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9/18 – Declarative Rabbit Says…

All Star Superman #12 was good.

Heck, All Star Superman #1-12 was good.



Can Declarative Rabbit really be impartial here? All-Star Superman is the work of his two fathers.

Somehow I don’t see too many people disagreeing with this one.

I don’t think I liked it more than the Rucka run from a few years ago or the Roger Stern exile arc, but that’s just personal preference. I grew up with the Clark real, Superman mask, version of the character and get a little put off by other takes.

But no way am I going to say this run was anything but good comics. They might just not have been for me, so that I enjoyed them nonetheless means that they were definitely good.

It’s out! It’s out! IT’S OUT!

I felt the Bizarro/Zibarro arc got a little grating, but yeah: as a whole, a great run by two great creators.

I’m eager to read the second volume of the collected edition, cute bunny.

All Star Superman was AWESOME! I think it’s a serious contendant for the title of Best Superman Story of All Time, closely followed by ‘Whatever happened…’ by Moore/Swan. A true delight.

I loved issue 12 – I don’t want to write down all the things I liked about it for fear of spoiling someone else’s reading exprience, but I thought it was a very satisfying ending.

All-Star Superman was decent. #12 was kind of a let-down.

Easily the most awesome Superman story I’ve ever read, and the standard that all since should aspire to. Admittedly I hold some contempt for Superman himself, but for Morrison and Quitely to pull him off ( and in a very pre-Crisis incarnation, at that ) is a feat of brilliance.

I can’t say anything about #12, because I only made up to #8 or so before giving the book up.

I never saw what people thought was so great about the book. The only issue I really liked was the one with Luthor in prison. The rest were just standard Superman stories.

The series had its weird moments (hey, it’s a Morrison book! :P ) and I found the art ugly at times, BUT in general it was a great homage to the 70’s Superman, the one who might very well have been THE greatest hero of all time. It almost makes up for what they did to the Golden Age Superman on Infinite Crisis.


Best Superman story ever? You betcha.

I’ll have to give the whole series a re-read before I say anything for certain, but this series has been for me the best I’ve read besides “Whatever Happened…”. I’ll put them at a tie for first with “For The Man Who Has Everything” and the Rucka stuff somewhere up there.

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