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Thoughts on the new Black Panther…

According to Marvel.com (and an article in the Washington Post), Marvel is introducing a brand-new female Black Panther.

Reginald Hudlin is still writing the book.

I think that what we have here is a clever way of Marvel ending the Black Panther/Storm marriage. If T’Challa is killed and replaced by a female Black Panther, then you have Storm now free and clear of the marriage without a divorce, and you still have a Black Panther. And, to boot, you get a FEMALE Black Panther, which is an interesting twist (and, of course, you can always bring T’Challa back in the future, only now he can’t be married to Storm for some reason – maybe it’s T’Challa from the past or whatever).

However, the only way this works is if the new Black Panther is NOT Storm. If it IS Storm, then while that’s certainly a clever enough idea, I don’t think that really does anything for Storm. If it is T’Challa’s sister (introduced by Hudlin, no less), then it is a very clever idea by Marvel.

Can’t wait ’til we find out which one it is.


Can’t wait til she goes toe to toe with Ms. Sinister.

You lost me at “Reginald Hudlin is still writing the book.” Not interested.

Can’t we just let Jason Aaron take over this book? Please?

Better yet, can we get Christopher Priest back?


October 21, 2008 at 10:47 pm

Better yet, can we get Christopher Priest back?

Enjoying a Christopher Priest run on any book is a heart ache waiting to happen.

That said, his website has hilarious (heartbreakingly hilarious) tales about all the runs of his that were cut short.

Brian, any idea on the art credit for this? It’s of the Alan Davis/ Brian Hitch ‘school’, but I can’t quite tell who. Trevor Hairsine?

What’s most unfortunate about this latest incessive trend of Marvel feminizing its male characters, is the thought that they may soon decide to start … uhh, duding their gals. Will the Avengers let the Scarlet Warlock join their team? Watch out Daredevil, here comes Malektra! We’re putting the MAN back in Mantis! The X-Men better beware, for Emmett Frost is on the loose! Who needs Yellowjacket when you have a Wasp with a bigger stinger!

Marvel Apes is the wrong idea. When are they gonna do Marvel Chicks?

That’s exactly the kind of news that bore me to hell at best, having said character replaced,probably dead, by a new one… Been there, done that Marvel.

you’ll have the rookies doubts she’s worth the heritage, plus ancient allies & enemies not trusting her…. Hawwwwwww,!!!

You know that T’challa will be back from where he was & the new one falling in limbo if not dying…


Enjoying a Christopher Priest run on any book is a heart ache waiting to happen.
That said, his website has hilarious (heartbreakingly hilarious) tales about all the runs of his that were cut short.

I’ve spent many a long hour reading Priest’s site. It’s unbelievably engaging, with cautionary tales that almost read like horror stories.

I’d suggest he publish his writings as a book if I wasn’t so sure it’d be cancelled halfway through the process.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 22, 2008 at 3:07 am

I’m still waiting for Priest to return to Quantum and Woody.

She looks like the new Batgirl.

Aaron’s Black Panther 3-issue-run has been better than Hudlin’s complete run on the character.

So it is clever when you back out of a comic book marriage of an X-“Man”, But it is not clever when you back out of a Spider-Man marriage? Both seem rather un-clever and gimmicky to me.

Just change “Kill Black Panther and replace him” with any other ‘killed and replaced’ character from the past and it illustrates how hackneyed it is.



I also thought she looks a like like the new Batgirl. At least give her the half-mask, capeless Panther outfit T’Challa used in his original Avengers run.

That being said, I’m not for T’Challa dying. Have him retire his global superhero identity and stay on as King of Wakanda would make so much more sense. When he eventually comes back, it would take only a panel or two for him to put on his cowl back on rather than a whole return-from-the-dead scenario we’ve been forced to live through with Hal Jordan, Clark Kent, Princess Diana, Jim Hammond, Charles Xavier, Bucky Barnes, Barry Allen, Collosus, Jean Grey….yawn…Mantis, Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Lightning Lad, Jason Todd, Reed Richards….zzzzzzzzzzz….and eventually Steve Rogers, and more than likely J’Onn J’Onnz and Ted Kord as well.

