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Two Morrison Final Crisis Issues in One Day is Quite a Treat!

I really enjoyed seeing the two books together in the same week, as they played off each other beautifully. I’ve said in the past that Morrison seems to be writing Final Crisis as almost Written Pointillism – small distinct powerful scenes designed to create a much fuller overall effect. Well, with Final Crisis:Submit, we see Morrison decide to show us one of those points, only go into great depth of it – giving us the notion that if we examined any ONE of the scenes in Final Crisis #4, we would see a story just like Final Crisis: Submit – poignant and powerful, only there are so many of them that we cannot even comprehend them all, giving the whole thing that much more of an epic scope.

It’s a clever concept, although yeah, it would have been nicer if Submit had filled in the gap where we had no Final Crisis comics at all, instead of this silly “nothing…nothing….nothing….a bunch then another bunch” scheduling.

In any event, all of this is fairly familiar territory – it’s superheroes fighting back after the bad guys win, only it’s all executed almost note perfect (the only exception being that some of the dialogue could really use some work).

In any event, read Submit before you read Final Crisis #4. There probably should have been something to tell you that.


Clearly, Brian.

I read Final Crisis 4 & not Submit & had the impression from page 1 that I had to read a lot of tie-in issues & was incredibly lost during the 1rst reading.

Obiously, a lot happens between the last issue & it seems like it’s all off screen.
I don’t know if I’m the only one to have that impression but an event book should at least depict these events.

This year events, crisis or invasion are very not my cup, they really feel like a miss for me….

I realize half the internet would be up in arms if this were to happen, but I really feel like this should have crossed into the rest of the line. This is such a big story, such a massive story, that they should have used dozens and dozens of comics to portray little aspects of it. There’s no reason why those stories couldn’t be expanded.

That’s the way a good crossover/event works. You get everything you need in the main book but you get a lot more detail in all the tie-ins. “This is what is happening in the world (main book) and this is how it affects character x (tie-in).”

Right now it feels like a massive imaginary story (and yes, all stories are imaginary stories but some are more imaginary than others), maybe something like Byrne’s Generations or Rock of Ages II, which I don’t think is what Morrison was going for and probably isn’t his fault.

I don’t recall being so creeped out by a depiction of a character as I have by the way Darkseid has been put across in FC. I mean, those final few pages in issue 4 that the whole series has been slowly building up to so far….wow.

If they just had Darkseid strapped into that chair for the whole series, it would *still* be one of the creepiest, most utterly alien things I’ve seen in a comic. I hope they don’t resort to him lumbering out of it to have ye olde fistfight with Superman or something. Something tells me they will, but I hope I’m mistaken.

What a crashing disappointment Final Crisis has been. Of course, I’ve never been a New Gods fan, and their centerpiece status in the story certainly isn’t helping.

I just don’t get the disjointed approach that DC are taking. It totally ruins the pacing and the story gets lost along the way.

Final Crisis is basically a more boring, more confusing JLA Rock of Ages, except with more issues and tie-ins. Batman RIP is basically a more boring, more confusing Knightfall, except with less issues and tie-ins.

Somewhere, Mark Millar is laughing uproariously for how unmarketable Morrison is writing his events are right now. The bastard.

Loved them both . . .but Final Crisis was definitely the superior of the two. The sheer mood dripping on every page . . .this is amazing stuff. It’s even more fun than watching DC nerds whine about it being boring.

Yeah, I kinda would have appreciated being told that Submit was basically Final Crisis #3.5, because I assumed it was going to be as pointless and unrelated to the actual series as Revelations, Legion of 3 Worlds and Last Will and Testament were and didn’t even bother with it, leaving issue #4 feeling even more disjointed than it should have.

read Submit before you read Final Crisis #4. There probably should have been something to tell you that.

Yes, there most certainly should have been. I am done with FC. DONE, I say!!!


It’s not complicated. If you want the main “trunk” of the story just get all of the tie-ins Morrison is writing, since this is his baby.

I read FC 4 quickly last night and will give it a more thorough re-read tonight. Am loving all of this.


One of my favorite moments was the sacrifice of Green Arrow. I was a pretty sobering scene when the guy who basically has been railing against “the establishment” for decades now gets one of those helmets stuck on his head.

