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The Art Stars of the Month!

Now that the Month of Art Stars is over, I thought maybe you good folks would enjoy looking at the complete list of all the artists featured this past month.


1. Frank Espinosa

2. Ryan Sook

3. Steve Lieber

4. Joel Priddy

5. Danica Novgorodoff

6. Doug Mahnke

7. Christine Norrie

8. Goran Sudžuka

9. Marcelo Frusin

10. Don Rosa

11. Colleen Coover

12. Pete Woods

13. Jerome Opeña

14. Tony Moore

15. Eric Nguyen

16. Marcos Martin

17. Jim Mahfood

18. Raina Telgemeier

19. Dean Trippe

20. Mitch Breitweiser

21. Kevin HuizengaMike Perkins

23. Becky Cloonan

24. Marko Djurdjevic

25. Gabrielle Bell

26. Charles Adlard

27. Scott Wegener

28. Mahmud A. Asrar

29. Chris Giarrusso

30. Eric Wight


The prefix “re-” means “back”; therefore it’s redundant to say “revert BACK” or “reflect BACK” or “report BACK”.

An artist not being mentioned doesn’t really say much about their work – there are a LOT of great current comic book artists out there!

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