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10/1 – Finally, Curious Cat ALSO Asks…

What’s the last significant change to a major (when I say major, I mean, like, starring in multiple comics major) character that you honestly do not believe will be reverted back in the future? Single Spider-Man? Married Superman? No Yellow Logo Batman? Does No Yellow Logo Batman count as a significant change?



I love you, Curious Cat.

Incidentally, I’ve used ‘revert back’ twice in conversation today, and R.J. Sterling is nowhere to be seen. What’s the deal?

I don’t think DC will ever break up Clark and Lois’s marriage. Especially since they seem to be fine with the option of having All-Star and other “outside continuity” stories if they want to play with the old dynamic.

Rohan dont you know..you have to say everything in three’s. As for things that wont change back eventually…well now that Brubaker succesfully pulled off a Bucky resurrection pretty much everything is up for grabs

Married Superman.

I would say Hal Jordan returning as a Green Lantern (if that counts). I think Hal is a major character. I don’t think DC will fudge around with his character that drastically ever again.

I think that if DC was ever seriously considering “unmarrying” Superman (and I don’t consider the Superman 2000 pitch or Chuck Austen’s “b!tch Lois” to be serious attempts), the whole Spider-Man situation has clued them in that it better be an earth-changing good story. That being said, there are really very few Superman stories that cannot be told with a married Superman, and there’s no reason to change that. If a Superman writer gets a hankering to do a “secret ID” story, the writer could always use Perry or Jimmy.

I think whatever the status quo of post-Batman RIP will be over-and-done as soon as Morrison decides to do something else.

And I really don’t think single Spider-Man will change anytime soon. I think by now Marvel has accepted the fact that it will take a long time before many old fans to come back to the character.

One of the biggest Superman changes has lasted over twenty years at this point; Ma and Pa Kent are no longer dead. I think that one will probably stick. At this point, it’s almost long enough that killing one or both of them would count as a new story, as opposed to a ‘reversion.’

I can’t remember– does Lana Lang still know Clark’s secret ID or did that get brainwiped or something? I think she still does (“always did”) in which case that would count too. Almost all the other Byrne-reboot Superman changes have been walked back at this point, including Supergirl, Krypto and Kandor.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 1, 2008 at 5:39 pm

Seeing the return of Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham.

This might be too old to be considered, but I’d say Wonder Woman being able to fly will never be undone.

As for the Superman marriage, I predict that will end in Superman Beyond. Superman returns with the “cure” for Lois only to discover she’s alive and well. Since Superman was in the bleed he was unaffected when the multiverse “shifts” erasing the marriage from existence. HE still remembers, the problem is nobody else does.

With the success of All-Star Superman and Geoff Johns’ habit of returning characters to their “iconic” silver-age status quo, I really don’t think the marriage is going to last.

I think Robert’s onto something. I’m going with Bucky becoming Cap. As long as Ed Brubaker remains on the book, no hotshot writer will get the notion to bring Cap back. If he stays long enough (let’s say five years?), Bucky as Cap will become the new status quo.

If you’re talking major changes to character’s recognized by folks who’ve never even read a comic, it’s got to be the Batman family changes — Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing, Tim Drake as Robin, and Barbara Gordon as Oracle. I’d say were it not for the fact those changes have been handled so well (especially around that ten-year mark when there’s enough turnover for someone to want to revert them), they’d have been changed back by now. I’d be lying if I said I honestly didn’t think that DC had long discussions about whether or not Barbara Gordon should be Batgirl again and be able to walk before realizing that the change ultimately made the character much better and her paralysis helped make the character particularly unique.

Have a good day.
John Cage

Maybe it’s just because they’ve been married the entire time I’ve been reading comics, but I can’t imagine DC dissolving the Lois/Clark marriage at this point. When I first heard about One More Day, in fact, I remember think that very thing. “Boy, DC would never do that with Superman” or whatever.

Actually, though, I think a lot of the reason it feels that way is that Lois, from the very beginning, was Superman’s One True Love Interest. That certainly wasn’t the case with Spider-Man and MJ. It’s possible to make Peter a swinging single again. If Clark isn’t married to Lois, it’s back to her trying to figure out his identity. That’s boring. I don’t think anyone wants that.

I agree with Cage as far as Nightwing goes… possibly Tim as well… but DC editors have been talking about bring Barbara back for years, and when editors speak about these things, it generally means it’s going to happen.