You’d think by now that the powers that be would realize all the Crisis and Zero Hours and Ultimates and yes temporary dealths of superheroes, are old and tired. It might just be impossible to do. Here’s MY suggestion. All your main superheroes have a new Secret War or a Crisis but return to a changed world in 2008. It’s a 2008 where the era of superheroes started in the 1940’s, resurged in the 1960’s but all but disappeared after an event (Crisis on Infinite Earths or Secret Wars) over 20 years ago. The “true” Earths of Earth 1 or Marvel Earth pre-616 hasn’t seen superheroes in two decades. The heroes realize they’ve been living “someplace else” for a long time, and although they’re still young and vibrant and only a few years have passed in that someplace else, their family, friends and associates are all 20 years older. Some of the heroes, like Superman, The X-Men, The Inhumans and Thor are hardly affected. They’re easily reintegrated back into the mainstream.. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne need only reclaim their fortunes and start anew. Peter Parker was “trapped off-world” while photographing the superheroes in action and is accepted back into the Daily Bugle and his other envevors without much fanfare. Mary Jane however, has a new life, and they decide staying apart, at least for now, is the best choice for them both. Many other will decide to retire, most temporarily, to reintegrate themselves into society and get their personal lives back in order. T’Challa, long replaced as King by a petty tyrant, begins a march back to the throne, allowing his sister to don the identity of the Black Panther. Others may choose to train new young people to replace their former superhero identities. Superheroes who died while off-world, such as Captain America, The Question and Blue Beetle are returned to ther world of origin. They died, but in a ‘wrong place”. Their deaths are somehow negated by a higher source, allowing them to live out their lives on the world from which them came. New and fresh storylines? Sure. The world has survived without the aid of it’s superheroes for two decades, there are those who don’t want them back. Super-villains that remained on the real Earths have long realized that total chaos and anarky are not in their best interest, and have long ago changed their modus operendi to more shadowy, corporate and back alley crimes. However, when the supervillains who were off-world for 20 years get back into their flamboyant and flashy criminal activities, the say-at-home villains begin losing respect and profits. Thus begins a villain vs villain gangwar that puts all others to shame.

This would be a great time to change the whole gendre to a less dark and gritty environment. The world remembers a friendlier Batman. Only the heroes remember that they killed each other in a horrible Civil War, and those deaths have thankfully been negated. The sun shines a little brighter, futures not as dark and forboding. Mistakes made off-world are remembered and those responsible swear not to make them again. The Justice League is reformed, but with less emphasis on raping villains (Doctor Light) and betrayals by their own. The Avengers are one again, personal political views set aside for the good of the whole. The fevered madness that consumed the Scarlet Witch is expunged. The Ultimazation of Hank Pym into a wife-beating cad, fading memories of an overly stressed genius on a different world.


I smell the return of T’Chaka


I say thee meh.

Saying that I can’t be bothered to come up with anything better

Poor Batgirl. How many years does she have to kick around until she actually becomes Batgirl and not the new Batgirl?

To “The Dane”:

>>Poor Batgirl. How many years does she have to kick around until she actually becomes Batgirl and not the new Batgirl?

Until she becomes Bat Lass and Babara Gordon, through the use of advanced prosthetics created by Cyborg, reclaims the Batgirl identity.



October 22, 2008 at 7:37 am

I think this new female Black Panther series has something to do with T’Challa being involved in the War of the Kings. As I have read, this war will be taken place outside of Earth, so Wakanda will be left without its leader. Eventually, T’Challa will come back and this female version of himself, which is probably his sister, will be ousted from the throne.

Bat Lass? Is she joining the Legion of Superheroes?

I though the War of Kings was just Black Bolt and Vulcan.

Why would T’Challa be involved in an intergalactic war? He’s always been the do everything for the sake of Wakanda kind of dude.

>>>Bat Lass? Is she joining the Legion of Superheroes?

That was indeed a tongue in cheek reference to DC’s penchant to call young heroes “Lass” and ‘Lad” when practically no one in the 60’s still used those terms. I remember the silliness of a story where Batman temporarily replaced Robin with a cowled youngster given the name of “Bat Lad”. Bat Boy, Batman Jr, even Bat Kid would have been so much better than Bat Lad.

I am far too youthfull to remember that story, I’m afraid.

I always wondered why Joker never had a boy sidekick. I can just see it now, “Batman and Robin in a Deadly Face-Off with The Joker and Laughing Lad!”

>>>The Joker and Laughing Lad!”

That sort of works. At least better than Duela Dent officially calling herself “The Joker’s Daughter”.

Now, be fair. It’s only after COIE she started getting called that. Before it was Harlequin

>>>Now, be fair. It’s only after COIE she started getting called that. Before it was Harlequin

I don’t think so. As a villain pre-Crisis, I believe she used the “Joker’s Daughter” identity originally, chosing only to rename herself “Harlequin” when she revealed herself to actually be Harvey Dent’s daughter at the time she joined The Teen Titans.

i think this is almost definitely Shuri, who we’ve seen T’Challa training for a couple years now under Hudlin. i also agree with Brian that this is a non-controversial way to dissolve the marriage between T’Challa and Ororo. while i felt the marriage story was well done, it was extremely forced. i don’t know how much the Yost mini World’s Apart has to to with the developments we’re going to see here, but that book is already showing a rift between T’Challa and Ororo (plus, the solicitation for a future issue talks about T’Challa being held by his people in jail, if i’m not mistaken). more over, i would love to see T’Challa out in space for the War of Kings. that could be some fun stuff.

