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10/1 – Curious Cat Asks…

How long do you think it will be before Beast reverts back to his ape form, or will he stay in his current form for a long, long time?



Define a long long time….I mean chances are he’s going to get back to his Ape look at some point, but I wouldn’t bet on it happening in the next 2 or 3 years. For some reason Queseda seems to like this look. I remember a interview with Bendis right after house of M ended. He offered to change beast back as part of the story and it was shot down. Obviously someone in charge likes this look so I dont see it going anywhere anytime soon

Well, he was apeish in the movie, and in the new cartoon….

I’m hoping he’ll stay long enough for it to be the new mean, but it’s not too likely.

5 more years. By that time, an incensed fanboy will get a job writing or editing for Marvel, and change everything back to how it was when he was 13.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 1, 2008 at 5:36 pm


My fanboyism was forged in the bronze age and I just don’t much like the new look period, so i’m hoping for sooner rather than later, but i wouldn’t lay any money on it. Who knows, if I were a generation older I might be wishing he’d go back to human-looking with big feet.

Is he even in the cat form anymore? Since Morrison has left, most artist draw Beast as a cat/ape amalgam. During Mike Carey’s X-men run, artists Humberto Ramos’ and Chris Bachelo’s Beast was just cat Beast’s face pasted on ape Beast’s body.

Cat Beast trumps “Blue Wolverine” Beast in every way. You could maybe make him look like an actual ape I guess, if fans care that much to get mad, but that wingtip hairdo should belong to only one character per team at the most.

I like the feline incarnation, but I’d like it an awful lot more if it was at all consistent. Every single artist draws Beast differently. And, the discrepancies aren’t mere style choices; they’re structural. The shape of his head, in particular, varies wildly.

Get Marko Djudjevic or somebody to do a full turnaround stylesheet for the character and have artists stick to it. Please.

Or go back to the human form.

I concur with Lawrence. I feel like they’re already leaning toward a mean between the two. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we got to a point where there was enough flexibility in the model that any given artist could draw him emphazing either, without explaination or raising to many eyebrows.

I hope this cat/ape amalgam sticks around – it certainly gives Beast that unique look that no other character, mutant or otherwise has. If Marvel has any sense, they won’t let anybody, incensed fanboy or no, mess with that.

Where’s a Jim Shooter when you need him…

I think the cat look fits. He is further devolving. First man, than ape, now cat. He fears that he will be a germ someday. It has a story purpose. People who want to have him look ape-ish to remind them of the good ol’ days should go read the blog on Geof Johns reverting characters and keep their fin gers crossed.

Maybe he should have a tertiary mutation- into a ferret. Then all the ladies will dig on him.

I’d like him to go back to the ape look, just because I thought it looked better. I don’t read any of the X-books, so story wise I don’t really care. I just think the cat look looks bad.

Wait, he was an ape before? I read X-Men extra-diligently for fifteen years and had collected then prior ten in back issues and never once imagined beasts blue wolverine-haired form was remotely related to an ape. That’s so weird.

I wonder how long Marvel will keep double dipping, i.e. cat-Beast in the comics, ape-Beast in all other media. I grew up with the ape look but I do enjoy the cat look.

Bring the Hank McCoy human beast back, at this point going old school is the only viable option.

That 2nd mutation thing is really a lame idea

Curious Cat, stop saying “revert BACK; it’s redundant and stupid. The Beast’s face never did look apelike, a better word for which is “pithecoid”.

and never once imagined beasts blue wolverine-haired form was remotely related to an ape

Neither did I. But then until I read it it hadn’t occurred to me that the new look was a cat either – though I can see that – especially when Greg Land traces a lion to draw him.

jazzbo, if a cat Beast falls in the woods and it’s not in your pull list, does it look really odd to you?

I agree with Bat2supe. At least tease beast with another turn back into his human form. Just a dude with really big feet.

The current version looks so much worse than the old one that I can’t believe they haven’t changed it back already!

the Phantom-Longbox

October 2, 2008 at 6:41 am

Two things:

1) The old fast-taking, joke-telling, bouncing, blue-furred Beast was VERY APE-LIKE.
That was because when he was in his primary mutated (HUMAN) form, he had big hands and feet and his feet were quite dextrous (he was able to use them like hands), and that carried over into the blue-furred incarnation (but with claws added).