Even if it probably shouldn’t.

When Batman stopped using guns. What was that, 1940? Realistically, the future is a very long time, and there’s always SOMEBODY who grew up reading every version that will drag it back up eventually.

I think the Bat family is probably it. I can’t see Dick becoming Robin again or Jason Todd becoming Robin again either for that matter.
Lois and Clark married would probably be a good bet. Since Spider-Man did the whole “forget” thing there’s no way that they would erase the marriage and a divorce would be really complicated since Lois is such an integral part of his cast that making her and Clark not get along would be difficult. They might try a “Clark leaves the Daily Planet” thing as a way to get him away from Lois and add a new cast for a few years but that would certainly end up with Clark back at the Daily Planet after a few years (and I suppose that after that long it might be ok for a divorced Lois and Clark to amicably work together.
Steve Rogers will be back. It is only a matter of time. Even if it is 10 years, he will be back.
I think Stark as the leader of SHIELD is interesting and they could keep that going for a while with Fury being more of a taskforce leader (Stark as manager of a big organization makes more sense than Fury I think)

Nah. Eventually DC will hit the total reset button again, and the marriage will go with it. (Worth noting that Lois might’ve been the first, but she’s had hella competition as the “One true” love interest, Lana Lang being the most notable competitor.)

Flying Wonder Woman and un-dead Ma and Pa Kent are good ones. although I figure one of ‘em will bite it eventually. (Even should.)

Don’t forget that back in the 70s, Clark was actually working at a TV station.

But, anyway, yes, I agree they won’t unmarry Superman and Lois. Mostly because Lois Lane is a much more integral and famous character that MJ.

I think that Spidey’s gonna be single for awhile. Considering he was married my whole life, that is a change for me. Even though I think it was a bad idea, Marvel lost the fans they were gonna lose, and they’re not going to eat crow and go back on how essential Peter being a loser is to his character.
Pretty sure Pa Kent is on the chopping block. Solicits have me thinking he will die as soon as the end of the current arc. Smallville and All-Star have already done away with him.
I don’t think that Bucky will stay Cap. It was a good story, but it takes like 30 issues to get to that point, and that will prove too impenetrable over time. If Hal Jordan replaced a great character like Kyle Rayner, than Steve Rogers will be back to replace his bionic-armed former side kick.
I think that a major change that is pretty permanent is Emma Frost’s redemption and relationship with Scott. She is too popular (probably the most popular X-lady and right behind Wolverine and Cyclops in general) to go evil again for good, because she couldn’t be in every X-book then. And her relationship with Scott is pretty much the reason she’s good, so I don’t think that’s going anywhere, even though I do believe Phoenix will be back soon enough.

I honestly think that the Emma Frost/Cyclops relationship is here to stay. Regardless of when Jean comes back, all of the writers since Morrison have put a great amount of work into selling this relationship and making it work as well as it does. I don’t see it being undone any time soon.

I don’t think Bucky will stay Cap for long. In fact, I think that Brubaker will bring back Steve Rogers as Cap. This most recent issue, to me, felt like the end of just the first storyline in Brubaker’s run, and it was what, issue 42? I think Bru has this thing palnned out very long term, so even if it’s 2 or 3 years before he brings Steve back, that’ll be because that’s how it was planned.

In other words, he is going to have Cap revert back to Steve Rogers.

Shit, hope I don’t awaken R.J. and his grammar squad again.

Daredevil will never go back to not being a ninja.

Daredevil’s not a ninja. No ninja wears bright red.

A blind ninja would.

And Jinx from GI Joe.

I’d like to see a ninja who wore clothes that glowed in the dark.

How bad ass of a ninja would you have to be to pull that off?

Seriously, Daredevil being a mad ninja is the only explanation I’ve been able to come up with for him not wearing an outfit that is some blind cacophony of paisley and zebra print.

Speaking of G.I. Joe… Storm Shadow’s blinding white attire is definitely a statement that he is the best ninja to ever walk the earth—that he is, perhaps, a holy ninja.

I’m betting that, like many established villains who become heroes (as opposed to villians who become heroes relatively soon after their debut, like Hawkeye or Rogue) Emma Frost will spend the next few decades bouncing back and forth between being a hero and a villain. If I had to guess the angle writers will use, it’ll be the route Sunspot and Magneto took, of joining (in her case rejoining) the Hellfire Club to keep an eye on them, and heading down the moral slippery slope. I do agree that she’ll probably never go back to being a villian for so long that people start to forget she was a hero for a while (like Magneto).

