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December 17th, 2008




Any idea when all this is out and about? I’m right in thinking that there’s due to be a new graphic novel out some time soonish? I also think I’ve heard that they’re reprinting the original series – or have I imagined this? I really hoope so as I now only have three gaps in my collection but they are a sod to get hold of.

Any additional Beanworld info more than welcome.


All-New (!) Beanworld Holiday Special, December 17th, 2008.

Dark Horse is also re-formatting and re-publishing all 21 issues in hardcovers. (With, I believe, Softcovers to follow.) The first volume, collecting issues 1-9, will be published February of ’09.

Cool. I’ve never read it, but Mark’s incessant ranting about it makes me at least mildly interested.

You’re welcome.

After not having worked on Bean World for awhile I attended the San Diego Comic Con in 1994 where he released issue 0 and and discussed returning to finish it. Obviously that didn’t happen because he went and ran Image for so long, but after 14 long years this year I finally returned to Comic Con and BAM! that same year he announces he’s returning to Bean World again.

Don’t worry. I’ve already registered for the 2009 con so as long as I keep going every year he should somehow find his way to finishing it once and for all.

Damn, I’m excited!

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