as for Hudlin being announced as the writer for the new book, i’m a bit surprised. i’ve gone to bat for Hudlin online because i’ve enjoyed most of his run (though there have been some rough spots). it just seems like an odd business move to have him back on the title when sales have steadily dropped and fans have become more and more disillusioned during his tenure. again, i’ve enjoyed his work personally but i just don’t get why this is the right move right now. i loved how McDuffie handled T’Challa in his FF run, and i think he could do something excellent with this relaunch. i also think that there are a host of smart writers who could offer something a bit different to the BP mythos. overall, i look forward to this new direction because i love the Black Panther character and i love changes like this, but the whole promotional approach is a bit confusing to me.

Anyone going to bet against a female White Tiger, female Black Panther team-up at some point?

>>>Anyone going to bet against a female White Tiger, female Black Panther team-up at some point?

“Ebony and Ivory: Adventures of The Big P*ssies”
“Tales From The Cat House”

or, in homage to Sly Stone:

“Don’t Call Me Whitey, ….”

I have enjoyed all of the Hudlin BP I’ve read, but I’m only up through about issue 13 or so in the trades so far.

“Anyone going to bet against a female White Tiger, female Black Panther team-up at some point?”

When I saw the amulet around She-BP’s neck, I first thought it WAS the White tiger Amulets… And thought that she’d been drafted in as cover… (Black Tiger anyone?)

That was before I actually thought about it a bit and remembered that BP needs to be Wakandan…

… Unless that’s a double-bluff…

Before anyone has a go… it was a quick glance, and yes, I do know what hte White tiger amulets look like…

As an aside, what’s with the furry shoulders, á la Kraven??

If this means the end of the marriage between T’Challa and Storm, I’m all for it :)

Does anybody else remember a female Panther appearing in one of those Marvel Milleninal Visions, or something titled like that? Sal Velluto did the art, and the text piece was about T’Challa going missing, and the new Panther stalking rapists and other men like that. That was the first thing I thought of when i saw the picture…minus the fur thing on her left shoulder.

I did a little quick Googling to find what I said on another forum right after I heard about the upcoming marriage of T’Challa and Ororo (January of ’06, it looks like). Here were my remarks at the time, and my sentiments haven’t changed much in the time (almost three years already?) since I wrote these words:

***** OLD POST *****

Let’s face it: My primary objection is as follows.

1. The death of Storm in order to end her marriage would be a bad idea.

2. The death of T’Challa in order to end his marriage would be a bad idea.

3. The divorce of Storm and T’Challa would be a bad idea.

4. A retcon revealing that the wedding was “all a dream,” or that one of them was a Skrull impostor, or any other breed of retcon which meant that it didn’t “really happen” in Timeline 616 continuity the way we thought it did, would be a bad idea.

5. Therefore, the marriage of Storm and T’Challa is a bad idea, because it merely means that sooner or later, one of the first four points I listed will necessarily be put into effect by one writer or another as he frantically pushes the pawns around on the chessboard in order to get everything back where it was to begin with! So that he can then tell stories about an Unmarried Storm the way he has always wanted to do!

To clarify one point: I am perfectly willing to believe that the guys who are quoted in that Newsarama article were speaking in good faith, honest and sincere about how they want this to happen as a Significant and Permanent Change in the lives of the people involved, while respecting the basic continuity of what has gone before.

But so what?

No matter how sincere they are, no matter how committed they are to making this happen, they don’t own those characters, so the time will come when they have no control over what happens next to Storm or T’Challa. All it takes is a new writer, and a new shift in editorial policy, and this marriage will be tossed out the window in favor of someone else’s personal take on what one of these characters “is really all about.” Something that has nothing to do with being happily married.

(What’s that? Yes, I have gotten a tad pessimistic over the years when it comes to superhero marriages. How did you guess? :( )

This leaves me with one question. Where is Kasper Cole?

Maybe it’s just because I don’t really care about this marriage, but would it really be that big a deal for Storm and the Black Panther to get divorced? I don’t think the editorial objection to doing that with Spidey and MJ (it would make him seem too old!) applies at all in this case. He’s the ruler of his country, she has been a key member and frequent leader of the X-Men, I think there’s plenty that logically would cause tensions for them and make a breakup understandable.

The idea of marrying Ororo and T’Challa was not a bad idea, it was just twenty to twenty two years late. If it was to be done it should have been done back when Ororo had been depowered and went back to Africa to find herself. It would have lent itself to a way to have Ororo written out of the X-Men series but remain a recurring friend character in UNCANNY, and would have lent some more story potentials to the BP character to continue it from the 1988 (IIRC) minisieries that Peter Gilis and Denys Cowan did.