As for the most recent significant change to a major character that I don’t think will change back: probably Green Lantern being able to affect yellow. Not because it would be hard to undo – all they have to do is pop Parallax back in the central battery – but because I can’t picture anyone thinking “Green Lantern was cooler when he had a nonsensical weakness like he did when I was 13.”

Human Beast.

Why is Curious Cat saying “revert BACK”? Does he have brain damage? Jazzbo, you woke me up. Rohan Williams, you weren’t loud enough.

It should be obvious by now, but yes, I don’t think the change in bat-chest logo counts as major. Apparently no one does. I _do_ wish they brought the yellow back, though. It was more stylish.

I’m not so sure about Superman’s marriage as some others. So I will choose his parents being alive.

Batman will never wear purple gloves again. I’m going out on a limb with this one.

Of your original proposition, I have to agree with the general consensus – The SuperMarriage is the least likely to be reverted.
Of the further postulated propositions, I would think that the Bat Family and Hal Jordan are probably reversion-averse…
I also don’t think that Blue Beetle will ever revert to being Ted Kord…
Marvel actually seem to be far less confident about sticking with something… Maybe because they all too often introduce changes that are then reverted due to FanBoy outcry… Maybe they WILL keep Spider-Man single… Or maybe Gwen will come back and Peter will marry her instead…

Curious Cat asks too much

When Morrison had Wolverine (essentially) retain his memories aboard the asteroid in Assault On Weapon Plus, they managed to undo this story by simply ignoring it.

Here’s hoping they undo the memory recall he got from House Of M, and all of Daniel Way’s Origin stories, until they can get a talented writer to give us his true memories.

I’m curious to see how long Odin stays dead. He’s “died” before, but Thor never inherited his power before. It’s been 5 or 6 years since Odin bit it, so this one seems to be sticking. Also, with a recent story, Thor had the option to bring him back, but declined. that leaves the door open in the future, but there’s plenty of justification in that story alone to leave him dead.

It’s pretty interesting that Loki is a woman now. Sooner or later, that’ll change. Until then, it’s just great. And she doesn’t have eyebrows. With the dark hair, she looks really creepy.

I really hope these Thor changes stick for a loooong time.

ooh the Thor stuff is a interesting point…wait for the movie though..If Odin ends up as any kind of major plot point, I predict he’ll be in the comic within 6 months. If he’s just a minor figure in the story than Marvel may keep him dead. Same goes for wether Loki remains a woman or not. As for you Cyclops, Emma lovers seriously this relationship is doomed. Im not saying it will happen in a year or even 10 years, but The Cyclops, and Jean relationship is almost as well known as Lois and Clark. I think somehow…someway this relationship Will come back again

Eventually, the status quo familiar to the greatest niumber of the (non-comics reading) public returns to the books themselves. Since Clark is ALWAYS single in other media representations of the Super-Mythos (even for most of Lois & Clark … and the marriage didn’t exactly revive ratings) I wouldn’t be surprised if the marriage is undone one day.

Nor would I be surprised by Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon etc. etc. if one simply waits long enough…

Emma Frost as a member of the X-Men; it’s been over four years since Morrison left the book, and she’s still a fixture of the team and partnered with Scott. The fact that she also appears in other media adaptations ( the X-Men Legends video games, the current Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon ) suggests that while the character may not remain as the replacement for Jean Grey, she’s not going to descend back into villainy any time soon.

I think I’m with the Cyclops-Emma 4evah crowd here. Because Jean Gray has reached a point where even though she can’t stay dead forever, when alive she can’t stay that way for long either. Much like reboots are now part of the story fabric of the Legion, dying and coming back and rinsing, lathering, and repeating are part of Jean’s. Soon she won’t be able to keep standing for an entire story arc, let alone enough time to displace Emma.

Superman’s marriage isn’t going to revert. It’s possible, though unlikely, that she’ll be killed off eventually, but if they’re both alive, they’ll be married, henceforth. Even if there’s another reboot, the marriage is part of the new standard story and will be retold again (not redundant: the first telling was with the Earth-2 superman, and the modern version was itself a retelling.)

There are some characters who are, at this point, permanently ruined. They may change drastically from their current status quo, but they’re never going back to what they were before the most recent few stories with them. I’m thinking Mary Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Jean Loring, Dr. Light, Sprite. (Iron Man and Spider-man could be argued into this category, but I don’t think they’re quite there yet.)

