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Inane Phrase Game!

Okay, here’s the game – I give you ten phrases – each phrase corresponds to a comic book title (each title has at least two words in the title). Name the title that corresponds to each phrase! Yay!

“There’s those two titles you were looking for, Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa and Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa!” = Books of Magic (They’re both titles of Magic: The Gathering novels).

Have fun!

1. It’s only that guy Scott who’s dating that Ramona Flowers girl!

2. See, I told you! If you hit the door hard enough, it WILL open!

3. Boy, that guy from Chuck and Firefly sure is odd!

4. Man, where the heck is Xavier’s kid?

5. That magazine will never stop listing the sexiest man alive!

6. Look! There’s Alge Crumpler and Chris Simms!

7. She likes to help stop both poverty and hunger in the world!

8. I must be hallucinating, because I see Elizabeth II walking with Denmark!

9. D’oh! I knew this would happen when I left my cheap gold lamp out in the rain!

10. Is that Peyton and Eli’s dad hanging out with some buddies of his?


1 – Lone Pilgrim?

3 – Adam Strange

10 – Archie and Friends

Or Archie’s Pals & Gals, I guess.

That’s all I have off the top of my head.

4. Legion Lost

5. Forever People

1. Just a Pilgrim
2. ?
3. Adam Strange
4. Legion Lost
5. Forever People
6. Titans Together
7. ?
8. Queen & Country
9. Green Lantern
10. Archies and His Pals (Gals & Pals? Friends?)

6. Giant-Man?

8.Queen & Country

10. Archie & His Pals.

4 – New Mutants

7 – Wonder Woman

9 – Green Lantern

Oops. It was Phil Simms, not his son, who played for the Giants, I guess. And I have no idea of whom Alge Crumpler has played for.

That’s what I get for pretty much ignoring the NFL (which, y’know, would be about as popular as lacrosse if gambling were illegal) since roughly the ’73 Super Bowl.

6 – New Titans (both Crumpler and Simms are new to the team this year)

2. Force Works

1. Just a Pilgrim?
2. Locke & Key?

1. Scott Pilgrim

4. Legion Quest

6. Teen Titans

I’m trying to find the answer to number 7, and it’s driving me mad!!! Brian, at least tell us if it’s a book that’s still being published or not! Please, I’m begging you! Have mercy! p_q

Ok, this is a huge stretch for #7, but is it “The comic adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and her dog”?

Here’s a link. The “comic” is from 1805 apparently, so I’m guessing this isn’t right.


7. Lady Justice?

7. Miss America

7. Lady Liberty?

American Dream?

Sorry, meant:
7. American Dream

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