Today, however, as Brian Cronin points out, having Storm become BP does nothing for her character now since she has had her powers back for years. Having T’Challa die would be a weak story no matter how well executed, and even with his death and a female Panther taking the mantle… I don’t know as I don’t read the book, but I would think Ororo as Queen by marriage would still hold some level of power in the Wakandan Court. As a result, this whole thing sounds just a bit convoluted to me.

As for the recent trend of “feminizing” male characters… you mean like She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, the Rita DeMara version of Yellowjacket, Yolanda Montez taking Ted Grant’s place as Wildcat, and other various examples that were common between 1979-1986? It’s just another round of the current generation recycling what the past generation of writers did already.

But then, that seems to be all today’s writers do. *sad* :-(

They might as well put up a neon sign saying WE’VE GOT NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THIS MINOR CHARACTER.

Yeah, but Black Panther has so much potential as a MAJOR character, it’s just being ignored. I say put him back in the Avengers.

But for the love of God, do NOT resurrect his Leopard alias, that just sucked.

>>>But for the love of God, do NOT resurrect his Leopard alias, that just sucked.

T’Challa was named “The Black Leopard” for such a short time, I’m not sure it even counts. It was an attempt to distance the character from the radical Black Panther organization, to which he was never really linked to begin with.

Now his Gathering counterpart: “The Coal Tiger” …..don’t get me started.

I’m sorry for people who aren’t digging Hudlin (I don’t like him on Panther much, either) but I loved Aaron’s work on Panther. He put some umph in the book, got some good buzz on it as well. Hudlin’s writing is kinda corny to me.

I wish that the way in which we get a new, female black panther was not so obvious, but I think we’re all spot-on with who’s under that mask. Panther gets killed (only to come back later through convoluted means) and Storm, having a husband killed and still Queen of Wakanda, feels that she must put on the panther’s mask; but why would storm need a new costume? Maybe it’s one of T’Challa’s relatives under there.

I wish it was wilder than the typical passing of the mantle Maybe Black Panther’s been living a lie all this time, and he got a sex change?

>>>I wish it was wilder than the typical passing of the mantle Maybe Black Panther’s been living a lie all this time, and he got a sex change?

At least that would be original. Or maybe a Cloud (from the New Defenders) or Starhawk thing. It won’t be though. It’ll be his sister.

I care so little about the Black Panther, but to me, it’s obvious the new Black Panthress won’t be Storm.

I only hope Ororo can finally move on from this plot trap she’s been since someone decided she had to marry Black Panther just because they were both black.

With all of Storm’s backstory, it made so little sense. I was sure she was a Skrull, but that didn’t come to happen.

All in all, I hope she goes back where she belongs. It doesn’t suit her to be a support character.

Well, part of Storm’s backstory is that she’s African, so it makes sense there.

My favorite pairing with Storm is Wolverine. He needs someone in his damn life.

Being Africans is really very too little in common. They’re not even from the same country.

It’s as if I had to marry an Argentinan just because I’m Latin American. It does make too little sense.

Yeah, but in some families you have the pressure to marry within your creed, race, background, etc. After scouring all of Africa, I’m sure ;), T’challa went for Storm!

Hmmmmmm…. but in that scenario, he would have gone after a Wakandan, which Storm is not.

I think the main issue here is to consider the entire Africa a nation, which is not, either. That’s why there are plenty of separate countries with lots of differences amongst them.

Which is something that really pisses off people who are from Africa, or who lived there for any length of time… Over 50 separate countries… Let’s not even go into the tribal/cultural breakdowns within those…

And for Goodness sake, if you’re going to have Mandela say “Amandla!” at least spell it properly… unlike in that first issue of the series…

Why is it that Marvel thinks the only way to make a character new is to make them I girl. It happening every were with marvel mostly with villanse. why can’t the new character be male. Gender swiching doesn’t make a character interest it just feels like cheating. think about White Tiger Kraven Bulls Eye now Black Panther this getting old very fast

good day

Oh yeah, there’s a female Kraven as well! Damn, women are taking over the Marvel U.

I remember the female Doc Ock and the female Punisher and the female Thing, but not the female Kraven. I only remember Ron Zimmerman’s “Get Kraven”.

It’s not too hard to remember the female Kraven, because she’s a relatively new character.

I like this. I love T’Challa, who manages to be cool despite Hudlin’s shoddy writing, but now I can drop it and not care.

Why drop it before you know what’s up? You know this is temporary, at best. For Hudlin’s writing, though, I wouldn’t blame anyone for dropping it. Hudlin’s writing just doesn’t feel foreign enough to me, not far enough removed from a culture I am used to.

I’d prefer it be Storm. I figure I’m one of the few who likes the marriage.

Storm grew up in Africa, but she was American born.

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