Using the Fortress Keeper’s theory, Jean will come back from the dead and marry Wolverine. Which I could actually see happening.

Of course, also if the X-Men movies become the authority, Scott will become a whiny minor character and pretty much everyone else will be really boring.

Spider-Man won’t be single forever, of course, but I really don’t think they’ll undo OMD.

Isn’t Wolverine technically married to Viper? Although I wonder how official such marriage was to begin with.

Me, I hope it doesn’t happen anyway. Jean & Wolverine is just wrong.

I don’t think Dick Grayson is ever going to go back to being Robin.

The only way I see the Clark-Lois marriage ever being undone is if DC does another complete reboot on Superman. I just can’t see DC publishing a divorced or widowed Man of Steel.

I doubt Hal Jordan will ever be turned evil again. He may get sidelined at some point, though.

I have trouble seeing Guy Gardner ever going back to his “Warrior” ID.

Power Girl will always be at least a DD cup.

I think Ma & Pa Kent are probably here to stay. And the Waynes will never be coming back to life.

Ben Reilly is never returning as Spider-Man.

And I don’t think R. J. Sterling will ever stop complaining about Curious Cat saying “revert back”. :)

While they might kill one of the Kents off one of these days (which might make more sense than letting them live ridiculously long Aunt May-style), I doubt they’ll ever reboot to the “they’ve been dead for years prior to Clark growing up, becoming Superman, and moving to Metropolis” state of affairs, nor should they. Single best change Byrne made, in my opinion (almost the only one not to look “not as great as all that after all” in hindsight).

Also, I definitely do not count the presence or absence of the yellow oval in Batman’s logo to be a true character change. As far as I’m concerned it’s just an option that’s either there or not on his various batsuits. I’d have no problem whatsoever with seeing him flip randomly from with to without from issue to issue, with a shot of the bat-wardrobe in the cave showing alternating versions hanging next to each other.

It would have to be something done before 1975. And even then, Bucky is alive and well…

In superhero comics, if it happened between 5 years back and approx. 1975, it’s fully temporary. Most everything is up for grabs except for a very few popular things (X-Men, New Teen Titans, etc.) So I’ll go with Gwen Stacy’s death. That’s one modern writers (who are also fans) won’t WANT to undo, given their puppy love fascination for MJ.

So how soon before they undo stuff like the Lois/Clark marriage, or Dick Grayson as Nightwing, or Barbara Gordon as Oracle? Give it a few years.

David, would those writers with the “puppy love fascination for MJ” be the ones who wrote her out of the book?

I’m just afraid the writers with puppy love fascination for Gwen Stacy will bring HER back to marry Peter. Whle plenty of people probably DO believe Spidey should always be single (and some just don’t like Mary Jane) there is a certain chunk of the fanbase who just can’t let go of Gwen (not that I can’t relate to the sentiment – I’ve only recently managed to convince myself to give Scott/Emma a chance).

For the record, according to the edition of the Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage that I have at work and to the 1993 Columbia Guide to Standard American English, “revert back” is acceptable, especially in informal usage or when referring to a series of reversions. I can’t speak as to whether the most recent editions of those pulications have reversed their stance on that matter, but by and large usage standards become less stringent over time, not more. If you’re not American, you’ll have to check your own country’s standards.

The only way they’ll ever reverse Dick Grayson to Robin is if at some point DC does a total reboot of their line.

There are no fans clamoring for it, there are no “alternate universe” stories featuring Grayson as Robin that have been a hit (Frank Miller has actually turned most people off Dick as Robin), and more importantly of all: no one has ever adapted Robin well in live action movies/tv shows.

It seems like Robin has no place in the Nolan version of Batman. Though I would argue that it could be possible to introduce Dick as Nightwing right off the bat (no pun intended), and present him as just a little younger than Bruce Wayne, more of a experienced cop / junior cop dynamic that would not seem pedophiliac or silly.

Rene said:
“it could be possible to introduce Dick as Nightwing right off the bat”

Similarly, as far as the whole “Dick Grayson in a serious movie” thing goes, I was thinking that maybe they could do the same thing by just jumping ahead several years and do the bit with Dick moving out & becoming Nightwing (or already having done so), without ever having to make another attempt at Robin stuff that’s never really been made to work on screen. Almost the same, but the character progression from the comics is hinted at having happened.

