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Manga Before Flowers — Is CMX next?

With the cancellation of DC’s MINX line, Dirk Deppey at journalista asks if we should start a “deathwatch” for CMX and I thought I would see what you all think — is the death of CMX a real possibility?

CMX launched in 2005 (a year before MINX was announced I believe) and their books aren’t known for pulling great sales figures.  Recently, though, it seems as though their releases have slowed (less books are getting put out each month and certain titles like From Eroica with Love and Swan have been delayed almost 9 months or even a year, which is not cool).  Obviously the slowing economy could be playing a factor, but so could bad sales in general.  The death of CMX would mean the cancellation of a great many and very special shojo titles and that would make some us very, very sad. 

Of course, every time I mention CMX on this blog someone notes they never even knew the imprint even existed…which tells you quite a bit about DC’s marketing “strategy.”  Also the whole “DC edits Tenjho Tenge” controversy has been done to death so let’s skip it if all possible, shall we?).


[…] This week’s big story is the demise of Minx, and in her latest Manga Before Flowers column, Danielle Leigh asks the logical question: Is CMX next? […]

Hate to say this, but as long as someone keeps printing Megatokyo, I don’t actually care. My sympathies to fans following other series, though.

I think CMX can actually be placed in bookstores, so maybe not.

Hope CMX doesn’t go the way of the dodo. And while I can’t find the titles in bookstores I have noticed them being mentioned more often on library related blogs. So maybe library sales can keep them going.

I think CMX can actually be placed in bookstores, so maybe not.

MINX books were in bookstores, were they not?

I’m always sort of sweating it over the fate of Eroica and Swan. When the schedules for those two titles slowed down a little over a year ago, I asked and was told that it was just a hiccup and the schedules would pick back up again. They did for awhile, but at the moment the newest volume of either of those two is a ways off.

Recently, they’ve begun to release a handful of all-ages titles, which might indicate a new strategy. The fact that they haven’t really licensed a lot of shounen since their initial set of titles might mean that the shoujo titles worked better for them too, but I’m not sure how much better. It would be a shame if they had to close shop, because they’ve got probably the best taste in shoujo titles as far as matching my own goes. The fact that they’ve already lasted longer than Minx is probably a good sign, as is the fact I’ve seen many more CMX titles in stores than Minx, both comic and otherwise.

You might want to put on a deathwatch, just in case.

It seems like alot of manga companies (or imprint) are taking a nosedive these days.

Yeah it really depends on how much housecleaning WB wants to do with DC. IS CMX making a significant amount of money for WB? I would expect not. Is it losing them money? No idea. In such depression-ish times companies often cut back on things more than they actually should. Most of time it seems like DC and WB don’t even remember CMX exists. That’s better than them noticing it and cutting it for the bottom line. The manga market is still over saturated. The problem is that as companies forgo getting licenses now its a couple years down the road before we don’t have enough manga to meet demand and things can move in the opposite direction. Do I think DC should have a manga presence? Yes, certainly. Keeping the imprint alive can have major benefits when the next upswing comes rather than building something from scratch. Companies selling both US comics and manga makes sense and has the potential for synergy. DC certaintly hasn’t exploited that synergy as far as I can see.

we actually have MINX and CMX titles in our local bookstores here in the philippines, so, hey.

It is quite possible. Truth be told, I can’t think of any particular news articles about a CMX Manga, other than the one you asked us not to get into.

Nor do you really see the books themselves amongst the sea of Viz and Tokyopop books out there. Much like DC and Marvel are to the American market, those two often squeeze out any competitors, both in the direct market and chain bookstores.

And if there is such a lag time between volumes like you said, especially when the Big Manga Two put books out on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, then that certainly isn’t helping either.

If they do go under, I hope for the sake of those who read those books that another company is able to start publishing them.

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