan it in at school.

And then you’ll all see.

EEK! That’s the one! I saw the second poster in an old Conan The Barbarian comic from 1982. I got it for like 25 centsand I saw that while I was reading and was like, “I want that now” Do you think I can still send off for it? Ha!

The second pic is like a beautiful Slice of Marvel Pie for that era. I believe it’s from 1981? I sent away for it and it DID seem like it took forever to get it in the mail. The Thing is in his lumpy form from the early Byrne issues of FF. Very “current” at the time. Love some Michael Golden. Miss his Micronauts.

Mike Mikulovsky

March 1, 2011 at 7:16 am

If I’m not mistaken, did SQ Productions from the very early 1980’s sell that 2nd poster? The Merry Marvel Marching Society, I remember paying 50 cents for it in 1980. Those were much better days for fans & comics. Comics were affordable & the average/poor man’s hobby. That was fun & had some beautiful art in most books. Granted as the 80’s began, many of the great old timers retired permantly leaving a serious void to this day. I’d love to get a scan of these posters. Especially the second one, I’m also trying to locate Michael Golden. As well as the artists Fastner & Larson who did those airbrushed sets of prints for SQ Productions.

They did a set of four of the Hulk & of Spider-Man in 80. Then one of the New X-Men in 81 & a second set in 82. I have no idea who Fastner & Larson were? Much less their first names, I’d greatly appreciate anyone’s help with this. Thank you for your help.

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