Married Superman.

Two things…

It seems like Robin has no place in the Nolan version of Batman. Though I would argue that it could be possible to introduce Dick.

I was thinking something along those lines the other day. I mean, after seeing Dark Knight, I thought Nolan’s world was too hardcore for a Robin. But then I realized that the seeds are there; just like the seeds for that DK were planted in Batman Begins. By the end of DK, two issues had been raised with the whole Harvey Dent situation… first, there were a lot of trust issues & communication problems between Bats, Gordon & Dent. Batman kept Gordon & Dent in the dark. Gordon kept Batman & Dent in the dark also. And at the end of the day, nobody trusted anybody. The second issue that was raised & resolved was that Harvey wasn’t going assume the role of “Crime Crusader” …and as a result, Batman would have to go on & on… alone!

As a writer, I feel that the next logical step for the character would be to develop his own support structure. If it’s a Never Ending War on Crime he is fighting, then he’ll need soldiers, people he can trust, successors. If it’s loneliness he is fighting, he’ll need a family.

In any case, if Robin is ever introduced, I don’t expect him to be in the mold of Burt Ward or Chris O’Donnell. I think he’ll be younger, and mostly delegated to the role of observer & tech support. Just like Carrie Kelly was in Dark Knight Returns.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Batgirl got introduced before Robin. Notice how a young Barbara Gordon was depicted in the movie, & yet never shown. But she was there, and she saw everything. And it’s just like a teenager to “not want Batman to be blamed for something he didn’t do”.

What’s the last significant change to a major character that you honestly do not believe will be reverted back in the future?

Well, I was thinking…

DC recently “un-killed” Wally West; so you wouldn’t think that they would go ahead and… “re-kill him, again.” Would you?

Wally wasn’t killed… Bart was killed

Wally wasn’t killed… Bart was killed

Oh, come on! That’s not fair!

You know it’s humanly impossible to make sense of Infinite Crisis! Let alone, issue #4!

(Besides… If he wasn’t about to die; he sure chose a hell of a time to take the family “vacation” to that horsie planet we’ve never heard of, but apparently all the Flashes visit every other week.) :D

Rene wrote:

(Frank Miller has actually turned most people off Dick as Robin)

Frank Miller hasn’t turned me off of Dick Grayson as Robin, he’s turned me off to anything written by Frank Miller.

I’d have to go with Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

Nightwing has migrated to other media, so you’d need to erase a major property. The solo comic has run a lot of issues. That change is as entrenched as anything ever is in comics.

The Super Marriage, in contrast, is easy to erase. If they hit re-boot on the Man of Steel, then they’ll revert to the iconic version. In that case, Lois neither knows Clark is Superman, nor is married to him. It opens him up to other love interests, like Lana. Remember, “Smallville” is the longest running adaptation of any comic property. Ever.

Likewise, Jonathan Kent has met his maker both in the films and on TV to pretty good dramatic effect. I’d say that is the easiest death of an otherwise popular character available. You could see someone deciding it would be a “twist” to kill off Martha instead.

Like unmarried Superman, the Invisible Jet is a classic Wonder Woman element. If top talent ever went to that title with a pro-I.J. agenda, then it would change in a heart-beat.

Marvel doesn’t pour as much concrete into its foundations. Bucky being dead was to one fixed thing, so …

I think Scott Summers will stay with Emma Frost, even when Jean comes back from the dead.

red-Ricky –

The problem with a young Dick Grayson in the Nolan movies is that it’s kinda hard to put a child in a major supporting crimefighting role and not come across as at least a little cheesy.

Not saying you can’t have a kid in a serious, dark film. It’s just that once you put the kid in a crimefighting role (even if it’s just as tech support), it can get into not-dark terrain.

While Dick as Nightwing depicted as just a little younger, and a little more naive than than Bruce Wayne, sort of a “rookie cop”, could fit in easily. And I don’t know, Dick got older, while Bruce kept the same age. I don’t know how big is the age difference between them these days.

It’s just that once you put the kid in a crimefighting role (even if it’s just as tech support), it can get into not-dark terrain.

Well, after watching Dark Knight, I don’t know that you can get any more darker. I mean, you can; but the remaining “marquee” villains don’t lend themselves for it, and they don’t get any darker than the Joker, anyways. Nolan could still bring back the Joker; but it has to be in a way that he can top himself and do something new with him. Otherwise, he would be repeating himself and he is the type who wants to chart new waters, progress the story and exceed expectations; not spend his life redoing the same film.