Also loved the moments with Barry Allen and Wally. I love how Morrison’s writing Barry is this confident – not cocky – old hand at things like this. And his kissing Iris and breaking the Anti-Life Equations effect on her was lovely. Despite all of the doom and gloom in the book, you really feel like the heroes are going to pull out of this when Barry’s on the page.

The speech by Alan Scott was also a nice touch, as was the idea of printing the Daily Planet from the Fortress of Solitude.

I loved the narration from Turpin/Darkseid. What I’m anticipating – although this might not be the case – is that in the end Turpin will have a major role in defeating Darkseid. Morrison’s work tends to spotlight the everyman in extraordinary circumstances. Look at Doom Patrol. Look at his ending in JLA: WWIII when humanity gains superpowers to rise up and defeat Mageddon. Even his take on Buddy Baker and his apparent love for Will Magnus show Morrison’s affinity for the “non-gods” in DC’s pantheon. So something tells me Turpin may be corrupted now, but he’s going to get his second wind by issue 7.

I just don’t get the criticism of this book. Morrison’s taking your typical “universe shattering cross over” and adding so many little touches that previous Crisis writers – Marv Wolfman and Geoff Johns – never got close to addressing. They were concerned with deaths of minor characters and heads being punched off.

Final Crisis is so much more.

I was underwhelmed. I think it’s poorly written and jumps all over the place. It’s seems to be a low budget sci-fi movie that can’t afford to show the big moments. Except this is a comic book and there is no budget. I also think that in general very few people care. I went to the comic book store yesterday and there was no one in the DC section. They were all over in the Marvel section.

I was underwhelmed. I think it’s poorly written and jumps all over the place. It’s seems to be a low budget sci-fi movie that can’t afford to show the big moments. Except this is a comic book and there is no budget.

Brilliant description.

I also think that in general very few people care. I went to the comic book store yesterday and there was no one in the DC section. They were all over in the Marvel section.

I think much of this has to do with DC being so maddeningly vague about what this crossover is about besides “The bad guys win.” And given all the missteps, the delays, the scheduling snafus and the overall mess of the timeline of the tie-ins, they need to start showing previews and giving more spoilers, teasers, anything to get people interested again. Marvel has given some clues as to what the world post-Secret Invasion will be like, and has given hints of what the new status quos and creative teams will be. Meanwhile, Final Crisis and RIP still consists of trying to figure out exactly what the stories are supposed to be about. And people are just reaching the point where they don’t care anymore. I predict the sales will be quite disappointing by the time Final Crisis hits #6 unless DC pulls out a huge shock, like the death of an A-list character or something.

Speakly solely from a sales perspective, I’m not sure the death of an A-list character would matter, because none of it feels like it’s sticking. This feels completely like a story that will be overturned by the end when Superman spins the globe back or something.

Which, I suppose, might give us a bit of a shock when we read the comics in Feb.

I agree with Brian. Final Crisis is good.

So there!

“It’s not like what I’ve been conditioned to accept from big company mega-crossovers, so it’s terrible!”

Really, the more I hear about this book, the more likely it seems that I’ll be picking up the hardcover.

So far, I’ve been digging Final Crisis. The scene with Barry and Iris was definitely the high point of issue #4; it gave off a very “All-Star” vibe. I don’t like how Wally is being portrayed though. He seems less confident and a bit of a defeatist when Barry is around. I’m hoping this is just building up to Wally having a truly heroic moment, but I still fear for Wally’s role in the DCU now that Barry is back.

Final Crisis: Submit though was kind of disappointing. It read and looked like a last minute fill-in, which is odd considering it came out the same day as FC 4.

Just wanted to add that I was impressed with the combination of Pacheco and Jones. I though the difference in artists would be much more glaring, but I dug it. And after seeing Superman Beyond, I think I’ll dig Mahnke as well.

Final Crisis IS good, by the way.

Engrossing and atmospheric

I enjoyed both books . I think people who don’t read submit will be lost because it is referred to quite a few time in Final Crises 7 . I will admit I liked submit better to me it was interesting how Grant Morrison took a fairly new character the new tattoo man and improved him into character with spin off and solo series potential I think he has only been scene once .

good day

I wasn’t a big fan of the art transition (and I’m normally a big Pacheco fan), but I’ll admit that they gave each one the right scenes to draw.