He was “mistaken” for an ape several times in fact. Once, for instance, when the X-MEN were captured by MESMERO and put in a traveling side-show, Beast came to break them out and the roustabouts exclaimed that one of the APES must have got loose (and were VERY surprised to hear him SPEAK – and exclaim that he was an AVENGER).

2) I know that for the “Marvel Classic Figure Collection” (those lead-based statuettes available from the UK) they wanted to sculpt him in his old “blue ape” look, and Marvel execs insisted that he be rendered in his new “cat-beast” look.

SO, I’d imagine that this look is here to stay for awhile.
Unless… perhaps, BENDIS wants to use him in the old look.
Joe Q always lets Bendis have what he wants.
(Or those nude photos of JQ with the donkey show will be released to the internets)



the Phantom-Longbox

October 2, 2008 at 6:43 am

I should state, however, that he was never drawn to LOOK like an APE.
He didn’t have HANDS for FEET or anything like that, but just that he was often called an “ape” by foes and scared humans alike.

Just to make clear that I’m NOT SAYING that he was ape-like.
Just enough to RESEMBLE an ape.


Human Beast also looks too much like human Colossus, which is why that shouldn’t be an option either. He needs to look like his own character and not like Logan or Piotr (even if he predates them). When in doubt defer to Quitely or Bachalo, they get it right.

I hate “ape” Beast. Human isn’t awful but it’s weird and hard for most artists to do. I like cat Beast best. I wouldn’t mind him getting even more animalistic.

I like the old look but I like the new look better. Unfortunately only a few artists can draw Cat-Beast — Quitely, Cassaday, Bianchi, anybody else? — and he looks pretty silly under most others’ pencils. But when he’s done well it’s brilliant.

Fraction just gave him increased flexibility in fingers in UXM 501, so it looks like they’re going for the best of both worlds — Cat-Beast, but with enough dexterity to act more like the old apelike Beast when he wants.

With due respect to people who like the cat look, I honoslty want it to go away. There are so many cat-like characters running around the marvel universe its probably right behind flame powers as the most generic power set ever. His ape form was a much more original idea, at least compared to another cat charcter

Oewn G:

The human Beast doesn’t look like Colossus. They are both strong men, but Colossus is more built like a weightlifter while Hank (we’re talking from back in the day) is a little less in shape, and bulkier than colossus

I’d like to see him devolve further, perhaps into some sort of squid-like creature. But if we have to regress to any particular past Beast, I vote for the developmentally disabled Hank circa the original X-Factor, whose intellect diminished as his strength rose, thus leading to some unintentionally hilarious dialogue.

Just because people are used to it doesn’t mean Ape-Beast didn’t look really stupid. Cat-Beast really isn’t like other “Cat” characters, in terms of his build and powers, and I think it’s a much better look for him.

I think Secondary Mutations are a fine idea overall, as it lets writers do new things with old characters. Hopefully the writers won’t ignore that Professor X stands to inherit all of Cassandra Nova’s telekinesis powers. Then he can become a field member of the X-Men (or another group) and have something to do other than deal with the consequences of his past mistakes.

I hope it’s soon, as the cat look is SO different it’s hard for me to identify with him as the same character. John Cassiday draws the cat look well, but for me the blue furry monkey man will always be the REAL Beast.

They’ve already done the “revert Beast to his more human form” plot once, which also coincided with that stupid plot where he was losing his intelligence.
Also, some people don’t seem to remember that his first transformation into a more bestial form was not a “secondary mutation” but the result of Hank taking his own “mutation catalyst” formula, which seems to have been conveniently forgotten about; I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t even mentioned during Decimation, even an offhand remark about how it wouldn’t help would have been nice.

here are so many cat-like characters running around the marvel universe its probably right behind flame powers as the most generic power set ever.

I do believe you, but I can’t think of a single one – unless you count Black Cat who isn’t really at all cat-like.

Personally I like the cat-like one, but I’d be happy if he evolves/devolves into something else – but (assuming they stick with mamals) other than dog and bear it’s all going to get silly. I don’t think rabbit beast or squirrel beast would really work. Maybe if they allow reptiles or insects in it could get good.

For starters, Beast’s current look is more of a lion than a cat.
Check out Quitely’s New X-Men to see how he is supposed to look. Cassidy’s tiny-faced cat version is utterly ridiculous.

Lion > Ape.

soon hopefully

I hope they revert to lion Beast from New X-Men. That’s my Beast. The one for adults.

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