Plus, there’s also the issue that Bruce Wayne had reached an emotional dead end by the end of Dark Knight and he was dragging and buckling under the responsibility of being Gotham’s only hope.

Getting a new girlfriend to replace the emotions that he felt for Rachel and provide conflict, is kind of hack because the audience will see it as a clear plot device. The audience just doesn’t get as “emotionally invested” in that type of relationship anymore, because they know it won’t last & it will end the minute the movie ends.

(Vicky Vale, Catwoman and even Talia, they are all interchangeable… unlike say, Lois Lane and Clark Kent.)

And the point of that scene with Rachel’s letter at the end of the movie was that Bruce Wayne shouldn’t stop being Batman; so a better metaphor for that responsibility would be a Bat-family.

To Nolan’s psychological Batman (who used Exposure to cure himself of his phobia of bats); a Batgirl or a Robin would provide a much needed “emotional arc” for the main character to work through in the next film.

That is, Bruce could work through the darkness & hopelessness by “empowering” mirror images of his “shattered younger self”. Plus, having a family being thrust upon you is a better metaphor for the never ending need for a Batman than a new girlfriend. And unlike having a new girlfriend, being a Family Head is an unshakeable responsibility.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’d rather have a movie with no Robin than have a bad one with him or Batgirl in it. But I feel that the best (and sometimes darker) Batman stories have had the sidekick element to them.

It’s needed because sooner or later you have to rein in the “Big Bad Dark Knight Batman” or he becomes an unsympathetic asshole. And if you go straight to Nightwing, you actually miss the best part, which is the character’s growth & mentoring.

Besides, as far as the Nightwing/Robin debate goes; the fact of the matter is simple… Nightwing is expendable. Robin isn’t. Nightwing was created in the late eighties, Robin has been around since the forties. Batman & Robin translate to Batman & Robin throughout the whole world. …outside of the Continental United States, Nightwing translates to “crap”. Not literally; but let me tell you that he has a different name in every country that I’ve ever visited, and they are all considered to be too long and too lame. So while we think he is “cool” …internationally speaking, he is considered a C-lister. I mean, his costume is just a black jumpsuit with a blue stripe, and if you step back for a second, you’ll realize that his name is too long and doesn’t really mean anything. No wonder his international appeal still ranks him right behind Electra Woman and Dyna-Girl . :D

Hell, that’s the main problem the Titans have as a movie property. Both Warner & DC are very gung-ho about having it made with Nightwing as the lead; but the current producer has had the rights since April 2003 and hasn’t been able to secure long-term financing (which often comes from outside the U.S.) I think that unless the movie is about Robin (sidekick to the Box Office Hot Batman) instead of Nightwing (who is not that well known outside the US, wasn’t in the Titans cartoon & needs an asterisk in order to explain who he is and where he came from) …it won’t get made. That’s just my opinion.

By the way, it’s not written in stone that Robin has to be Batman’s first sidekick. I think there’s a strong emotional story that can be told by having Barbara Gordon become Batgirl first, before Dick Grayson became Robin; and the strains that such a situation would put on the relationship between the Batman and his main ally; her father, Commissioner Gordon.

I mean, if Batman trains Robin, and he does well. Then you might feel that he knows what he is doing and decide to trust him with the safety of your daughter.

But if he trains your daughter, without permission; and she gets shot & paralyzed by the Joker. And then, after all that, he starts training another young kid; well… don’t you think you might have a problem with that?

I mean, wouldn’t such a conflict between two good characters, who are working together, compounded by Batman’s inability to explain his motivations, provide a lot of good fodder for the next couple of films?

Michael wrote: “David, would those writers with the “puppy love fascination for MJ” be the ones who wrote her out of the book?”

No, I kind of doubt there’s a Marvel writer alive who wanted to do anything about the marriage. That decision was made by their EIC. Who, by the way, apparently likes MJ as a love interest too, but sees the decision to marry them as being one step too far. They’ll be back together within a couple of years, just…sans the finality of marriage.

On a related note, it’s in the news today that Superman experienced a great tragedy in the new Action Comics. I won’t spoil it, but it’s yet another change introduced in the last 20 years being redone in line with the traditional view of the character.


Bam. Nailed it!

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