But… this was very good stuff, since, looking back at earlier issues, a LOT of stuff that was vague now makes a lot more sense.

But I don’t think Submit is in any way necessary – it really only goes into one plot point, namely how Tattooed Man got the design imprinted onto him. But beyond that, IC#4’s very efficient from a storytelling perspecive, once again getting a lot of information across in a minimum amount of time and not assuming the reader is unable to fill in the easier gaps.

It seems as though Morrison’s addressing several of the issues I had with the series earlier on, as well – Dinah’s actually behaving a bit more like the leader of the JLA she’s supposed to be, the weird-for-the-sake-of-weird elements are toned down, and it looks as though the good guys are co-ordinated and not running around like morons.

(My only complaint was a minor one – that Wonder Woman wasn’t listed as MIA or Corrupted on the big board. Well, that and the fact that Jon Stewart’s inexplicably on the cover when he never shows up in the issue.)

So here’s my prediction for Final Crisis.

As we saw in this issue, when Barry kissed Iris, she awoke from the anti-life equation.

From this we can assume that the speed force=the life equations=the only thing that can counteract anti-life.

So, I predict that Final Crisis will end with the Flashes running around kissing everyone in the DCU.


Ok, how about Wally just gives everyone in the world a little bit of speed force temporarily so that they can overcome anti-life. That better?

From this we can assume that the speed force=the life equations=the only thing that can counteract anti-life.

Then, the life equation is 3X2(9YZ)4A?

This and Secret Invasion are still going on? Jesus.

I remember when the 90s at least had the decency to have the summer crossovers begin and end DURING the summer.


I noticed that too, however I just assumed it was Hippolyta and the John Stewart thing isn’t so bad since issue 4 happens a few weeks after 3 so John is presumably healed.

@Ian A.

I’d go for that. 3X2(9YZ)4A=Life

Now just figure out the variables.

Just going from the description of that scene, it seems to me pretty obvious what the Life Equation is, and it seems equally obvious that it’s not the Speed Force.

The life equation is the Metron circuit, isn’t it?

Final Crisis 4 was pretty damn good, though the Pacheo pages didn’t really stand against JGs. Final Crisis Submit…really terrible though, I felt dirty that I even spent money on that trash. I couldn’t believe that was Morrison’s writing on that one…it did fit seamlessly with FC 4, but that’s hardly the point.

Life Equation is just…love I’d assume, genuinely needing and loving someone, its pry how SPOILER…………..
Dinah will get Ollie back, they seemed to foreshadow that by contrasting their last scene with the Barry’s. Barry cured his wife with a kiss.


I think the Metron circuit will be some representation of genuine love, and the strength found in that bond, Grant will pry reverse engineer the circuit into some kind of sygil (sp?).

“That’s the way a good crossover/event works.”–It’s not a crossover. It’s an event. And publishing schedules aside, which I’m very frustrated by, this one has been done (written and drawn) about as well as an event can possibly be done. In my view, it’s the best event in comics history.

And ejulp, the spelling is “sigil.”


Thank you…for whatever reason my brain has a problem with “y”s.


honestly, I just want to see the Flashes running around kissing everyone.

Face it, Mark Engblom, you just don’t like anything.

Yeah, you know what, now that I actually read Submit I take my previous comment back. This actually was just as pointless and irrelevant to the core series as Revelations, Legion of 3 Worlds, Last Will and Testament and Rogue’s Revenge were.

I was operating on the mistaken assumption that Submit would actually depict how Black Lightning got the Metron circuit before giving it to Tattooed Man. Silly me, thinking that anything Final Crisis related would depict the events that actually advance the plot instead of just focusing on a bunch of disjointed vignettes depicting the fallout of said plot-advancing events while the main events of the story all happen off panel.

At some point I’m wondering if Morrison did really write these books. I mean, they feel like a cluttered list of events and there’s so little “emotion” put into the characters. They fell so flat and it leaves me so bored.

I wanted this event to be perfect and somehow it has failed to entertain me on any level.

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