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A Sort Of Amused, Smirking Response To Hatcher’s Post About Twelve Year Olds Running Comics

Or another way of describing this. Which continues Hatcher (or OG Greg, as I call him, because for a middle aged comics nerd who teaches art, dude’s street) great streak of reminding all of you young punks that nothing in comics ever changes. I think. Maybe I missremember it.

Ahem. One reason why I’ve never been able to freak out adequately about Joe Quesada giving Spider-Man a satanic divorce (beyond the great amusement I get from Spider-Man getting a satanic divorce when a normal one was deemed too controversial) is that I know that, if Marvel is still bothering to publish comics in 20 years, someone my age will revert the marriage back. Provided Joe and co. don’t do that in a year or two anyway just to appease all of the barbarians at the gate. You whiney babies ought to get a bottle some day, I guess.

Also, is there any way we can get reprints of those Engleheart Beast stories? I mean, it seems like Marvel will eventually reprint everything they’ve ever published, but could someone fast track that? Or did they when I wasn’t paying attention? If I could swing it so that Spider-Man re-married MJ, would someone help me out in getting those in print? While we’re just throwing things out there that aren’t happening until a slow month in 2012, you know.


Don’t know if this link will come through, but….


There’s the Beast stories you were wondering about.

Okay, you, I like. I guess I can own the O’Neil/Adams run in another format, too.

Now I guess I have to get MJ and Peter married again, though. That’s a pain.

I’ve been reading comics for only 3 years and even I know this.

Mr. Curran, stop saying “revert BACK”. It helps the terrorists when native English-speakers can’t speak it properly.

Check a useage dictionary, R.J. “Revert back” is considered acceptable.

I’m with R.J. Dictionaries now permit “miniscule” as an alternative to “minuscule,” too, but that doesn’t make it right.

Personally I think the English completely got screwed up when we stopped using Fs for long Ss.

Language evolves people, deal with it.

As for the topic at hand, I agree that it’s only a matter of time before someone chooses to fix the marriage. Maybe a year from now maybe 20, but it will happen. And then it’ll revert back (yes, I did do that on purpose) to the unmarried state again 20 years or so after that.

huh, i didn’t know the last volume of essential classic x-men was going to have some of the stuff that happened after X-men went to reprints. That’s interesting. It moves me a bit closer to buying when it comes out, that and it would give me the uninterrupted essential X-men run of issues 1 to like 200

It just occurred to me that the very fact that “revert” and “revert back” get used so much in comics discussions that it’s become a running joke around here says something interesting about mainstream superhero comics.

Or at least about the people who read them.


October 7, 2008 at 6:52 pm

The marraige is over. Marvel’s decison to do so came from the top and it is what it is. I’ve moved on, reluctantly at first, but now I am a form believer that Spider-Man being single is more fun to read.

I think that a lot of fans who stopped reading Amazing Spider-Man are missing out on some great stories and based on what I’m reading from interviews, it’s going to become even more intense. The writers are going to be bringing back a lot of villains from Spidey’s past who we’ll see re-invisioned. The upcoming Hammerhead arc will be worth watching for. When I read the Hammerhead story in the Brand New Day Extra special a few months ago, I was wanting more! Kraven the Huntress will be back again looking for revenge soon, we’ve already seen the Green Goblin, Venom and were just introduced to Anti-Venom. It’s a good time to be reading these rapid fire issues. By the time we realize it, #600 will be hitting the stands and the whole MJ storyline will be completely wrapped up.

So if Marvel decide’s to revert back to the way it was, I just don’t see how it can be as exciting. Pete can’t be tied down. He’s young. Let him live. How many Marvel heroes out there can keep a marraige anyway? While I’ve always loved MJ, it just doesn’t feel right for him to be married. He’s got other responsibilities… like helping to save the world from those damn dirty Skrulls for one!

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