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A Month of Art Stars – Mahmud A. Asrar

Every day this month I’m going to feature a current comic book art “star,” someone whose work I absolutely love.

I’m mostly going to try to keep from the biggest names as much as possible, because, really, do I need to talk more about the awesomeness of JH Williams, Frank Quitely and Darwyn Cooke? Here‘s the archive of the artists mentioned so far!

Here’s an independent superhero artist who is beginning to get a lot of attention from the “Big Two” (and well deserved, of course).


Mahmud A. Asrar is Jay Faerber’s artistic collaborator on the nifty superhero comic, Dynamo 5, which is about five children of a superhero who form a team when they are each “activated” and given one of the hero’s many different powers (imagine if Superman’s powers were split up amongst five teens).

Asrar co-created the book with Faerber, and designed all the characters (well, not counting the ones who has already made appearances in the “Faerber-verse”).

Here is a snapshot of the Dynamo 5 gang, courtesy of Asrar’s covers for the first two collections of Dynamo 5…

These covers show Asrar’s boisterous, clean, dynamic art style well.

But can he tell a story?

Check out these Dynamo 5 pages…

I posit that yes, he can!

And in case you’re curious as to how he would draw characters from the Big Two, check it out…

He has recently done some work for Marvel on a Nova comic and is doing some upcoming She-Hulk work.

He is definitely one to watch!

Here is his website, where you can find links to both a place to purchase his art as well as the page where all the above samples came courtesy of!



Tho’ the Elektra’s butt should be a tad bit muscular, eh?

“The” Elektra?

Looks just fine to me…

excellent! mahmud’s stuff is great so i was totally geeked to see this post. while i think his Storm and She-Hulk look especially wonderful (he draws She-Hulk just like he draws Scrap! sweet!), i hope mahmud is going to stick with Dynamo 5 for awhile. it’s the SHIZZ!!!

He is quite good, indeed.

I’m looking forward to that She-Hulk special. Hopefully, it’ll attract more readers to his work on Dynamo 5, which really deserves a wider audience.

It’s great seeing Mahmud get a mention in this series. He certainly deserves it. And while he may take some side projects at other companies now and then, Mahmud remains committed to Dynamo 5. He’s not going anywhere!

Asrar has done great work on Dynamo 5, and continues to do so. What I like best about his work is his sense of character design, how he’s managed to make all the members of the team look completely distinct both in and out of costume. Little touches like Gage’s hood in his costume, or Bridget’s lip ring in civilian clothes, really set him apart.

And Mr. Faerber; kudos on bringing us yet another excellent creator-owned superhero book. Here’s to the continued success of you, Mahmud A Asrar, and all others involved.

Ooooo, great work going on there, esp Hulk’s expression. see some Stuart Immonen going on in his Marvel cards. haha…love his dynamic poses, esp in the Dynamo 5 stuff.

Nice stuff. Good call on the Immonen comparison, 13Wishes. Asrar reminds me of both him and Phil Hester.

Yeah, there’s definitely an Immonen vibe here.

And that’s good to hear, Jay. I mean, I haven’t seen Mahmud say anything to make it sound like he was anything BUT fully committed to Dynamo 5, but still, always nice to hear. :)

By the by, folks, speaking of Immonen, would there be any interest in a separate “Month of Art Stars” thing based on the BIG names, like Immonen, Quitely, Cooke, Williams III, etc.?

Love his NextWave girls…


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